Z Groenewald retired hurt 68 (61b 5x4 5x6) So Namibia win this game with a flourish and now have three wins in this competition. Groenewal and Erasmus steadied the ship after the early wickets. Its just a shame that Groenewal looks to have got a serious injury towards the end of the game. Pathan and Aulakh both took 3 wickets each but at the end of the day the Canadian score was about 20 too short. The man of the match is Groenewal for his 68 in the Namibian's innings. Tomorrow is a travel day up to Derry so there will be no games. So that just leaves me to thank you for following the game today and this is Justin Smyth saying goodbye from the North County ground in Dublin. Goodnight

Juvarajan to S Groenewald, SIX runs,
Juvarajan to Coombe, 1 run,

ICC Under-19 World Cup Qualifier News

Namibia U19s 2nd innings Partnerships

1st13W van VuurenJ Baard
2nd36W van VuurenPG Myburgh
3rd1SJ BaardPG Myburgh
4th12GP LotterSJ Baard
5th60GP LotterMG Erasmus
6th98Z GroenewaldMG Erasmus
7th6Z GroenewaldCW Coombe
7th0CW CoombeJB Wessels
8th15S GroenewaldCW Coombe