England are into the World Twenty20 final. A very impressive performance from an outstanding team. They were never challenged in this game from the moment they ran out Suzie Bates in the first over. The chase was well managed, led by Charlotte Edwards and later Sarah Taylor. In truth, New Zealand were disappointing. They lacked intent with the bat - 120 would have been a good score - and didn't try to make enough happen in the field. I'll bring you some reaction shortly.

Presentation time: Suzie Bates "We knew we'd come up a few short but I'm proud of the way we tried to defend it. When the pitch was slower we didn't adjust. It was tough to hit boundaries. England are the No. 1 side and we knew we'd have to play well."

Charlotte Edwards "It's our best performance with the ball so far. It turned a lot more here. It was tough, but I'm really pleased we got over the line. Lydia sets the standard for us in the field and it was a good all-round effort."

The Player of Match also goes to Edwards for her batting and captaincy. So England now wait for tomorrow's semi between Australia and West Indies to find out who they'll play on Sunday. For now it's goodbye from me. Enjoy the men's match.

Devine to Taylor, 1 run, there it is, comes down the pitch and flicks it backward of square
Devine to Taylor, no run, worked off the stumps to backward square

So Arran Brindle has to come to the crease but isn't on strike

17 | 11 Runs 1 Wkt | ENG-W: 93/3 (1 run required from 16 balls, RR: 5.47, RRR: 0.33)

  • SJ Taylor20 (30b)
  • SEA Ruck4-0-22-2
  • FL Mackay2-0-14-0
Ruck to Greenway, OUT, trying to finish the match Greenway picks out point with a reverse paddle...she connected well but the field had been brought up

LS Greenway c Devine b Ruck 22 (30m 19b 2x4 0x6) SR: 115.78

Ruck to Greenway, 2 runs, taken from wide outside off with another paddle and she races back for a second to level the scores
Ruck to Taylor, 1 run, round the wicket, pulled off the front foot through midwicket
Ruck to Greenway, 1 run, another reverse paddle, the ball was outside off, and it goes to third man
Ruck to Greenway, 1 wide, wide outside off, left alone and the umpire says it's too wide

ENG Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st32CM EdwardsLA Marsh
2nd21CM EdwardsSJ Taylor
3rd40LS GreenwaySJ Taylor
4th1A BrindleSJ Taylor