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Player of the Match
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Rawalpindi clinch title after Super Over

Teenage left-arm spinner Raza Hasan was the hero for Rawalpindi Rams as he kept his nerve in the Super Over to hand them the Faisal Bank Super Eight T20 title

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Rawalpindi Sports Club , elected to field first

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Series result

Rawalpindi Sports Club won the 2011 Faysal Bank Super Eight T-20 Cup


Hours of play (local time)

19.00 start, First Session 19.00-20.20, Interval 20.20-20.40, Second Session 20.40-22.00

Match days

1 July 2011 - night match (20-over match)

TV Umpires

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee

Scorer: Abdul Shakeel | Commentator: Abdul Shakeel

20 | 8 Runs 2 Wkts | Rams: 164/10 (1 run required, RR: 8.20)

  • Umar Amin32 (34b)
  • Azam Hussain4-0-31-2
  • Mohammad Sami4-0-18-1

It is a tie! Here we go for the Super Over. Rawalpindi will bat first, and Sohail Khan will bowl. We'll let you know who will bat in a minute. Awais Zia and Naved Malik to take first strike. Hammad Azam is the third. Just to refresh the rules - it is one over for each team, and three batsmen. Two wickets.

Rawalpindi's over

1st ball Dot ball, short ball, just outside off, goes for the pull shot, Awais misses it and lost his bat! (Score 0/0)

2nd ball Four, fuller in length, on middle and leg stump, Awais flicks away off his hips to wide of short fine leg fielder and it runs away for four (Score 4/0)

3rd ball Dot ball, short in length, on leg stump, goes for the pull shot and takes it on the body (Score 4/0)

4th ball Four, slower ball, fuller in length, just outside off, drives on the up and over mid-off for four more (Score 8/0)

5th ball Six Superb shot! Slightly short in length, on middle and leg stump, goes back and pulls it away into the stands over midwicket for a six (Score 14/0)

6th ball Two, low full toss on off stump, drives to wide of long-off for couple of runs. Rawalpindi finish with 16, all the runs to Awais. (Score 16/0)

It's not going to be easy for Karachi to chase this. Awais has done really well for his side. What can Karachi do? Shahzaib Hasan, Rameez Raja and Khalid Latif are the batsmen for them, and Raza Hasan will bowl. Khalid to face, Rameez is the non-striker. Here we go ...

Karachi's over

1st ball Six, tosses the ball up, on middle and leg stump, Khalid comes down the wicket and lofts it high and handsome over long-on for a big six. Wow! (score 6 for 0)

2nd ball OUT! Naved Malik takes the catch! Tossed up again, on middle and leg stump, Khalid again goes for the big shot and top edges to short fine leg and Naved Malik takes the catch. Rameez crosses over and now has strike. (score 6 for 1)

3rd ball One, dropped! Tossed up, on middle and leg stump, swept away to deep square leg and Hammad running in dives full length and takes the catch but when he fell down ball popped up out of his hand. (score 7 for 1)

4th ball Dot ball, appeal for stumping and it has gone to the third umpire. But more importantly, it is a dot ball. Given not out eventually. (score 7 for 1)

5th ball Dot ball, tossed up, just outside and spins away, goes for the big shot and gets beaten. That is the game! Unless there are wides and no balls (score 7 for 1)

6th ball Dot ball, Game set and match to the Rams! What a splendid Super Over from Raza Hasan. Another dot ball. This one was an arm ball, on target, digs out back to bowler. (score 7 for 1)

Sensational win for Rawalpindi Rams at the end of a thrilling final. They run around the field in a victory lap. Thoroughly deserving win, they held their nerve in the Super Over, both with bat and ball. Karachi will be left wondering, What If, but that's the way Twenty20 goes.


Best bat: Rameez Raja
Best Bowler: Sohail Khan
Best Fielders: Misbah-ul-Haq and Rameez Raja
Best Keepers: Kamran Akmal and Sarfraz Ahmed
Man of the Match - Sohail Khan

We had great fun bringing you the match and the tournament. Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, Cheers from ESPNcricinfo.

Azam Hussain to Raza Hasan, OUT, Gone! tosses up, just outside off, comes down the wicket and tries to play a big shot, gets beaten and Sarfraz does the rest. What a match this has been
Azam Hussain to Samiullah, OUT, Gone! short in length, on leg stump, pulls hard to midwicket and Sami takes a simple catch at short midwicket
Azam Hussain to Umar Amin, 1 run, well tossed up, came down the wicekt and driven to deep midwicket and scores are level now
Azam Hussain to Umar Amin, no run, short in length, just outside off, goes for the cut shot and misses it
Azam Hussain to Umar Amin, SIX runs, What a superb hit underpressure by Umar, tosses up, on middle and leg stump, comes down the wicket and hits it high and handsome over long-on for a vital six
Azam Hussain to Samiullah, 1 run, tossed up, on leg stump, lofted drive to long-on for a single

R Rams 2nd innings Partnerships

1st11Naved MalikAwais Zia
2nd0Jamal AnwarAwais Zia
3rd45Awais ZiaUmar Amin
4th0Sohail TanvirUmar Amin
5th41Adnan MuftiUmar Amin
6th30Umar AminHammad Azam
7th3Umar AminZahid Mansoor
8th16Mohammad RameezUmar Amin
9th18Umar AminSamiullah
10th0Umar AminRaza Hasan