India's tour of South Africa October 20, 2013

Shortened SA tour likely in December


The BCCI president N Srinivasan and his CSA counterpart Chris Nenzani have "in principle agreed" for India to play three ODIs, a warm-up game and two Tests in South Africa in December, ESPNcricinfo understands. Although no formal statements have been released by the boards, some progress appears to have been made, two days after CSA offered to send "Lorgat on long leave".

"Following the board meeting, all we have at this stage is that discussions are still ongoing between BCCI and CSA," said a spokesperson from CSA.

The fate of the series will be known when Srinivasan and BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel present the proposed tour itinerary to the BCCI working committee in Chennai on October 26. The two met with Nenzani on the sidelines of the ICC Board meeting in London on Saturday for finalising the solution to a three-month impasse.

The working committee's decision is nothing but a formal approval once Srinivasan and Nenzani have worked out a solution. As a result, India is likely to start the tour with one-dayers in the first week of December and end it with the Boxing Day Test.

It is unclear whether the BCCI and CSA have reached an agreement over the fate of David Becker, the former ICC Head of Legal and one of several lawyers offering CSA advice, who had criticised BCCI's stand on FTP in the wake of India's decision to prune the South Africa tour. However, the BCCI is likely to pursue the matter despite having agreed to tour South Africa.

The BCCI's troubled relationship with CSA chief executive Haroon Lorgat is understood to be the central reason for the tour being in jeopardy. Becker denied Lorgat had played any role in his decision to release a statement last week. "For the avoidance of any doubt, Mr Lorgat had nothing to do with my comments. They were my own personal views and neither he nor anyone else at CSA had anything to do with them," Becker said on Sunday.

There is understood to be a split in the CSA board which met on Sunday, with the dispute over over the conditions required for the tour to go ahead. Individuals in the know state that the split lies between the Cape Town based group of administrators and the rest, with the former backing Lorgat to stay and the latter not. CSA have not responded to any queries and the source believes if they are being this quiet they are "hiding something." The source also says the board is scrambling not to be "embarrassed by the Lorgat appointment."

The series between two of the most high-profile cricket nations has been hanging in balance since July 9, when the BCCI objected to the tour itinerary a day after it was announced by CSA. Previously, it had raised "concerns" over Lorgat being in the running for the CSA top job.

While a meeting between Sanjay Patel and Lorgat in Dubai last month failed to resolve the contentious issues, the deadlock was broken when Nenzani was invited to India for a meeting after Srinivasan was reinstated as the BCCI chief earlier this month.

With additional reporting by Firdose Moonda

Amol Karhadkar is a correspondent at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Dummy4 on October 25, 2013, 5:19 GMT

    I am Furious of the decision to make it 2 Tests and 3 OD I's. There aren't even any T20 's. I was hoping to watch the one day in P.E on 30 December, but now with the shorten format there might be a change I"ll be excited to see there is still a one day in Port Elizabeth.

  • Dummy4 on October 23, 2013, 4:30 GMT

    Well this is sad...but to think of any solutions we need a strong and fair ICC that works independent of all the boards including the BCCI.

    BCCI's role as guardians and custodians of the sport is in question

  • Dummy4 on October 22, 2013, 5:08 GMT

    @just_Test_lover on (October 21, 2013, 12:11 GMT)

    Never ever heard such insane arguments by anyone. You are referring 80s situation, then you must make sure to put right facts before public. It's not only cricket but every sports even Olympic also and that weren't political which you better know. I am not going to those dark moments but you can't make responsible for any sports administrators whatever happened in those days since it was purely due to internal matters of SA. Now you are indulging BCCI unnecessarily and comparing/alleging with those days and crying for victimization here is totally unacceptable. This is unduly harsh political allegations you had put here.

    @Fan_of_test_cricket on (October 21, 2013, 12:11 GMT

    When did BCCI threaten? Your entire comment implicates totally biased towards CSA & derogatory to team Ind and absolutely false to the facts. It clearly suggests the comment where is coming from & doesn't make any sense to show as an Indian as we all know who U R.

