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Dhaka Dynamites , elected to bat first

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Hours of play (local time)

13.00 start, First Session 13.00-14.30, Interval 14.30-14.50, Second Session 14.50-16.20

Match days

06 December 2017 (20-over match)

Twenty20 debut

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Dhaka Dynamites 2, Rangpur Riders 0

20 | 7 Runs | RR: 94/7 (44 runs required, RR: 4.70)

  • S Badree0 (4b)
  • RS Bopara28 (30b)
  • Shakib Al Hasan4-1-13-2
  • Mohammad Amir4-0-15-1

A lackluster penultimate league game of the BPL comes to an end. So table-toppers Comilla take on Dhaka Dynamites in the first Qualifier, and Khulna Titans face Rangpur Riders in the Eliminator, where the loser will bow out. We will be back soon with the final group stage match of this season, between Comilla Victorians and Sylhet Sixers. Be back for that. Nothing more from here. Cheers!

"I thought it wasn't a wicket where you can score 180," says Dhaka captain Shakib Al Hasan. "We needed to bat sensibly. We started well and Mosaddek bowled brilliantly. Luckily for us we had a very good partnership and that gave us the game-changing momentum. Bowling has been brilliant throughout. It's in the batting we've let ourselves down."

"First and foremost, Shakib played really well", says Rangpur captain Brendon McCullum. "There are lot of world-class players. This pitch was pretty poor. Hopefully, that will change as there are people watching all over the world. But take nothing away from Shakib. The pitch was pretty average, but you just got to suck it up. The good thing for us is we're in the semifinals. We got to make sure our strategy and execution is up there. We've got Chris coming back into the side. We need to make sure we get the right combinations."

4.20pm So Dhaka Dynamites' dominant win puts them on second and assures them an additional shot at making the final. Rangpur's bowlers did well but their batsmen have put up a woeful show, not even managing 100 in 20 overs. Shakib once again showed how dynamic he can be, first through a rapid 47 off 33 balls on a slow pitch where the rest struggled to put bat to ball, and then with a match-winning spell of 2 for 13 in four overs.

Shakib Al Hasan to Badree, no run, swings wildly against this full ball and gets an inside edge to short fine leg
Shakib Al Hasan to Bopara, 1 run, presses forward and flicks this fuller ball to midwicket
Shakib Al Hasan to Bopara, no run, length ball, punched crisply into the off side
Shakib Al Hasan to Bopara, SIX runs, Bopara finally decides to have a go at something. Advances down the ground and launches a curving fuller ball over long-on. Comfortably clears the fielder
Shakib Al Hasan to Bopara, no run, strides oput energetically for a whip through the leg side but the ball slides in and hits the pad
Shakib Al Hasan to Bopara, no run, sliding on leg stump, defended

Riders 2nd innings Partnerships

1st7A LythJ Charles
2nd2BB McCullumJ Charles
3rd19Shahriar NafeesJ Charles
4th11Mohammad MithunJ Charles
5th0RS BoparaMohammad Mithun
6th25RS BoparaNahidul Islam
7th22RS BoparaAbdur Razzak
8th8RS BoparaS Badree

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