Pakistan tour of South Africa, 2nd T20I: South Africa v Pakistan at Cape Town, Nov 22, 2013
Pakistan won by 6 runs
22 November 2013 - night match (20-over match)

6.00 pm The Pakistan openers are out there with Nasir Jamshed striking his guard. Ahmed Shehzad is at the non-strikers' as Morne Morkel has his hands on his hips, ready to go. Two slips lie in waiting

5.51 pm No likelihood of rain is how the pitch report starts. The shorter side is toward to midwicket (61 m) for the right-hander and conversely theextra-cover boundary at 76 m is the longest. There is a south easterly blowing through, meaning the spinners would want to bowl from the Kelvin Grove end. There is a tinge of green on the pitch and though the new ball might do a bit, the narrative has changed from the team batting first being able to defend any total. So the toss will be a tactical decision, depending on which captain and what he feels his team's strength is

shahnawaz ali: "Sohail Tanveer again!!! Is this a cricket match or a horror film. I think if you take of Jason Voorhooves mask it'll be Sohail Tanvir underneath. He keeps coming back for no apparent reason and it's not fun anymore. Please please publish this!!"

Pakistan XI, as tweeted by ICC: Ahmed Shehzad, Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Hafeez (capt), Umar Akmal, Sohaib Maqsood, Umar Amin, Umar Akmal (wk), Shahid Afridi, Sohail Tanvir, Bilawal Bhatti, Junaid Khan, Saeed Ajmal

Qureshi: "Every time Pakistan loses I tell myself this is the last time I am watching them play but can't stop myself watching my team play. GO GREENS!"

Abdul: "who is sitting out in place of ab devilliers??" Henry Davids, who was earlier released from the squad to play first-class cricket

South Africa XI, as tweeted by CSA: Quinton de Kock (wk), Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis (capt), AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, David Miller, David Wiese, Wayne Parnell, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and Aaron Phangiso

Our arm-chair selectors are back, and Stark62 wears his fortune-teller hat as well : "I would have personally given Anwar another chance and replaced Junaid for Ajmal. Anyway, I'm sticking my head out of the window and saying, Pak will win tonight."

Farhan (Houston, TX): "After last game, I decided that I am never going to risk my job and watch Pakistan play at work...but, woke up this morning, having a great feeling that todays game will be one for the history books....Hopefully Ahmed Shehzad hits a 100."

"Is this the same venue where Pakistan have their lowest ODI score of 45 ?" Sharp memory, Idrees. It is indeed, except the score was 43, courtesy Courtney Walsh and Anderson Cummins

Lovely news coming through from locals. This is Wouter: "It's been hot sunny and somewhat windy in Cape Town all day. Rain won't play a role at all." Looks like we're in for a full game

5.30 pm Pakistan have won the toss and have elected to bat. They have made one change, with Anwar Ali making way for Saeed Ajmal. ABdV is back for South Africa, so is left-arm spinner Aaron Phangiso as Lonwabo Tsotsobe will sit out as he is feeling a little ill. Imran Tahir will also step aside for the big-hitting David Wiese

divy: "The day looks sunny.... Pakistan have played and won two matches here at Newlands- Cape town. South Africa have played 3 matches and they have won two of them.. Stats shows that Pakistan have their fair chances here at Cape town. Wish them luck after losing so many games now."

Rain has been running rampant everywhere there has been cricket and the first T20 was no exception, as the home side sneaked home after finding themselves on the right side of Duckworth-Lewis. Hopefully the story in Cape Town is different. Here is Firdose Moonda with taking you guys through what to look forward to from this game

5.22 pm Hello and welcome to ESPNcricinfo's live coverage of the second T20 between South Africa and Pakistan from Cape Town


Morkel to Nasir Jamshed, no run, shortish ball angled across the batsman, whose feet stay stoic at the crease as he dabs the ball to point


Morkel to Nasir Jamshed, no run, waft and miss, and its his footwork, or lack of it that prevents him from meeting the full length ball outside off with an airy drive


Morkel to Nasir Jamshed, 1 run, played close to his body as Morkel returns to his staple short of a length. Jamshed guides it off an open face behind point to deep third man