  • Tim on October 21, 2013, 22:40 GMT


    With all due respect, Excel does not make mistakes, the person using it does (that's you). If you were aware of what's been going on in world cricket in recent years you'd know that your figures were a little suspicious. As a follower of Indian cricket, it's quite convenient that don't remember an innings defeat in Nagpur.

    Your homespun definitions of what a "true" away game is also amusingly convenient for your purposes. I see SA's historic wins in England and Australia don't qualify. It's hardly bullying tactics to be the first team to beat Australia at home in a decade and a half.

    Also handy that India's "true" away games allow you to overlook India's series losses to Sri Lanka and Pakistan in the qualifying period...

    But the real irony of your skewed viewpoint (re SA's recent history) is that the SA home record in recent years is actually its downfall. SA is unbeaten overseas in 7 years, but has been less impressive at home.

  • Dummy4 on October 21, 2013, 16:44 GMT

    Tests are the past. ODIs and T20s are the future. People circa 2013 will not want to spend a week watching a sporting event that often has no winner.

  • Shankar on October 21, 2013, 16:40 GMT

    @TimRichman: You are correct about the Nagpur 2010 win. Apologies to SA fans about the data entry mistake in Excel for my analysis. Wish I can post the Excel here so that everyone can see it is a straightforward analysis of StatsGuru data and nothing else.

    Updated analysis is: India True Away Games/42% TA Games Won/30% Bully Wins @ Home/47.4% England TA Games/17% TA Games Won/4% Bully Wins @ Home/66.7% SA TA Games/12% TA Games Won/5% Bully Wins @ Home/66.7%

    So, fact still remains, for gaining and retaining their No.1 ranking, India played more and won more True Away games than either SA or England.

    The 4 year period before No.1 crown is based on my understanding that past 4 year results are the ones that determine ranking. It may leave out a win before that period or losses after losing No.1 rank, but if it is not going to affect ranking, I have not used that. If someone can provide better details on how ranking works, I can update the analysis.

  • Dummy4 on October 21, 2013, 16:38 GMT

    Both India and South Africa have an obligation to promote test cricket. They should understand that. I beg them to schedule three tests. If the ODI games have to be sacrificed/cancelled to cater for three tests, just do it. I cannot, and I believe many of your readers, cannot tell what happened in the previous SA/India ODI series played in SA in I believe 2010. But we all know what happened in the test series. So come on BCCI and CSA, burry the hatchet and lets get on with it. An Indian tour of three test matches will be to the advantage of both countries - one to keep the number one slot and the other to achieve it!

  • Dev on October 21, 2013, 13:40 GMT

    i dont think this short schedule will do anything good to young indian team in those allian conditions (As they will hardly get any time to get used to condition) ...........and CSA will be ready there with green dump parks unplayable bounce and swing of Sten, Philander and Morkel.....they are surely coming back 0-2........

  • Tim on October 21, 2013, 12:59 GMT


    Careful about criticising people for making false statements.

    This is your comment: "Do you know how many Test matches SA has won in True Away conditions (read non pacer friendly pitches of Asia) since 8/1/2008 (4 years before they became No: 1)? 0, yeah a big fat zero."

    That is a false comment. See here for the scorecard to South Africa's huge win over India in Nagpur in February 2010:

    You may also be interested to note that if you extend your arbitrarily denoted 4-year period back a few months to April 2008, you'll find an even bigger away victory over India, this time in Ahmedabad:

    You appear to have other facts wrong too. Perhaps don't just argue things because you want them to be right. Using real facts is quite important.

  • Sriram on October 21, 2013, 12:50 GMT

    Why play ODIs at all? Why not just 4 Tests or even 3 tests and no ODIs? Either way with a new line up against Steyn, Morkel, Phil, Lange et all we are on the weakside. So 2,3.4 the results might be same but the fun will just get better with more tests!