Match Notes

Premier Limited Over Tournament Tier B News

  • SSC and Nondescripts set up final clash

    Traditional rivals Sinhalese SC and Nondescripts CC will meet in the final of the Premier Tier A on Saturday after they won their respective semi-final matches against Chilaw Marians and Colts

  • Chilaw Marians, NCC, SSC and Colts reach semi-finals

    The Premier Limited Over Tournament Tier A semi-final line-up has been decided with Nondescripts Cricket Club, Sinhalese Sports Club, Chilaw Marians Cricket Club and Colts Cricket Club coming through

Police SC 2nd innings Partnerships

1st29SA WijeratneRGD Sanjeewa
2nd2RGD SanjeewaWADC Perera
3rd19RGD SanjeewaHUK de Silva
3rd18PR NirmalHUK de Silva
4th67PHKS NirmalaHUK de Silva
5th68HPA PriyanthaPHKS Nirmala
6th3HPA PriyanthaRGD Sanjeewa
7th31RGD SanjeewaHM Jayawardene
8th12HM JayawardeneRP Kellepotha
9th1RSKAP DilanthaRP Kellepotha