South Africa v India, 3rd Test, Cape Town, 2nd day

Lower order showed guts - Kallis

Firdose Moonda at Newlands

January 3, 2011

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Jacques Kallis showed once again why he is South Africa's leading man with the bat, making 161 out of his team's total of 362, and adding 79 potentially crucial runs with numbers 10 and 11, but was happy to give credit to the lower order for sticking it out with him.

"It wasn't easy out there and they got us those 70-80 extra runs," Kallis said after he added 27 runs with Paul Harris for the ninth wicket and 52 runs with Tsotsobe for the last wicket. out of which Tsotsobe made eight. "It's the first time he's ever been involved in a 50-run partnership," Kallis said of the number 11 batsmen, "so he felt like he'd scored a hundred."

Although Harris and Tsotsobe collectively contributed 15 runs, Kallis felt it was their intent, more than their runs, that were important. "It showed the guts and determination the guys are willing to put in." While the tail was wagging, Kallis was leaving when it was necessary and hitting the balls he felt deserved to be hit. The key was being aware of his off stump, something that he said is "vital" on the Newlands wicket and only learned from playing here. "It's a matter of experience in the conditions. That's when you'll know when to put your foot on the accelerator and when to hang five."

Kallis struck the delicate balance between the two modes of playing perfectly and revelled in the difficulty of the situation. "I really enjoyed it, it was a big challenge and it was nice to come through it when conditions are against you. I think that's why you play this game. You want to be tested against the best in trying conditions." It was Kallis' third successive century at Newlands, and 39th in all, drawing him level with Ricky Ponting.

The circumstances were tough given the pitch, but Kallis said that batting became easier on day two when "the sun baked the wicket a little bit." Although it's predicted to be bright and hot again on day three, Kallis doesn't think the pitch will start to sprout runs and believes South Africa's bowlers could benefit from it more than India's batsmen. "There's still more than enough on that wicket. Even right at the end there were a few balls going off the straight and narrow."

The first session should set the tone for the day, with Kallis explaining that, "Generally, at Newlands the ball does a little bit more in the morning than in the afternoon." Although he will play no part in South Africa's bowling, he said that if the guys get "two or three wickets, it will make life a lot easier." While the attention is focused on Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel, Kallis think its Harris and Tsotsobe that will play a big role. "Lopsy has bowled pretty well throughout the series and had four or five catches put down on his bowling. He's been unlucky."

Kallis thinks batting will stay tough and that "working hard on defensive technique" will be the key. At this stage of the game, he thinks South Africa hold the advantage. "We are still in a very strong position; a little bit ahead of the game, having the runs on the board," but wisely acknowledges "that can change very quickly." Day three is going to be a turning point in the match, one Kallis will be have to be content with watching from the dressing room.

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Posted by   on (January 4, 2011, 12:55 GMT)

some guy was sayin the other day that kallis can bat with the tail and sachin cannot.. i have just one thing to say... people speak with words.. sachin the maestro lets his bat do the speaking... so think twice before u comment the GOD of cricket

Posted by BankerAndyDufresne on (January 4, 2011, 11:12 GMT)

@ sunilsaripalli- It's Sehwag, not shewag gentleman.

Posted by BankerAndyDufresne on (January 4, 2011, 11:10 GMT)

Kallis lacks flavour man.People here are underestimating Sachin.

Posted by   on (January 4, 2011, 9:44 GMT)

Great show by kallis on day two.. The way he batted with tail to get to 362 is great. Would have appreciated SRT if he had done same on 1st test to avoid innings defeat.

Posted by cricology on (January 4, 2011, 7:53 GMT)

@NRI11...just shooting in the dark won't reap u fruits buddy...sobers 93 tests & 235 wickets...kallis 145 tests & 270 wickets...check strike rate! On batting avg both avg 57...

now when you compare likes of tendulkar, dravid, ponting...they have averaged almost there and have made their teams no. 1 in some point in their careers...kallis has never done it. U will argue that India got no. 1 coz of playing in home conditions...then why SA have not got to that rank playing in their home conditions...what was kallis doing there...batting and taking wickets I when a man while batting/bowling/feilding can't take their team to no. 1 spot....others do it with just batting...REMEMBER YOU CANNOT COMPARE ANYBODY TO ANYBODY AND CONCLUDE ILLOGICAL STATEMENTS WHICH U HV DONE...