Morkel to Ahmed Shehzad, no run, lots of bounce as per usual for Morkel as Shehzad watches this back of a length ball through to the keeper


Morkel to Ahmed Shehzad, no run, shuffles a tad bit back and across as he rides the bounce on that back of a length ball outside off stump to cover


Morkel to Ahmed Shehzad, 2 runs, and the inswinger is clipped off middle. Dale Steyn lets the ball squirt through his dive and Shehzad is off the mark as well

shayik: "Shahid afride again ! No i say why? Is there nobody in Pakistan to make a place in team . Stupid"

End of over 1 (3 runs) Pakistan 3/0 (RR: 3.00)

    • Ahmed Shehzad 2 (3b)
    • Nasir Jamshed 1 (3b)
    • M Morkel 1-0-3-0

Dale Steyn to pick up the slack (he says sarcastically) at the other end. Two slips


Steyn to Nasir Jamshed, no run, he does it again. The extra cover gap lures Jamshed into a drive on the up as he slants the ball on a fullish length across the batsman


Steyn to Nasir Jamshed, no run, tighter line and length and Jamshed commits the same mistake. Length ball just outside off and he goes for a limp drive, missed again


Steyn to Nasir Jamshed, no run, much better. He employs a defensive bat to the length ball on off. Jamshed has his head right over the ball, but his feet go nowhere.


Steyn to Nasir Jamshed, 1 run, oh, was that a catch?! No the edge falls well short of AB at second slip. Full length ball inviting the drive and Steyn is successful in his search. There is a direct hit at the striker's end and as it ricochets away, Pakistan take a single


Steyn to Ahmed Shehzad, no run, full, outswinger on off stump as he covers the line and defends off the back foot


Steyn to Ahmed Shehzad, no run, teasing delivery outside off and it shapes away as well, but Shehzad ignores it

zahid mahmood: "Pakistan batting line has 4 big voids in it - Afridi, U Akmal, U. Amin, Hafeez. Until those voids (which are flukes when produce runs) are filled, there is no hope. Mark my words for it. No genuine batsman - no victory.

End of over 2 (1 run) Pakistan 4/0 (RR: 2.00)

    • Ahmed Shehzad 2 (5b)
    • Nasir Jamshed 2 (7b)
    • DW Steyn 1-0-1-0
    • M Morkel 1-0-3-0

Aadil Hussain: "Tsotsobe's exculsion may hurt SA chances today. Has been an important member of this limited overs side."


Morkel to Nasir Jamshed, FOUR, that thuds onto the bat as Jamshed goes for another drive on the up. The bat face turns and it scurries away behind point for the first boundary. Jamshed may well have left his feet back in the shed


Morkel to Nasir Jamshed, no run, tighter on off stump with a good length ball. Jamshed stays back to block

Gopal: "Can anyone confirm whether this is a T-20 match? somehow I feel it is a TEST match."


Morkel to Nasir Jamshed, no run, short ball outside off stump, but Morkel generates a little more bounce than he expects and his cut shot slashes well below the ball as it goes to the keeper


Morkel to Nasir Jamshed, FOUR, tiny little feather and it runs away to the right of the keeper for the second four of the over and the innings. Wrong line from Morkel and his short of a length deliveries


Morkel to Nasir Jamshed, 1 run, shortish and on the pads again as he tucks it away off the hip to deep fine leg.


Morkel to Ahmed Shehzad, no run, not too much initiative from either batsmen to get on the front foot. This is full on off and Shehzad is stuck in his crease as he presents a straight bat

End of over 3 (9 runs) Pakistan 13/0 (RR: 4.33)

    • Ahmed Shehzad 2 (6b)
    • Nasir Jamshed 11 (12b 2x4)
    • M Morkel 2-0-12-0
    • DW Steyn 1-0-1-0

Khurram Rashid: "Should've tested Afridi on top today if he's staying in the team anyways. Jamshed again has no clue where to play his shots!"


