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6.58pm The match has been called off

Hardly surprising. There was so much rain for so long this afternoon that there wasn't much chance of play anyway. And with more rain falling, it was always going to be a tough task to get a sodden outfield ready for play.

That's all from us on a gloomy evening in Dhaka. Take care. Bye.

6.00pm More rain, not very heavy, but just enough. Not much to add.

Meanwhile, some news from around the world. Chris Woakes takes six in an Ashes warm-up. The preview of tomorrow's Test between India and Sri Lanka. New Zealand's squad for the West Indies Tests.

5.30pm We were supposed to have had the toss by now, but that doesn't seem to be happening for at least a while. It's still raining!

5.00pm Hello again, and welcome to gloomy Dhaka. We don't have much to update from our previous updates, other than the rain continues to fall just enough to prevent anything significant from being done.

Mohammad Isam, at the ground, says we will have a "delayed toss for sure", so well Dhaka and Chittagong will have to wait for cricket.

Dhaka had found their fluency after a slow start to the tournament, and after yesterday's win, found their way to the top of the table. Chittagong, on the other hand, are down at seventh, with just one win from four matches. Chittagong, more than Dhaka, need some cricket today.

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