Posted by sunilsaripalli on (January 4, 2011, 6:40 GMT)

Hi NRI11, You might need to check few stats on itself before making comments about greats like Pointing, Lara and Tendulkar. You are saying that Shewag has superlative strike rate and average on Australian and English wickets. Do you know how much Sehwag avearges on Australian and English wickets??? Australia (59.50) and England (39.50) where as SRT averages Australia (58.53) and England (62.00). So how can you say that Sehwag has superlative strike rates???. Also consider the era in which Sachin made those runs in Australia and England (players like McGrath and Warne) in peak form and the number of matches he consistently performed. I like Sehwag, on his day he is the best batsman in the world, but you can never say he is the consistent batsman. A final touch Sehwag averages 59 in home tests and 49 in away tests where as SRT average is 57 in home and 56.57 away. And people like SRT, Lara and Pointing have performed at a time where the bowlers had the edge.

Posted by   on (January 4, 2011, 6:36 GMT)

@NRI11:you look like one who has been brought up on a diet of crash bang wallop cricket who has no perception of the intricacies and beauty of test cricket.

Posted by cricology on (January 4, 2011, 6:00 GMT)

Hmm...why SA is so troubled with Indian legends...commentators and SA media are harsh on Dravid, critical of Tendulkar and find faults in Laxman's technique, accuse Shreeshant of sledging, laugh on saying what India will do when Zaheer retires, Harbhajan is not threating and sarcastically saying "India is no 1 in ranks." India still plays better on seaming wickets compared to SA on turning pitches.

If seaming wicket is test of a batsmen then spining wicket too. Coming on Kaillis...he is best batsmen of current era along with Sachin, Dravid, Ponting and Lara...what's the big deal!!! Why media not often praise kaillis is coz he had huge runs against Zim/Bangdsh and got a double in 2010...whereas d above mentioned crics have shown their aura time and again...during OZ domination Lara Sachin and Dravid stood out as compared to Kaliis...Kallis never won a world cup for SA whereas Sachin- Dravid almost did it in 2003...ponting won it twice and Lara had no great team, Kaliis always had !!

Posted by UsamKhawaja on (January 4, 2011, 4:27 GMT)

Kallis is one of the best batsmen in the world, i do agree but not better than sachin,punter or lara who lead der teams in both ODI and Test matches.

Posted by   on (January 4, 2011, 4:14 GMT)

Kallis is enjoying the form of his life for the past 1-2 years. He is unique in the sense that he is very sound batting technique and is a decent bowler. This has allowed him to become one of the best all-rounders in the game. In fact, he can be considered the only proper all-rounder playing cricket these days.

Posted by the_blue_android on (January 4, 2011, 4:00 GMT)

Those two partnerships pretty much killed the game for India, and SA too...the only possible result of this game now is a draw. India's lack of game plan and bowling strength exposed by the SA tail. India's inability to bowl out SA after 283/3 will ruin their chances of winning the game and SA's ultra slow scoring rate means they cannot win the game either.

Posted by inswing on (January 4, 2011, 3:40 GMT)

Kallis is a great batsman, but today he benefitted from weak Dhoni captaincy. Dhoni had only 1 slip, with a typical defensive mindset. Kallis edged to 2nd/3rd slip, but there was no one there. A captain with a winning aggressive attitude (read Aussi) would have 3 slips all day. India and Dhoni are not there yet - they want to manage a draw and go away.

