New Zealand in South Africa 2012-13 January 8, 2013

Philander ruled out of second Test


Vernon Philander has been ruled out of the second Test against New Zealand in Port Elizabeth, which starts on Friday, after suffering a recurrence of the hamstring injury that had him in doubt for the first Test. Rory Kleinveldt will replace him.

Philander bowled 30 overs in the Cape Town Test and took seven wickets. His six overs in the first innings saw him claim his eighth Test five-for. He had to leave the field after his final five-over spell on the third day when he felt pain in his left hamstring.

The same injury forced him to pull out of a first-class match two weeks ago and he required a two-week rest period but was ready for the first Test. With the second niggle coming so soon after the first, team management have decided not to risk Philander.

"Vernon's hamstring strain will require a seven to 10 day recovery period at the very least," Mohammed Moosajee, South African team manager - who is also a medical doctor - said. "Although he is responding to treatment received over the past few days, we feel it's unlikely that he'll recover in time for this week's Test match. With the Pakistan series less than a month away, it's not worth the risk of aggravating the injury."

South Africa's three Test series against Pakistan starts on February 2 and Philander will target that to make his return. He will have missed three of the 16 Tests since he made his debut in November 2011 through injury. He missed the Boxing Day Test against Sri Lanka in 2011 with a knee problem, the Adelaide Test against Australia because of back spasms and now this coming match with a hamstring problem.

As a result, Kleinveldt will play his third Test for South Africa. Kleinveldt debuted in Brisbane where he was so nervous, he overstepped 12 times in the match and went wicketless. But he kept his place ahead of Philander in Adelaide and, despite another 11 no-balls in the match, redeemed himself by removing the Australian top three in one second-innings spell. He has only played two first-class matches at St George's Park and this will be his first Test on home soil.

Firdose Moonda is ESPNcricinfo's South Africa correspondent

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  • des on January 10, 2013, 19:35 GMT

    Another classic bit of analysis from LillianOZ - find reasons to ignore the series that SA easily won, then state that SA 'limped home' on the last day to take the series. Of course, it wasn't the real last day, it was the 3rd day as SA won in 3 days. And they won by 5 wickets which is a big margin in a match where no innings reached 200. But once again don't let facts get in the way of a good rant!

  • Gautam on January 10, 2013, 12:19 GMT

    @maaanii: Whatcha doing to me, eh? laying out a sorta challenge, eh?

    So listen up good, Saffas have withstood naysayers, even inarticulate ones as urself, for long and come good in consequence. And we dun mind close encounters with opponents; it suffices that our team's been winning them.

    Maaanii, me maan, do me a favor and dispel ur doubts about the efficacy of Pakistan's great bowlers vs S. Africa. Do pore through the records of the 90s n be prepared to be shocked. Even their creme de la creme bowlers in Waqar n Wasim couldn't prevent a Symcox-ian barrage. Now as for ur 2007 series, u need to judge with a more unbiased eye, got that?

    As for u, LillianThomson, i'll rest my case for now. I trust that u're here to be a helpful critic to Saffa cause, right?

  • Muhammad on January 10, 2013, 7:59 GMT

    @ goutamaniad: Your comments " Her ulterior motives notwithstanding, she's got the Pak supportive argumentation on as she's having this insightful feeling that a "fully deployed" Pak resources-team ought to finally KO our Saffa team.Now when has Pakistan (continually) threatened to upset S. Africa in all these years since 1992, even when they were blessed with all major assets deployed? "

    When was the last time SA win comprehensively from PAK. There are always be closely fought series, now that means what. I remember 2007 series when SA had pulled their skins to just overcome only one bowler M.ASIF. And in that series GUL was injured and SHOAIB AKHTAR had played only second test which PAK had won.And still SA managed to win by 2-1. Now it shows what. I would love to see you here after PAK Vs SA series.

  • David on January 10, 2013, 3:30 GMT

    @Goutamaniad I'm not sure why Pakistan features so prominently here - I just commented on the quality of their bowlers being similar to SA's.

