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20 | 5 Runs | IND-W: 93/9 (53 runs required, RR: 4.65)

  • J Goswami9 (14b)
  • G Sultana2 (2b)
  • SW Bates4-0-20-1

Imperious performance from NZ. They completely outplayed India. Watkins batted superbly to set up a competitive score before their bowlers were outstanding in the execution of their plans. A high percentage of yorkers, slower ones and rarely, did they bowl any loose deliveries. Ian O'Brien applauds from the stands. The two teams shake hands.

Goswami: "145 was hard but the wicket was good. If we our top-order batters had played for 20 overs it would have been chaseable. We didn't get a good start and that's why we ended up behind. Our girls have played superbly in the tournament but. We have learned lots of things and it will help us in the future."

Player of the Match - Watkins, the NZ captain: "It was a good to put in a complete performance together, some thing we haven't done through this tournament. The cricket gods were with me and I am loving it. Everything I tried came off. The wicket was pretty good. We are excited to be at Lord's, the home of cricket. Watch out for us!"

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Bates to Goswami, 1 run, New Zealand march to the final in style. The last delivery was mishit to long-off.
Bates to Sultana, 1 run, curving in full towards middle stump, just short of blockhole, pushed past square leg
Bates to Goswami, 1 run, changes the pace, a slower one, Goswami mistimes the drive to long-on
Bates to Sultana, 1 run, another yorker on the middle, squeezed past square leg
Bates to Goswami, 1 run, lifts this delivery towards long-off for a single
Bates to Goswami, no run, yorker on the middle and leg, she can only push it back down the track

IND Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st7A ChopraPG Raut
2nd23A ChopraM Raj
3rd0M RajH Kaur
4th12R MalhotraM Raj
5th7M RajA Sharma
6th9S NaikA Sharma
7th18R DharA Sharma
8th1R DharP Roy
9th10J GoswamiP Roy
10th6J GoswamiG Sultana