Posted by suddyv on (January 4, 2011, 3:34 GMT)

I dont understand these people, How you can compare Sachin and Kallis. See the below points - Sachin is far ahead than Kallis 1) Sachin has been in form and nightmare for bowlers from the year he started his career to now and still going. But on contrast Kallis has been in good form for past 9 years. 2) Sachin is better batsman than Kallis 3) Sachin can play spin and bounce better than Kallis. 4) Sachin can control the game better than Kallis. 5) Sachin can hit sixes at will better than Kallis. 6) Sachin Range of shots is more than Kallis 7) Kallis is better bowler than Sachin 8) Sachin has played more match wining or match saving innings than Kallis. 9) Sachin has scored 46 tons in ODI but Kallis only 17 10) Sachin has scored Ton every time he played school cricket at age of 14 I can write more points, unfortunately maximum words to be posted had restricted me. Sachin is born with god writing on his Head as CRICKET BATTING GOD

Posted by cric_lover143 on (January 4, 2011, 3:23 GMT)

Whadaplayaaaar.... He is the real " Mr. Cricket ". i mean around 11500+ runs and 270+ wickets in TESTs and around 11000+ runs and 250+ wickets in ODIs. What a player.... Every team in the world would like to have a player like Kallis in their team, a reliable batsman and a reliable bowler and a great fielder. He has taken some really fantastic catches. Even though i like Sachin more than any player in the world, i really rate kallis as the most valuable player in the world. He is never going to touch what sachin achieved so far, but sachin himself will feel incomplete as a cricketer ( i mean a complete cricketer, not pure batsman ) before kallis's records...

Posted by DrAlexKuruvila on (January 4, 2011, 2:15 GMT)

Dhoni may be a super cool captain, but he certainly missed a trick or two when he tried to bowl to a pattern hoping to pick up tail ender wickets. This resulted in defensive field placements and allowed the SA tail enders to settle in, as they only had to face one or two balls each over. India played into Kallis's hands and he scored easy runs at will when it mattered most. India would certainly have been in a better position had "captain cool" set aggressive filelds to both Kallis and tail enders and tried to finish the innings off rather than resorting to these tactics, especially since the SA 8th wicket fell when the score was only around 280.

Posted by   on (January 4, 2011, 1:34 GMT)

@NRI11 - I think your view is completely biased. Kallis is no way near to Tendulkar, Lara & Punter. They are way above up there. In fact, Lara & Tendulkar stand tall compared to Punter. Coz Punter had lot many good players around him. So that he can play with ease. Tendulkar and Lara did not have that luxury. Had they had what Punter and Kallis had around them, they would have definitely have much better record than what they have right now. I agree with you on only one point that Shewag is master class. He is fearless and skillful. He has this attitude - "I am better than you (to bowlers)". VVS and Sachin nudge singles when they get a chance means they have the trust on their tail end whereas Kallis did not. That's how I see it. Nudging a single and giving chance to the lower order means that they don't care their score. Even if the tail ender gets out they don't care their score. Thats how I see it.

Posted by SnowSnake on (January 4, 2011, 1:29 GMT)

Critics of NRI11: There real reason Kallis does not belong in the league of Ponting is his strike rate, which is 45 whereas Ponting's strike rate is about 60. Kallis can be compared with Dravid who has similar strike rate. Tendulkar's average career strike rate is about 54. Higher strike rates and averages make a more valuable player. Dravid will not be credited for creating conditions for winning a test. Low strike rates ( less than 50%) typically indicate batsmen who specialize in saving/drawing tests. In this test, Kallis played a major role with higher strike rate (about 55). At its peak, Australia had batsmen with high averages and strike rates. Shewag is valuable for his average (over 50) and strike rate (over 80, I think). Use of strike rate cuttoff of 50 and innings average of 50 and then you can see who the valuable players in world cricket are? Likes of Amla, Dravid, Kallis will not make the cut. Ponting, Shewag, Gambhir(?), Tendulkar, Hussey (?) will all qualify.

Posted by Nampally on (January 4, 2011, 1:08 GMT)

Kallis was out LBW to Sreesanth when he was around 25. He should thank Tuffel for his innings.Admittedly he added about 80 runs with #10 & 11 bats at the other end.It was a great innings and the Indians must be cursing themselves. Dhoni's field placing was poor along with the bowlers being wayward. But full credit to kallis for exploiting the situation and making India pay for totally uncoordinated effort.The wicket was just the same on Day 2 as on day1, except for the sunshine. Obviously it is a fast bowlers' wicket and the batsmen have to be patient to get runs.Test match is evenly balanced at the moment and the first session of play on Day 3 will tilt the balance. It is a pace bowlers wicket now like last 2 tests, only slightly slower. Gambhir & Tendulkar need to play first session & add another 100. Pitch will take spin on Day 4 onwards. Hence India need the first innings lead to give Harbhajan a chance to bowl SA out.Right now it is anybody's game with crucial Day 3 as decider.