    But some of SA's best home series since 1992 have been v Pakistan, if you exclude the corruption-tainted 94-95 Test and the 02-03 series which most of Pakistan's best players boycotted.

    The 97-98 series was wonderful: 1-1, with Azhar Mahmood and Fanie de Villiers turning in legendary performances. Jacques Kallis survives from that series.

    The 06-07 series was a very similar low-scoring classic, with South Africa limping home on the last day of the final Test to prevail 2-1.

    If the forthcoming series is half as good, we will all be very lucky.

  • Dummy4 on January 10, 2013, 1:58 GMT

    S.A has a great bowling attack and I think Morne is the most dangerous bowler around at the mo, followed by Junaid Khan & Steyn. Also I think Robyn is becoming a good spinner, always attacking and not afraid to toss it up. As a Kiwi (living in AUS)its a bit hard to watch sometimes but I think it is important for these young guys to face the best in the world no matter what the outcome. Once we have Ryder,Taylor & Southee back I see some hope for us. @ Jayzuz you Aussies make me laugh, S.A were not playing their best cricket and Aus still could not win as they were just outclassed its that simple. If it was the other way round you guys would say the same. Luck is part of the game but you always have to take the opportunities when they come and ram home the advantage when you have it, something NZ desperately needs to learn.

  • swapnil on January 10, 2013, 1:37 GMT

    @LillianThomson saying duminy and du plessis are medicore. And as for England fast bowling, only Anderson is good. Broad, Bresnan, tremlett and Finn are average.

  • Raad on January 9, 2013, 23:21 GMT

    The 3 musketeers (Phil, Steyn, Morkel) are going to dominate the Pakistani top order at home. Hopefully Pak has the sense to demote Hafeez to #4, similarly to Watson, to give him protection against the moving ball, which he cannot play. Pak also need to start grooming Jamshed for test match (improve fitness/footwork), as Taufeeq also has an ability against moving ball. In terms of Pakistani bowling, Junaid has become a complete bowler after developing the inswinger, and if they play Wahab who is good on seaming tracks & has a deadly reverse swinging yorker (best in the game right now), with the experience of Umar, they can do well. If they play Mohammad Irfan, they can say bye-bye to any hopes of even drawing the match.

  • Alan on January 9, 2013, 22:47 GMT

    @Lillian: I asked how you compare players in different FC competitions and decide who is the best (you didn't name 10 from each country by the way - I would have thought you would have known them of the top of your head judging by your original statement). Even though you didn't answer that, it is quite clear it is just your opinion, with nothing to back that opinion up. Despite what you may think, your opinion is only as valid as the next persons.

    I'm not saying Kleinveldt is a good test bowler - I think it is too early to judge him (as with many on your list). Aus definitely have a lot of potential, but mostly unproved as yet (I would add Bird to your list). Pakistan also have potential there, but Asif & Amir ruined their own careers, Gul is not in the same league as the SA bowlers (in tests), and the others, as yet have not proven themselves. Broad is hugely overrated, Anderson slightly overrated, Bresnan a decent allrounder that bowls ok, but I do like the look of the others.

  • Gautam on January 9, 2013, 19:54 GMT

    @AnandSingh: Whatever she is, is irrelevant.

    Ms. Thomson's here on one bogus modus operandi of "I like the S. African team a lot, i wanna see them do well, golly yes!! Positively!"

    ...and then once comfortably ensconced, opens up with the Naysayers act.

    Her ulterior motives notwithstanding, she's got the Pak supportive argumentation on as she's having this insightful feeling that a "fully deployed" Pak resources-team ought to finally KO our Saffa team.

    Now when has Pakistan (continually) threatened to upset S. Africa in all these years since 1992, even when they were blessed with all major assets deployed?

    LillianThomson, go figure.

  • Dummy4 on January 9, 2013, 18:36 GMT

    well LillianThomson is a pakistani quite clearly..dont mistake him for a kiwi

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