Australia tour of South Africa, 3rd ODI: South Africa v Australia at Durban, Oct 28, 2011
Australia won by 3 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)
Played at Kingsmead, Durban
28 October 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Cummins to Miller, no run, this is great bowling from Cummins. He's fired down another yorker right on the toes, and all Miller can do is dig it out into the leg side

South Africa 186/4   DA Miller 0* (1b)

Watson to Miller, no run, full and straight from Watson, and Miller nudges gently to leg


Watson to Miller, 3 leg byes, was there any bat on this? Miller shuffled down the track as Watson fired one down the leg side, and the ball ended up down at fine leg. Nope, leg byes signals the umpire


Watson to Miller, 1 run, another dipping full toss on the toes from Watson, and Miller follows Duminy in flicking out into the deep

South Africa 192/4   DA Miller 1* (4b)

Bollinger to Miller, 1 leg bye, sharp seam movement for Bollinger! He nips one in off the wicket to strike Miller on the thigh


Bollinger to Miller, no run, Miller swipes across the line at a length delivery, and misses completely. It was the sort of length a batsman might be hoping for at this stage of the innings, but he couldn't capitalise


Bollinger to Miller, 1 run, clipped off the pad. The man at midwicket inside the circle stops the shot, but can't prevent the single

South Africa 199/4   DA Miller 2* (7b)

Watson to Miller, no run, Watson continues his good work with another full, straight delivery that is driven back at him


Watson to Miller, no run, Miller swings his bat like a battle-axe at a low full toss, but he can't get past Warner at midwicket


Watson to Miller, no run, another play-and-miss from Miller, who backs away to give himself room but can't connect with the forcing stroke aimed at cover


Watson to Miller, no run, and again! There must still be something in this track for the quicks. And for Watto. Miller tried to slap it to cover again, but didn't get close


Watson to Miller, no run, another dot! This is fantastic death bowling. Or is it just bad batting? Miller digs a low full toss out back to the bowler


Watson to Miller, 1 run, finally, a run - but it's just the single, Miller flicking out to deep midwicket. And that takes South Africa to 200

South Africa 200/4   DA Miller 3* (13b)

Bollinger to Miller, 1 leg bye, Miller misses the pull to a seaming delivery, but they take a single off the thigh


Bollinger to Miller, 1 run, Miller heaves across the line now, the ball rolling quickly down to long on

South Africa 203/4   DA Miller 4* (15b)

Johnson to Miller, 1 run, that might've been two in two! Miller attempted to mow a short ball over midwicket, but timed the stroke really badly and it dropped well short of the fielder


Johnson to Miller, 1 run, Miller swings at the yorker and an inside edge rolls to short fine leg

South Africa 208/5   DA Miller 6* (17b)

Watson to Miller, 2 runs, Watson is on target with the yorker, but Miller has a go at it anyway and gets two to deep midwicket


Watson to Miller, no run, a low, dipping full toss takes the inside edge of the bat and bounces off Miller's shoe ... No chance of a single


Watson to Miller, 1 run, a drive, on the up, is cracked straight to cover, but they hustle a single all the same. It would've been very close if Ponting had hit with the shy

South Africa 213/5   DA Miller 9* (20b)

Johnson to Miller, 1 run, Miller cracks a cut hard through point ... but straight to the fielder on the boundary!


Johnson to Miller, 1 run, a pretty decent yorker is dug out through square leg, just the single

South Africa 221/6   DA Miller 11* (22b)





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