Steyn to Nasir Jamshed, FOUR, what a shot! It was nowhere near short for the shot as Steyn invests in an offcutter, but he had opened up his stance and smeared it through straight midwicket


Steyn to Nasir Jamshed, 1 run, full length on off stump but those subcontinent wrists come into play as he whips it away through square on the leg side


Steyn to Ahmed Shehzad, no run, 142 kph, cross seamed delivery elicits a timid waft of the bat. He was consciously going leg side of the back of a length ball just outside off stump and is beaten comfortably


Steyn to Ahmed Shehzad, no run, just short of a full length as Shehzad whips it towards mid-on from the back foot


Steyn to Ahmed Shehzad, SIX, short ball from Steyn and this has been dispatched! Sat up quite nicely for Shehzad and he pummels it over deep midwicket. It seems this wicket is a little slower than Jo'burg

only one slip now


Steyn to Ahmed Shehzad, 1 run, good length ball with a little width, which Shehzad exploits as he pulls into the leg side. As Shehzad makes his ground at the non-strikers' end, the stump mic picks up some choice words from the bowler. Though not sure who it was directed at

End of over 4 (12 runs) Pakistan 25/0 (RR: 6.25)

    • Ahmed Shehzad 9 (10b 1x6)
    • Nasir Jamshed 16 (14b 3x4)
    • DW Steyn 2-0-13-0
    • M Morkel 2-0-12-0

Change in bowling as Parnell comes on


Parnell to Ahmed Shehzad, OUT, and he strikes straight away as he nicks it to the only slip. It was back of a length angled across the right-hander who goes for the flash outside off. Gets thick edge and it looked to be sailing to the third man boundary, but Hashim Amla leaps full length skyward and plucks it out

Ahmed Shehzad c Amla b Parnell 9 (17m 11b 0x4 1x6) SR: 81.81

The Professor is in the building


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, drives away from his body as Parnel angles the length ball across him. Beaten first up


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, looked to pull that length ball on middle, but it came on too quick and he had to bunt it over to mid-on


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, flicked to midwicket as Parnell holds a steady line on middle


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, times that well, but it goes straight to the fielder at cover. Nice and full and if he had played that a little straighter, he would got a lot more


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, 144.8 kph, back of a length on off stump to finish the over and he keeps it to a wicket-maiden as well. Hafeez goes back and blocks into the off side

Danish: "Parnell also picked a wicket on the 1st ball of 2nd t20 in Dubai."

Salimwgl: "Fasten your seat belts Pak delimma of falling wickets just started!"

End of over 5 (wicket maiden) Pakistan 25/1 (RR: 5.00)

    • Mohammad Hafeez 0 (5b)
    • Nasir Jamshed 16 (14b 3x4)
    • WD Parnell 1-1-0-1
    • DW Steyn 2-0-13-0

David Wiese replaces Steyn, with one slip


Wiese to Nasir Jamshed, 1 run, starts off with a full, floating ball outside off which is driven through the man at cover. Phangiso would be disappointed with his effort there


Wiese to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, clipped away rather smartly towards deep midwicket as Wiese keeps it full and homing in on middle

No slips for Jamshed


Wiese to Nasir Jamshed, no run, flays it to cover, but he can't find the gap. Fullish ball angled across the left-hander again


Wiese to Nasir Jamshed, 1 run, and he makes up. Jamshed was trying to walk at that, but the bowler dug it in a little short. Nonetheless he rode the bounce and punched to cover where Phangiso keeps it to a single


Wiese to Mohammad Hafeez, 2 runs, pulled down into the ground, good shot that as Wiese gets this one to rise about stomach high after he saw Hafeez advancing. Deep fine leg mops up


Wiese to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, shortish ball to complete the over as well, with Hafeez moving onto his back foot to block

End of over 6 (5 runs) Pakistan 30/1 (RR: 5.00)

    • Mohammad Hafeez 3 (8b)
    • Nasir Jamshed 18 (17b 3x4)
    • D Wiese 1-0-5-0
    • WD Parnell 1-1-0-1

End of the powerplay


Parnell to Nasir Jamshed, 1 run, 145 kph, whipped to deep midwicket from outside off as he goes back to negotiate this back of a length delivery


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, (no ball) 2 runs, cardinal sin there from Parnell. This was on a length just outside off stump as Hafeez plays it to deep third man with soft hands. Giant no-ball as well