Posted by   on (January 4, 2011, 0:18 GMT)

@NRI, I wonder whether you follow the game properly? Kallis has better batters and he is just a two change bowler. He gets wickets because people try to target him. And he has the ability to take wicket, accepted. Bothams, Imrans and Kapils were Spear Head of their bowling attack, and if you say tendy, lara, and punter are worst than Kallis. Pitty you man. Tendy and Lara always almost single handedly fought for their team. Look at the stats and then speak.............

Posted by   on (January 4, 2011, 0:16 GMT)

I too get a feeling that the SA news conferences are full of agenda points these days. They seem to make comments that are intended as mind games for opposition. Comments like "good toss to lose" and being critical on tendulkar not protecting the tail when there is no point in doing so are all example of that. However, they don't seem to be good at it. Certainly not as good as Steve Waugh used to be. I think most folks are able to see through the comments that SA team is making these days. Once you see through them you can also see their insecurities.

Posted by mak102480 on (January 3, 2011, 23:57 GMT)

@NRI11: If you knew anything about cricket, you wouldn't put Flintoff and Tendulkar/Ponting/Kallis/Sobers in the same sentence. About sehwag, I am a huge fan of his but not everybody can bat with his carefree attitude. The reason he can do that is because there are batsmen like dravid, SRT, and Lax to follow.........And about Kallis, yes, he is a big champion, but he lacks the aura and the charisma and the flair of a SRT or a Ponting or a Lara. SRT, Lara, and Ponting in their prime can take the game away from the opposioin while Kallis is in the Dravid and Steve Waugh mold.....steady but unspectacular. Nothing wrong with that at all but I am just pointing out the difference........For my money, there are five batsmen that stand out in the last 10-15 years: SRT, Ponting, Lara, Kallis, and Dravid.......Sehwag, Yousuf, G. Smith haven't played enough cricket yet.

Posted by NRI- on (January 3, 2011, 21:28 GMT)

Surely Kallis should be an automatic choice in an ALL TIME XI well before media darlings like Botham (did he bat or bowl well outside England?), Flintoff, Tendulkar, Gavaskar and Ponting. Alongside Sehwag, he is the joint world's best batsman today and easily the world's best allrounder.

Posted by cooljack_143 on (January 3, 2011, 21:10 GMT)

SA are very good at playing "mind games". Yesterday it was Smith who upon winning the toss says its a good toss to loose and today again both Kallis and hashim saying they are far ahead in the game.I wonder when can they be humble at all.Its a batting pitch . when tsosobe can stick in for quite long sharma,zaheer and sreeshanth can do more, as far they are better performers with bat than the SA tail.Let the better team win.But Kallis performance is the best in pressure situtaions no doubt about that.I hope Indians dont give up tomorrow and fight till the end and make tis final test more interesting.I would like to see close contest in this last match of the series.

Posted by NRI- on (January 3, 2011, 21:05 GMT)

Kallis & Sobers are the two best allrounders ever and yet in Kallis' time, the media has overglorified Tendulkar, Ponting and Flintoff. Alongside Sehwag, Kallis is arguably the best batsman in the world today and they have been both better than any of Ponting, Tendulkar or Lara. Sehwag has a superlative strike rate and average, even on Australian and English wickets and Kallis has batted in ALL conditions well. Kallis can bat with the tail by keeping the strike and going for risky boundaries whereas VVS just nudged singles letting Ishant Sharma make the majority of runs and take the majority of the strike such that Ishant steered India to a win, not VVS. Tendulkar does the same when with the tail, just nudge singles wherever possible to keep one's own average up. (However, Ganguly was an unselfish batsman, in his prime when cut down in favour of over the hill Dravid and flat track bully Yuvraj).

Posted by SnowSnake on (January 3, 2011, 20:56 GMT)

Kallis did a VVS on India. Great innings.

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