Player of the Match
Player of the Match

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Scorer: Chandan Duorah | Commentator: Sreshth Shah

3.09 pm That's all from the first game at Dhaka. Chittagong were all out for the lowest score of this season, and Sylhet wrapped the ten-wicket win with almost nine overs to spare. Hope you enjoyed our coverage of the match. See you soon for the second encounter. For now, it's Sreshth Shah, saying good bye!

3.04 pm We're ready with the presentation. First up, the losing captain Luke Ronchi. He says: "Another embarrassing performance. They bowled well, but it wasn't a 60-odd wicket. My role is to be aggressive, so I'm going to get out playing shots. So, he bowled well and got me out. That started the rot, I guess. We haven't clicked, and it shows with our results. One game left, and we will play for pride. Hope to do a performance that makes us worthy of what position we're in."

Now the winning captain, Nasir Hossain. He says: "I didn't think he will hit me for a six first ball, I didn't think I bowled that bad. So next ball, I just dropped the pace (on the Ronchi wicket). The fielders were supportive, and we've lost five straight games, so proud of my team the way they have fought. As a captain, I'm very happy. Will hope that our performances stay on till the next game. The five games that we lost were very close games, so we knew we haven't been playing too bad." Nasir is also the Man of the Match.

3.00 pm Quite easily done by Sylhet Sixers today. They're still alive in this competition, but would need to keep one eye on the results from Rangpur's game. For now, though, stick around for the post-match presentation.

Sunzamul Islam to Fletcher, 2 runs, it's all over! Pulled past midwicket off the back foot, and Sylhet Sixers win by ten wickets

11 | 2 Runs | SS: 66/0 (2 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 6.00, RRR: 0.22)

  • ADS Fletcher30 (33b)
  • Mohammad Rizwan36 (33b)
  • LM Reece4-0-14-0
  • Sunzamul Islam3-0-11-0
Reece to Fletcher, 1 run, full on middle, defended to short cover for another quick run
Reece to Mohammad Rizwan, 1 run, good length on middle, punched to mid on for a quick single. They have to hurry...but they get past
Reece to Mohammad Rizwan, no run, back of a length outside off, slapped to short third man
Reece to Mohammad Rizwan, no run, full on middle, angling into his pads, whipped off his pads to midwicket
Reece to Mohammad Rizwan, no run, back of a length outside off, punched off this back foot to cover

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