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, SIX, free hit bouncer on middle and it clatters into the stands behind square leg and he adds a query whether it was above head high. It wasn't, mate, but that was an excellent hook shot. This time he had no intention of keep it down


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, full lenght, but this rises enough to get the splice of the bat as he was looking to punch down the ground


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, full and outside off stump as he strides confidently forward and drills it to extra cover


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, 2 runs, pick-up shot from leg stump, and this goes well in front of square. Hafeez seems to be gauging this ball quite well as Miller runs around to protect the boundary


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, tucks it off his pads to deep square leg to retain strike. I get the feeling spin is going to come on soon

Taha Munir: "Seems like its gonna be Pakistan's day. Mis-fieldings, no-ball and then six by Hafeez. Fingers crossed."

End of over 7 (13 runs) Pakistan 43/1 (RR: 6.14)

    • Mohammad Hafeez 14 (14b 1x6)
    • Nasir Jamshed 19 (18b 3x4)
    • WD Parnell 2-1-13-1
    • D Wiese 1-0-5-0

And my fortune telling skills are spot on, Aaron Phangiso jogs to the bowling crease, with a deep midwicket and long-off in place


Phangiso to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, charges him first ball as he meets it at its pitch the drive powerfully straight down the ground

Mazher Arshad says that six by Ahmed Shahzad was first by a Pakistan batsman against Dale Steyn in 9 international matches and 109.1 overs! #PakvSA


Phangiso to Nasir Jamshed, OUT, success straight away as he sees the batsman charging him and fires this wide outside off and de Kock finishes things off with a flourish. Jamshed was well and truly done in there as the South Africans are overjoyed

Nasir Jamshed st †de Kock b Phangiso 19 (33m 19b 3x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Maze: "Hafeez is in the middle. Where is Steyn? I wanna see Steyn laugh again!" For now you have to be happy with Umar Akmal


Phangiso to Umar Akmal, no run, tossed up outside off and he leans forward to steer it away to point


Phangiso to Umar Akmal, 1 run, pushes it through on middle as Akmal gets forward and nudges it towards square leg to get off the mark


Phangiso to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, drifts in towards the pads as hafeez comes forward and looks to defend, but he only gets pad


Phangiso to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, de Kock twists his body like a pretzel as he expresses his disappointment at Hafeez managing to sweep this fullish ball on leg stump

James: "Tough call that Al. 7 overs of pace, and a spinner in the bowling attack. Nostradamus not panicking yet." Well, sometimes you take what you get

End of over 8 (3 runs) Pakistan 46/2 (RR: 5.75)

    • Mohammad Hafeez 16 (17b 1x6)
    • Umar Akmal 1 (2b)
    • AM Phangiso 1-0-3-1
    • WD Parnell 2-1-13-1

Spin from both ends, adding to my previous prediction, as JP comes on. Starts from around the wicket


Duminy to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, doesn't spin and the batsman was expecting it to as he was late on the cut shot, even though it was shortish and the angle gave enough room


Duminy to Mohammad Hafeez, 2 runs, drags that from outside off stump with a pull shot through midwicket. Too short from JP again


Duminy to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, another similar flat-batted strike, this time going down to long-on for a single


Duminy to Umar Akmal, 1 run, tosses it up wide of off stump and Akmal square drives it to deep point


Duminy to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, not quite full, but not short either as Hafeez waits for it nicely and dabs it away with soft hands to third man, who was inside the circle, but the run well


Duminy to Umar Akmal, 2 runs, forgets his disciplne, does the part-timer as the short and wide ball is smacked through point. he does have protection there though

End of over 9 (7 runs) Pakistan 53/2 (RR: 5.88)

    • Umar Akmal 4 (4b)
    • Mohammad Hafeez 20 (21b 1x6)
    • JP Duminy 1-0-7-0
    • AM Phangiso 1-0-3-1

Phangiso to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, pulls out the late cut, but JP at point dives to his left and keeps that to a dot


Phangiso to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR, gives room, gives the proper length to play the perfect late cut as this time Hafeez beats short third man on his left and away she goes


Phangiso to Mohammad Hafeez, 2 runs, Steyn has to get his skates on and as he tumbles over to save the boundary. It was full and wide this time and Hafeez unfurls the perfect cover drive. Yes, you heard me. Hafeez


