Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Close of Play

  • Sat, 05 Nov - day 1 - Italy 208 (46.4 ov)

ICC World Cricket League Division Four News

Italy 2nd innings Partnerships

1st39MMBRSTC WanigaratneManpreet Singh
2nd1MMBRSTC WanigaratneGP Meade
3rd13MMBRSTC WanigaratneA Bonora
4th67A BonoraDG Crowley
5th24A BonoraBBJL Perera
6th36Fida HussainBBJL Perera
7th5Fida HussainWTN Fernando
8th12L di GiglioWTN Fernando
9th11WTN FernandoCharanjeet Singh
10th0M MorettiniCharanjeet Singh