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Buchanan 'frosty' with New Zealand CEO

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Perhaps unsurprisingly after the side has been rolled for 45 in a Test match, tensions remain apparent at the top of the New Zealand management structure with John Buchanan, the director of cricket, admitting to a difficult relationship with chief executive David White which stemmed from the controversial demotion from the captaincy of Ross Taylor.

Buchanan, who joined New Zealand Cricket in April 2011, had not spoken to the media since Taylor was dumped as captain following the Sri Lanka tour and is not in South Africa. He has been monitoring events from Australia before heading back across the Tasman to resume his duties watching domestic cricket and scouting for talent.

A host of former New Zealand players, led by the vocal Martin Crowe, have been severely critical of the change of captaincy and the way Taylor, who opted out of the South Africa tour, has been treated. Neither has Buchanan agreed with everything but is hopeful of improving the situation with White.

"It can be frosty at times, but he's got a job to do, as I have," Buchanan told the Star Times. "We certainly don't always meet eye-to-eye, there's no doubt about that. But I am very confident he gives me every possible support he can and takes my views and represents them quite candidly to the board."

He also said his relationship with the coach Mike Hesson had "received a bit of a road bump" due to events in Sri Lanka but he has spoken to Hesson since the defeat in Newlands to offer his support

"I've always let it be know to Mike that I'm available," he said. "I'm not one that really wants to spend every moment ringing or intruding into the coach's domain. Having been a coach myself, I know there are good times, and there are times when you need to talk to people."

Buchanan retains the belief that there are players available to turn New Zealand's fortunes around and that he does not have any second thoughts about his job.

"It's a a fantastic role," he said. "That's why I took on the job and I still say that. I still maintain the opportunities in New Zealand Cricket are immense, in terms of what could be achieved in a short period of time - provided we all get on the same page."

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  • Dummy4 on January 8, 2013, 5:32 GMT

    As an outsider I just wonder how New Zealand can churn out world beating All Blacks teams year in year out, but somehow can't manage to field a consistently competitive cricket side. Something must be terribly wrong somewhere. However, as a wise old man once said, until you recognize that a problem exists, you have no hope of solving it.

  • Dummy4 on January 7, 2013, 16:53 GMT

    New Zealand cricket needs a rocket up the rear! Have a look at the mismanagement of age group cricket first. There's your first issue as to why we produce average youngsters.


    There's are reason 80% of of cricketers in NZL give up before the age of 23... Clear mismanagement in the age group systems. Seen it happen first hand to some kids who clearly were better cricketers than those of who were selected. Auckland cricket is one of the worst at doing this, not to sure on the other districts. Seems as though NZ cricket is following in the same direction. Worst ratings we have had in our history. Embarrassing to watch or follow...

  • Dion on January 7, 2013, 11:38 GMT

    Don't understand why NZ always has issues with cricket admin. We have some talent but seems there is always something in the way of getting the best 11 players on the park at the same time.

    I genuinly think we have 5 or so decent batsman but they never seem to have all of them in the team at the same time.

    The fans want the best team on the field

  • Beau on January 7, 2013, 6:52 GMT

    The wait continues for those of us wanting someone in the NZ admin structure to take any sort of responsibility for the ridiculous mess they have made. If not for these clowns, we could be looking at a settled, John Wright coached, Ross Taylor captained side with Jesse Ryder batting at 5 right now .

    Instead, we are waiting out whatever length of time Hesson remains in charge and whatever length of time Taylor & Ryder decide to sit out (both entirely justified in their decisions to do so, BTW) before once again starting the rebuilding process.

    This must be the worst administration in world cricket. Worse than England, the Windies, or even Sri Lanka. At least they can all get their best team on the pitch (eventually).

  • Dummy4 on January 7, 2013, 5:19 GMT

    I agree with pt_pt, the current NZC management needs a major reshuffle. The fact that Dave White hasn't resigned yet after more than a few controversial underhand dealings over the last few seasons is testament to the kind of people we have running the game here in NZ!! From the CEO right down to the coach, these irresponsible men are avoiding accountability and NZC is suffering as a consequence. Despite the current troubles on and off the pitch, NZ does seem to building a solid base of reasonable cricketers at domestic level. The NZ cricket team at the moment is, lets face it, second string against a full strength SA team at the moment so the current results are not surprising. Jesse Ryder, Ross Taylor, the soon to be available Luke Ronchi and talented youngsters such as Carl Cachopa and Colin Munro will I'm sure add immense value to the current team with regard to the batting; the bowling stocks look excellent as well so once the management is right i'm sure NZ will prosper.

  • Birsha on January 6, 2013, 17:42 GMT

    Despite the evident management problems there is no reason for the way the XI cricketers in the middle to capitulate so regularly.... the way I see it - we currently have a fantastic crop of young fast bowlers - boult, wagner, bracewell, southee. A world class batsman in Taylor, two very good ones in ryder (when playing), and McCullum- and decent youngsters in williamson, guptill. Application, motivation, tactics, something is lacking.

  • Dummy4 on January 6, 2013, 9:13 GMT

    Hey Roadrunner I am surprised you heard anything on Radio Sport-They have abandoned cricket.It is more lucrative to stage boring Talk-back forums and cheerleading Rugby!!

  • Dummy4 on January 6, 2013, 6:56 GMT

    This is a world-wide problem that hits smaller countries like NZ & WI but actually it's almost everyone's problem: The delusion (allowed by faulty governance & rules) that the officials are more important than the players. Winning a test IN COLOMBO should've meant that the small NZ team got bonuses & pats on the back. If there was no money they should've taken it from management. So precious are these players who managed to do that. In stead management got to decide the career of Ross Taylor who's done more for NZ cricket than all of them combined multiplied by 1000, a magnificent player. That's just wrong. He should decide on their careers, not the other way round. I'll never forgive NZ officials for censuring Bond when the BCCI was angry with him. Who do they think they are? Bond was also magnificent, he should've been in a position to censure them for being so cowardly. NZ reflects a wrong of this world - great teachers should decide over the careers of officials not the reverse.

  • David on January 6, 2013, 3:56 GMT

    Buchanan must be living in a parallel universe if he thinks that NZ could get anywhere close to winning the ODI World Cup.

    The changes in terms of 2 new balls and fielding restrictions have already led to radical changes in ODIs.

    Teams now need penetrative opening bowlers and top class spinners, and scores of 240-260 are defendable again, as they were until 1996.

    NZ is completely unsuited to such developments, and frankly has more chance of Test success than ODI success under the new rules.

  • David on January 6, 2013, 3:50 GMT

    NZ Cricket's CEO David White averaged 7.75 as a specialist batsman in Test cricket two decades ago.

    He is now running the game with a similar level of accomplishment.

    It's just not good enough. In the weeks up to Christmas - which included three weeks of school holidays - there was no international cricket in NZ, even though West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe were free.

    NZ Cricket only want to host England and India for Tests (for TV money) and Australia for ODIs. They are not committed to youngsters improving their techniques in the Test arena. They are not committed to showcasing the game to kids.