Phangiso to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, flighted on middle and is nudged it behind square on the leg side


Phangiso to Umar Akmal, 1 run, Akmal goes one better as he runs the full length ball to the left of fine leg to pick up another single


Phangiso to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, looking for two, but it was not on. Flighted on middle but he stays back to flick it towards the midwicket region

Mazher's STAT ALERT: Umar Akmal, aged 23 years and 180 days, has become youngest batsman to reach 1000 T20I runs. He beats David Warner (25y 328d)

End of over 10 (9 runs) Pakistan 62/2 (RR: 6.20)

    • Mohammad Hafeez 28 (26b 1x4 1x6)
    • Umar Akmal 5 (5b)
    • AM Phangiso 2-0-12-1
    • JP Duminy 1-0-7-0

Wiese returns to save my fingers from two spinners

Haseeb: "Why is Hafeez one-down when Sohaib Maqsood is clearly a better batter...shouldn't your best batsmen get more strike...especially in a t20" In his defence, he has been striking the ball quite well


Wiese to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR, oh, he is motoring alone. The line did help him out there, but he met the ball well with a lovely little leg glance and it scurries away in a flash to the fine leg boundary


Wiese to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, short and asking to be slammed, the batsman obliges with a rasping pull shot but the man on the square boundary keeps it to a single


Wiese to Umar Akmal, no run, slower ball, off cutter, almost dupes him, but Akmal adjusts as he waits in his stance and defends


Wiese to Umar Akmal, 1 run, another slower length ball, I think, and this one has enough room for him to work it away to third man

dave: "Is it the first time duminy didnt take a wicket in his first over?" Yes, he has developed that knack hasn't he?


Wiese to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, full but still has ample room for him to drive through the covers


Wiese to Umar Akmal, no run, looks for an easy dab to third man, but the ball which was on a length and angled into him gets enough cut to beat the bat

End of over 11 (7 runs) Pakistan 69/2 (RR: 6.27)

    • Umar Akmal 6 (8b)
    • Mohammad Hafeez 34 (29b 2x4 1x6)
    • D Wiese 2-0-12-0
    • AM Phangiso 2-0-12-1

Phangiso continues


Phangiso to Mohammad Hafeez, SIX, more use of the feet and this time it gives maximum dividents. Lifts it over the head of the bowler with a full swing of his bat. Clean strike


Phangiso to Mohammad Hafeez, SIX, and another one! Advances again and reaches the pitch and goes through with his shot as he should have, and savours it as it thuds into the stands over long-off


Phangiso to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, tossed up on leg stump as he leans forward and turns it to square leg


Phangiso to Umar Akmal, SIX, and Akmal joins in. There isn't too much spin on this wicket and both batsmen seem to be aware of that fact as he, despite reaching the pitch of the ball, goes through with the shot and gets it over the long-on boundary


Phangiso to Umar Akmal, 2 runs


Phangiso to Umar Akmal, no run

End of over 12 (21 runs) Pakistan 90/2 (RR: 7.50)

    • Umar Akmal 14 (11b 1x6)
    • Mohammad Hafeez 47 (32b 2x4 3x6)
    • AM Phangiso 3-0-33-1
    • D Wiese 2-0-12-0

Duminy returns


Duminy to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, but he strays on the pads, which the batsman is happy to tuck away to fine leg


Duminy to Umar Akmal, 1 run, tosses it too wide of off stump and the batsman is only too content to cut the ball away to deep third man


Duminy to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR, and thats fifty to Hafeez and the partnership as Duminy's woes with the ball continues. This was a full toss on leg stump and he sweeps it away powerfully

Firdose chips in: Hafeez has his highest score in the limited-overs matches v SA in this never-ending series, previous was 33


Duminy to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, full and wide again as he flays it through to deep point


Duminy to Umar Akmal, no run, AB dives full length to cover the line of that back foot punch and saves some runs there. It was a length ball angled across the batsman


Duminy to Umar Akmal, no run, whips it away on the other side of the wicket, but Faf is there to cut it off this time. Two dot balls to end the over

