Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's the end of another long day's cricket from Trinidad. India and Sri Lanka are through to the final. As we leave you, I can see Dhoni is getting throwdowns from Raina. Don't be surprised if you see him at the toss on Thursday. Okay bye

Quotes from the presentation
"It was a tough wicket to bat on," says Angelo Mathews. "We bowled well, but when we batted the pitch had been under covers and had sweated more. We had nothing to lose and went for it. It's mentally and physically draining to play three days in a row. We have played some good cricket to get to the final, hopefully we can beat India."

"We have shown a lot of character," says Virat Kohli. "To bounce back like this and finish top of the table is a commendable effort. Very proud of the team. When I and Rohit were playing, we just wanted to play ourselves in. It paid in the end, because we had wickets in hand, and it worked in the D/L calculations. Then the bowlers responded beautifully."

"If you perform well for your country, you feel proud," says Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the Man of the Match. "You had to put the ball in the right areas. So far the most helpful pitch I have bowled on."

India win by 81 runs on D/L method, take the bonus point, and finish at the top of the table. In two days' time, India and Sri Lanka come out to face each other again... for the 56th match against each other in the last five years. Hallelujah. Igziabeher

Well done India. Credit where it's due. They batted in tough conditions. Rohit Sharma was beaten black and blue, but he was not out. Virat Kohli batted well too as India reached 119 for 3 in 29 overs when rain arrived. After that shower, we had time enough for only 26 overs, and Sri Lanka were given a D/L adjusted target of 178 in 26 overs. However, to get ahead of WI's NRR and thus qualify for the final, India needed to restrict Sri Lanka to 167.

The ball, though, began to behave even more crazily with more moisture under the surface. Bhuvneshwar kept hitting the seam to exploit those conditions fully, and killed Sri Lanka's chase. Hang around for the quotes from the presentation. I am sure Kolhi will be asked if Dhoni is ready to come out of the injury break and play the final

Yadav to Malinga, OUT, slower ball, all over. Mainga hits this clean, but Jadeja leaps at mid-on to take the catch

SL Malinga c Jadeja b Yadav 7 (5m 5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 140.00

Yadav to Malinga, 2 runs, Malinga swings again, and the top edge clears the infield. Jadeja going after it for the catch nearly twists his ankle on the soft outfield
Yadav to Malinga, FOUR runs, Malinga backs away and flick-pulls a shortish ball over mid-on

Sri Lanka 2nd innings Partnerships

1st14DPMD JayawardeneWU Tharanga
2nd0DPMD JayawardeneKC Sangakkara
3rd13DPMD JayawardeneLD Chandimal
4th4LD ChandimalHDRL Thirimanne
5th25AD MathewsLD Chandimal
6th7BMAJ MendisLD Chandimal
7th15LHD DilharaBMAJ Mendis
8th6HMRKB HerathLHD Dilhara
9th3LHD DilharaRMS Eranga
10th9SL MalingaRMS Eranga

West Indies Tri-Nation Series