MiWAY T20 Challenge - 2nd match

Warriors v Titans

Titans won by 29 runs


Ntini to Davids, 1 run, turns to a square-leg position, easy single

Titans 4/0   H Davids 1* (1b)


Birch to Davids, 1 run, turns to fine leg


Birch to Davids, 1 run, pushes to wide mid-on, easy single

Titans 12/0   H Davids 3* (3b)


Ntini to Davids, no run, swings, but misses


Ntini to Davids, FOUR, hits over mid on


Ntini to Davids, no run, drops that one at his feet, no run


Ntini to Davids, OUT, swings, misses, bails clatter

H Davids b Ntini 7 (12m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Titans 24/1   H Davids 7 (7b 1x4)
Tournament Results
Lions v Titans at Johannesburg - Apr 1, 2012
Titans won by 45 runs
Titans v Knights at Centurion - Mar 25, 2012
Match tied (Titans won the one-over eliminator)
Titans v Warriors at Centurion - Mar 21, 2012
Titans won by 8 wickets (with 19 balls remaining) (D/L method)
Impi v Lions at Benoni - Mar 21, 2012
No result
Dolphins v Cape Cobras at Durban - Mar 21, 2012
Dolphins won by 6 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
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