Ahmad: "Where was Phangiso in the previous matches ? Pakistan needed him badly"

End of over 13 (7 runs) Pakistan 97/2 (RR: 7.46)

    • Umar Akmal 15 (14b 1x6)
    • Mohammad Hafeez 53 (35b 3x4 3x6)
    • JP Duminy 2-0-14-0
    • AM Phangiso 3-0-33-1

Wiese returns


Wiese to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR, and he is greeted with a smart late cut. That wouldn't help Steyn's temper, the ball was short and wide enough for the batsman to get it just fine of the short third man, where Steyn was. He does his best to cut it off, diving full length to his left but it is in vain

third man goes back now


Wiese to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, and this time he gets a thick edge while looking to drive on the up and would have gone straight to Steyn, had he been inside the circle


Wiese to Umar Akmal, 1 run, Akmal shuffled right across his crease and Wiese's line consequently went even wider outside off and it is dabbed to third man again


Wiese to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, full toss, well wide of off stump but Hafeez had premeditated the sweep and it squirts away to deep square leg


Wiese to Umar Akmal, FOUR, length ball, with some width on offer and he stands up and swats it straight down the ground. Amla is not quick enough to stop that at long-on


Wiese to Umar Akmal, 1 run, goes for the wide yoirker, but Akmal goes down with it and steers it away to third man. Very productive region that's become

End of over 14 (12 runs) Pakistan 109/2 (RR: 7.78)

    • Umar Akmal 21 (17b 1x4 1x6)
    • Mohammad Hafeez 59 (38b 4x4 3x6)
    • D Wiese 3-0-24-0
    • JP Duminy 2-0-14-0

Morkel comes back in an effort to stifle the runs


Morkel to Umar Akmal, no run, thumped straight to extra cover as Morkel bowls it short of a length just outside off. Faf might have got that in the box. Ouch


Morkel to Umar Akmal, SIX, he had line that up the minute Morkel pitched it up. Went right back in his crease and then propelled his weight forward to covert an almost-yorker to a half-volley and simply smashes it straight over the top


Morkel to Umar Akmal, FOUR, and that stroke sets up this one as he goes across to the off side and laps it to the fine leg boundary. Great improv there


Morkel to Umar Akmal, SIX, oh, that was murdered over point. Short, wide and Akmal just demolished that with a cut shot that did not know the meeting of "soft hands"


Morkel to Umar Akmal, 1 wide, oh and Morkel tries to keep him quiet with a wide, fullish ball, but he has sprayed that a little too outside off stump


Morkel to Umar Akmal, 1 run, wide, fullish ball again as he just about reaches it and slaps it away to deep point


Morkel to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR, and its Hafeez this time. The full and wide line doesn't work against him either as he goes down on one knee and flays this to the right of backward point. It was hit uppishly, but placed well enough to go to the boundary

End of over 15 (22 runs) Pakistan 131/2 (RR: 8.73)

    • Mohammad Hafeez 63 (39b 5x4 3x6)
    • Umar Akmal 38 (22b 2x4 3x6)
    • M Morkel 3-0-34-0
    • D Wiese 3-0-24-0

Wayne Parnell is back, can he get those toe-crushers in?


Parnell to Umar Akmal, no run, deals up a full toss on middle and Hafeez almost seems surprised as he blocks it back to the bowler


Parnell to Umar Akmal, 1 run, another full toss comes out in his search for the block hole as Hafeez gets down on one knee and slogs it to deep long on

azam: "pakistani batsmen are hitting lots of six's today;is it small ground[boundry[or what?" It is short straight down the ground


Parnell to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 leg bye, and even when it doesn't hit the bat, Pakistan find a run. Speared in on the pads and he plays all around that one, but as the ball meanders off, the pick up a single


Parnell to Umar Akmal, 1 wide, horrid ball that. South Africa are well and truly rattled as Parnell bowls a full toss to about the tenth stump outside off


Parnell to Umar Akmal, SIX, length ball and Akmal says thank you as he gets underneath it and sends it into orbit. He admires the strike, as it sails over the straight boundary


Parnell to Umar Akmal, FOUR, wide yorker, but Akmal manages to reach it as he steers the ball off the open face of the bat to the point boundary.


