India in South Africa 2013-14 October 8, 2013

India invite CSA for tour talks


The BCCI has invited Cricket South Africa president, Chris Nenzani, for discussions on the proposed bilateral series, whose details are yet to be agreed upon and finalised.

"I have formally invited Mr Nenzani to come down to India and discuss the nitty-gritty of the series," BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel said. "The date and venue will be finalised once all formalities are completed."

Patel, however, made it clear that the BCCI had not invited CSA chief executive Haroon Lorgat, whose appointment is believed to have led to the breakdown of relations between the two boards. Lorgat and Patel had met on the sidelines of the ICC chief executives' committee meeting in Dubai last month, but had failed to reach a consensus over itinerary.

Though an agreement has been elusive so far, Patel was confident the tour would take place. "We are very positive about the tour and don't see any reason to take the extreme step."

He elaborated on what the BCCI's grouse with the schedule announced by CSA was. "All that we are aggrieved about is the fact that we were taken for granted and the itinerary was announced unilaterally. Besides, our priority is the Board's and our players' interests. My boys are not machines, they need a break. Who are you (CSA) to tell them they should be on the road for more than three-four months?"

Amol Karhadkar is a correspondent at ESPNcricinfo

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  • t on October 9, 2013, 17:40 GMT

    @Jose Puliampatta good reply to the "runners" on this forum. there are plenty of people whose countries arent even involved who keep commenting on matters to do with other countries & even instigating others to "ban" india when their own countries will grab at the chance to play india at even the hint of an invite from them. others put down the ipl while in the same breath complain that their players arent allowed to participate. then they put down india's performances abroad when their own performances are laughable (loss to Zim, 3-0 loss to SA where india drew 1-1, etc). & to those that say india are scared then please explain why they are playing 5 tests in Eng when they dont even play 5 test series at home?!!

  • Samir on October 9, 2013, 15:48 GMT

    11) Recently, BCCI also found out that Lorgat was being chummy with Bindra, a former BCCI president and who is in opposition of the current BCCI president. The BCCI head wouldn't have taken kindly to someone who is siding with his 'enemy'.

    As you can see, there are more than enough reasons for the BCCI to hold a grudge against Lorgat. I am not taking anybody's side. Neither BCCI nor Lorgat is completely in the light. But considering the history, repercussions were bound to happen sooner than later when dealing with Lorgat.

  • Samir on October 9, 2013, 15:48 GMT

    To those who don't know why BCCI has a grudge against Lorgat :

    1) In 2009, India had submitted it's FTP to ICC which excluded Pakistan because of the recent 26/11 attacks. Lorgat refused to accept it,thus causing ripples.

    2) In the first 2 IPL season's, Lorgat kept insisting that BCCI use the much expensive Anticorruption and Security(ACS) of ICC despite BCCI refusing it.

    3) Lorgat insisted cricket should come under WADA (doping agency) but BCCI objected saying it needed a cricketer specific doping agency. WADA needs players to announce their whereabouts 3 months in advance and this came after SL team bus was attacked in Pakistan with rifles and rocket launchers.

    4) In 2011, Lorgat criticised BCCI for it's manner of ticket sales in 2001 world cup held in India, which exceeded his brief, it being an internal matter of BCCI and India.

    5) Lorgat insisted on DRS in WC2011 which BCCI is opposed to, and provoked BCCI further saying it was ICC WC, not BCCI WC.


  • David on October 9, 2013, 15:24 GMT

    The truth is self-evident.

    The Supreme Court ruled against Srinivasan: IPL corruption will be re-investigated by the court. Srini stays OUT. Now, Patel & BCCI have to act: Srini is no longer responsible

    Talk about the tour itinerary is a coverup, a smokescreen. If the "itinerary concerns" were overworked players, why suddenly cram in a series before & after the SA tour? Clearly, it's NOT about players.

