Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    30.5 and Smith falls very cheaply, that was a tossed up delivery down leg, he gets down on knee and tries for the sweep, a bit early and a top edge landed in the hands of Lambert at short fine leg, Jamaica comes back into the game. 149/4
    11.3 and Miller gets the breakthrough, alters the length and bowls it short on middle stump, Charles goes back and punches that to off but Campbell was well alert at short cover who moves a bit to right and grabs it. 62/1
    13 and misery comes to an end for Theophile, he was frustrated as he's getting everything straight towards the fielders, tossed up delivery down leg and he goes for a sweep, top-edges it and it went into the safe hands of Richardson at short fine leg 65/2
    20.3 another one for Lambert, he comes round the wicket and a full delivery which struck on the back toe of Fletcher, he was late to his bring his bat down and paid the price for that, that hitting middle and leg, good decision. 97/3
    not out
    31.5 another one for Jamaica and this time the captain strikes from them, that's a fuller in length delivery well outside off which kept a bit low, drawn Currency on the front foot who drives that straight into the hands of Miller at backward point. 152/5
    42 short of a length delivery on middle and leg, Sebastien not got to the top of the bounce and tries to pull that off the back foot to on side, miscued it towards midwicket from where Campbell took that on diving forward, that's a very good judged catch. 195/6
    44.1 bowls a flatter and quicker delivery down leg, Mathurin shuffle across a bit and tries to flick that, this time it doesn't did much and kept straight and went through his leg and struck the stumps, second wicket for Miler. 213/7
    44.3 and Miler strikes again in his final over, short on leg and Johnson bends down a bit and tries to clear square leg but didn't get the distance and went flat into the hands of the man at deep, they are falling apart. 215/8
    not out
    12 (lb 5, nb 1, w 6)
    268/8 (50 Overs, RR: 5.36)
    Did not bat: KK Peters
    Fall of wickets: 1-62 (J Charles, 11.3 ov), 2-65 (T Theophile, 12.6 ov), 3-97 (ADS Fletcher, 20.3 ov), 4-149 (DS Smith, 30.5 ov), 5-152 (RK Currency, 31.5 ov), 6-195 (LAS Sebastien, 41.6 ov), 7-213 (GE Mathurin, 44.1 ov), 8-215 (DE Johnson, 44.3 ov)
    SS Cottrell10.006616.6011
    AD Russell4.0044011.0010
    NO Miller10.003533.5010
    TL Lambert10.003223.2000
    AP Richardson5.003106.2010
    DE Bernard8.003814.7510
    NE Bonner3.001715.6610