Parnell to Umar Akmal, 1 run, full length ball on and around off stump which the batsman pushes to mid-off and scurries for a single

mushammad shafeeque: "why SA keeping Styn away from Prof, can not undersatnd, they given match away"

fabian: "Watching this reminds me what Pakistan are capable of....and that Umar Akmal is a rare talent indeed"

End of over 16 (14 runs) Pakistan 145/2 (RR: 9.06)

    • Umar Akmal 50 (27b 3x4 4x6)
    • Mohammad Hafeez 63 (40b 5x4 3x6)
    • WD Parnell 3-1-26-1
    • M Morkel 3-0-34-0

Steyn is back

Tipu: "Did you get the toss right? Are you sure this is not SA batting first?" I double checked.


Steyn to Umar Akmal, no run, and he starts off with an off cutter. Dupes Akmal completely as he cannot adjust to the change of pace. His dab to third man ends up a play and miss


Steyn to Umar Akmal, 1 run, this time he was ready for the change-up, chopping the length ball with a little bit of width to deep third man

Haider: "It doesn't matter if Pakistan wins or loses this game.. because the way these boys are batting is simply amazing. Pakistani fans haven't seen aggression like this from our batsmen in a long long time and its simply awesome to see them take the attack to S.A. Shabash boys."


Steyn to Mohammad Hafeez, OUT, that should be out and is. AB is not going to drop those and Steyn has a wry little smirk. It was just back of a length, striking him high on the bat as he was looking to slam the ball straight over the top. Ends up giving a simple skier to mid-off. But I daresay, Hafeez should be the one smiling after that knock

Mohammad Hafeez c de Villiers b Steyn 63 (53m 41b 5x4 3x6) SR: 153.65


Steyn to Umar Akmal, FOUR, fine leg was in the ring and that short ball takes a thick edge and runs off for a one-bounce four


Steyn to Umar Akmal, 1 run, change of pace again and with the ball wide enough, he dabs it to third man for a single

And Steyn figures out the best way to stop Pakistan from scoring, pulling Akmal's bat away from his grasp. Playful banter of course as he throws it back to him

Afridi takes strike


Steyn to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, and he in his inimiatble style tries the whip the full length ball on off stump through leg but only gets a leading edge. The bowler sticks his right hand out but it was just a little too wide

End of over 17 (7 runs) Pakistan 152/3 (RR: 8.94)

    • Shahid Afridi 1 (1b)
    • Umar Akmal 56 (31b 4x4 4x6)
    • DW Steyn 3-0-20-1
    • WD Parnell 3-1-26-1

Morkel to Shahid Afridi, no run, goes for the almighty heave, and comes up with a whole lot of air. Poor batting from Afridi


Morkel to Shahid Afridi, no run, another length ball, and again he goes to the leg side and tries to pummel it out of the ground. No dice


Morkel to Shahid Afridi, 1 wide, full and wide outside off, Afridi is on his front foot to play the flay through covers, but he can't reach it


Morkel to Shahid Afridi, no run, fullish length ball and it could have been slammed through the off side, but Afridi has not gauged the line of that well enough as he goes for another airy drive


Morkel to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, this time it is a full toss and he slaps it away to deep point as the bat face turns on impact


Morkel to Umar Akmal, 1 run, digs it in again, slower bouncer, as Akmal stays on his back foot and dabs it to point

Danish: "with Ajmal back in the line up, this match will be a treat to watch after this good batting from Pakistan."

Mid off comes up

shen: "Afridi ??? Why not Sohaib Maqsood for crying out loud. Afridi is not going to hit, he is out of form, and will try to score off singles to stay at the crease... Oh Pakistan what did you do..."


