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'Steyn turned the series around'

Daryll Cullinan and Sanjay Manjrekar review the Test series and express how South Africa were deserving winners

December 30, 2013

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Posted by   on (December 31, 2013, 8:30 GMT)

@guduji71... you need to get your facts straight pal! I agree that the SA bowling unit as a whole is fantastic and everyone deserves recognition, however, you cannot deny the simple fact that Dale Steyn is by far & large the best fast bowler in the world right now.

If you cared to investigate your claims, you will notice (as per Clive Pops) that Steyn's statistics are really good all over the world.

"Some people know cricket, others THINK they know cricket"... just saying.

Posted by rocknrola on (December 31, 2013, 7:21 GMT)

@ guduji71 As Clive Pops mentioned look at his statistics. How can you forget his bowling in IPL where it's a hard hitting format of game. The only best thing that Surrisers/Deccan has got.

Posted by   on (December 31, 2013, 5:42 GMT)

@ guduji71. These are Steyn's stats in India. I would suggest they are not at all bad! GroupingAscending Span Mat Runs HS Bat Av 100 Wkts BBI Bowl Av 5 Ct St Ave Diff v India 2008-2010 5 28 15 5.60 0 26 7/51 20.23 2 0 0 -14.63

Posted by legfinedeep on (December 31, 2013, 2:49 GMT)

Everyone knows Steyn is a matchwinner. Was it Kallis or Smith who said they were enjoying all the comments about Steyn when he didn't make an impact in the first test. By the law of averages, like even the best batsman - the best bowler will also have an off-color test. But if you're among the best, you bounce back. Steyn did that and how.

Posted by Guduji71 on (December 31, 2013, 0:51 GMT)

Dale Steyn is over rated bowler. Check his records on Sub continental pitches and then decide. He can only do well against Sub continent batsmen in SA, only. Morkel and Phalander don't get as much credit. But at the same time the fact is that India almost lost the first test I think SA should have gone for the win in the first test match and second test was won by SA almost by an innings. India lost both ODIs, badly. Overall, SA did really well not only Steyn.

Posted by gandabhai on (December 30, 2013, 20:07 GMT)

Steyn acts hard but he is not . Come on, will you ever see an Aussie fast bowler FEELING upset because they were booed .Not in a million........

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