    If the itinerary is the problem, why refuse to discuss it with Lorgat? He was appointed AFTER the CSA announcement? Lorgat bears NO responsibility, but Nenzani DOES. The BCCI will talk with the man responsible for the announcement, & NOT the man who had nothing to do with it!

    Don't be fooled by this "itinerary" story. At issue is Srinivasan's feud with Lorgat. The Court ruled against Srini & the VERY NEXT DAY talks are on... but without Lorgat. Relations are resumed, but ONLY without Srinivasan & Lorgat. That is ALL we need to know!

    Cricinfo: please be fair & publish the truth

  • David on October 9, 2013, 15:15 GMT

    @ Venkat_Gowrishankar asks "how different is BCCI from the old "Imperial cricket council"?. What goes round comes round. SImple!"

    Unfortunately Venkat, the BCCI is no different at all! And that sir, is the problem. The ills of the past do not justify arrogance and bigotry today. What was immoral then remains immoral now.

    If "what goes around, comes around," then Indian cricket will oct again experience the discrimination it previously suffered. Is that what the BCCI should be creating? A dark and uncertain future for Indian cricket? The BCCI is making no friends, and many enemies.Is this what Indian fans want?

  • I on October 9, 2013, 14:41 GMT

    Here's a handy translation: "We are a cricket team with obligations to play cricket against other cricket teams. Another cricket team decided to fulfil its obligations efficiently, so now I'm going to throw my toys out of the pram." Let's not pretend that the BCCI want this tour to go ahead at all - the gracious approach would have been to thank South Africa for being pro-active with organising the tour, to let them know if there were any scheduling conflicts, and agree a plan. Not to sit there playing the victim, due to the massive affront of being invited to tour another nation to do what you claim to: play circket

  • Vijay on October 9, 2013, 13:39 GMT

    I am an Indian and I find BCCI's behavior disgusting off late. Their approach towards IPL/ICL, Hawkeye and other issues has been downright myopic and self serving. They have no interest in Cricket's development.

    That said, the other boards have been too eager to roll over. If ENG, Aus and SA (and who ever else they can get in their corner) collectively chose not to play with India, BCCI's financial power will wilt faster than it will impact other boards. IPL will be reduced to domestic show and Indian crowds won't be filling up the stadiums to watch no name players.

  • Ashok on October 9, 2013, 13:15 GMT

    Now that Mr. Srinivasan has been given the temporary permit to be the President of BCCI (while "IPL Fixing" is investigated by the 3 men panel), it is time to move forward. BCCI & Srinivasan should forget their differences with Mr. Lorgat and "move Forward" in positive spirit of co-operation. Before people attack integrity of "others", they should keep an eye on their own record. It is a Fact that there is not a single top executive in India or any where in the world who has NOT blundered & survived. This applies equally to Mr. Srinivasan or to Mr. Lorgat. Building bridges should be in the job definition of the chiefs of BCCI & CSA. It would have been an excellent gesture to invite Mr.Lorgat + CSA President to the itinerary finalisation meeting. Also it will be best to keep at least 3 Test matches in tact even at the expense of other matches (ODI's + T20) - reduced as time permits. Above all the main aim of these matches should be to promote goodwill between Nations thru' Cricket!

  • AJay on October 9, 2013, 13:10 GMT

    True, the BCCI is behaving unprofessionally by picking who they want to talk to at CSA and not expectadly either. Though, there is still an opportunity for them to come up a with a credible schedule that shows that the team is prepared to take on a meaningful challenge against the best test team on their home ground. Anything else and the team will look like cowards.

  • RAJARAMAN on October 9, 2013, 13:07 GMT

    Why all this hullaballu? SA are not the only strong team in the world. India had drawn series with them. So, why can't they do it this time? If we can predict series results, then why play at all? WI are not pushovers! They gave such a close fight to India in India last time. Also, NZ is difficult proposition for any team in NZ. So, if there is no SA series, nothing is lost. There will be equally good competitive cricket assembled by BCCI. No cause for worry. If CSA wants to earn some money, let them come to the table.