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Wellington end title drought with tense win

Guided by a well-compiled fifty from James Franklin and an aggressive 41 from Luke Ronchi, Wellington edged out Northern Districts by four wickets in a tense game to win the Ford Trophy

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Scorer: Avi Singh | Commentator: Avi Singh

In 2003-04 Wellington won the New Zealand first-class competition. Since then they had not tasted victory in any domestic competition until today, a full decade on. Franklin and Ronchi used their experience to take their side home although Franklin almost threw it away with his dismissal towards the end, but in the end a spirited effort by Northern Districts to defend their total was let down by their fielding, including a crucial drop of Franklin when he was on 8.

Some quotes from the post-match presentation. Northern Districts captain Daniel Flynn: "Obviously disappointing, we managed to win a few of those during the Twenty20s so we backed ourselves to win. Couple of guys got in and got starts but didn't kick on as well as we would have liked, but that happens and we believed the total was one we could defend and we almost did."

Victorious Wellington captain James Franklin: "I was a little bit angry with myself for getting out in that situation but thankfully Ronchi got us home. 230 was still par and was going to take a few guys to make scores and that's what happened. Some grounds have been low-scoring, but it's been entertaining and good to develop different skills as batsmen and spinners. Hopefully we can now start to get some more silverware back to Wellington!"

The celebrations will begin for Wellington now but that concludes our coverage of the New Zealand cricket season, we hope you've enjoyed the tours by the West Indies and India as well as the finals of the Twenty20 and one-day competitions. On behalf of everyone this is Avi Singh signing off and wishing you well. Cheers!

Kuggeleijn to Ronchi, FOUR runs, another full toss is flicked behind backward square to the boundary and Wellington have secured their first domestic title in a decade!
Kuggeleijn to Ronchi, FOUR runs, awful delivery to start, full toss which was possibly over waist height but wasn't penalised, Ronchi slammed it out to deep backward square where Trent Boult was partially unsighted and dived to cover the ball spinning away from him but couldn't cut it off

49 | 7 Runs | WELL: 225/6 (8 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 4.59, RRR: 8.00)

  • LJ Woodcock2 (4b)
  • L Ronchi33 (30b)
  • AP Devcich5-0-24-0
  • JJ Boult4-0-18-1

After an international summit it is decided that Kuggeleijn will bowl the final over

Devcich to Woodcock, no run, clean bowled! He went for the big heave and saw off stump knocked back, but the free hit means there is no change to the status quo. Eight required from the final over as this final has gone down to its final six deliveries
Devcich to Ronchi, (no ball) 1 run, Ronchi tucks it off the pads and rushes home to beat midwicket but Devcich has overstepped! Free hit coming up
Devcich to Ronchi, no run, forward and can't get it past the bowler
Devcich to Ronchi, no run, worked to the left of mid-on who dives brilliantly to cut it off

Wellington 2nd innings Partnerships

1st29MHW PappsMA Pollard
2nd44SJ MurdochMA Pollard
3rd27JEC FranklinMA Pollard
4th24JEC FranklinTA Blundell
5th42GD ElliottJEC Franklin
6th50JEC FranklinL Ronchi
7th17L RonchiLJ Woodcock