Morkel to Shahid Afridi, no run, and another appalling play and miss from Afridi. He had moved outside leg and this was short just outside the off stump. Had he stayed still, it would have been an easy put away

End of over 18 (3 runs) Pakistan 155/3 (RR: 8.61)

    • Shahid Afridi 2 (6b)
    • Umar Akmal 57 (32b 4x4 4x6)
    • M Morkel 4-0-37-0
    • DW Steyn 3-0-20-1

Parnell to bowl the penultimate over


Parnell to Umar Akmal, FOUR, full on off stump, but the ingenuity of Akmal trumps ensures Pakistan get four off that. Knew it was going to be full on the stumps as he moves outside off and laps it over fine leg. Had his eyes on the ball even as it met the bat


Parnell to Umar Akmal, 1 run, full length ball with a little bit of width as Akmal drives that strongly square on the off side


Parnell to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, that was in the slot, length on middle and Afridi smacks it one bounce to long-on


Parnell to Umar Akmal, (no ball) 1 run, oh that's his second of the night and it will be Afridi on strike next ball for the free hit. This was full length on middle and he pushed it to long-on


Parnell to Shahid Afridi, 1 leg bye, free hit and it yields only a leg bye as Parnell bowls a bouncer off the back of his hand. Afridi was through his pull shot an age too early and gets it on the forearm as it dribbles away on the off side


Parnell to Umar Akmal, 1 run, equals his highest T20 score as he goes for a short ball around head high. Doesnt get all of it and so it falls short of the man in the deep


Parnell to Shahid Afridi, 1 wide, his front foot was making way for another wild slog, but this one was just too high


Parnell to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, short and at the body, no room for him to work with and Afridi in such woeful form gets a top edge. Thankfully for him (or is it?) it lobs past the bowler and doesn't travel far enough for mid-off to get under it

End of over 19 (12 runs) Pakistan 167/3 (RR: 8.78)

    • Shahid Afridi 4 (9b)
    • Umar Akmal 64 (36b 5x4 4x6)
    • WD Parnell 4-1-37-1
    • M Morkel 4-0-37-0

Steyn to finish things off


Steyn to Shahid Afridi, no run, 138 kph. another wild slot, another play and miss another length ball not taken advantage of as Umar screams for the other end for Afridi to get a single


Steyn to Shahid Afridi, FOUR, 139 kph, as awkward as ever Afridi was making room outside leg, Steyn followed him with a fullish ball which takes the inside edge, sneaks through his legs and runs away for four


Steyn to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, this time he gets an outside edge while staying firmly leg side of the shortish ball as he looks to cut it


Steyn to Umar Akmal, OUT, oh, JP has pulled off as screamer and Akmal's innings ends as he goes for the big shot down the ground. Length ball, but with Steyn's extra pace, he doesn't time the ball as well as he wanted it. Long-on rushes in from the deep, dives forward and clings on to a swirler

Umar Akmal c Duminy b Steyn 64 (55m 37b 5x4 4x6) SR: 172.97


Steyn to Shahid Afridi, no run, oh, was that wide? No says the umpire as Afrid was moving outside leg. It was a fulish ball just inside the wide line


Steyn to Shahid Afridi, FOUR, Steyn is filthy with himself as Afridi manages the end the innings with a streaky boundary. It was shortish and angled in at the batsman, who goes for a thoroughly unconvincing pull shot, which comes out a top edge and runs away

7.40 pm Naqash mahmood: "Pakistan should open the bowling with spinners like himself and shahid afridi and then they get some wickets and then bring on the seamers." Whichever ploy they use, Rohan Sharma will be with you in a few as the chase gets under way

7.32 pm Mohammad Hafeez: says it was a job well done for the team, but more than personal glories the win is more important. He says he is happy with the score as a captain, with their good bowling attack. While he was batting with Umar Akmal, Hafeez had asked him to play without fear and go for the bowler he thought he had the measure of. The plan worked, he goes on, saying Akmal enjoyed a good start and capitalised on it. In Hafeez's own words "exploded himself later on". The ball, he says, is coming onto the bat nicely and South Africa have a good batting line-up and hoped with the variety in the bowling, Pakistan could restrict them inside the target.

Matthew: "Afridi disrupted Akmal's momentum and rhythm there. He needs to give up his pretence of being a batsman and concentrate on his bowling."

Ali Mirza: "Shahid Afridi with Misbahian batting stats in a twenty20. Never thought I would see such a day."

End of over 20 (9 runs) Pakistan 176/4

    • Shahid Afridi 13 (14b 2x4)
    • Sohaib Maqsood 0 (0b)
    • DW Steyn 4-0-29-2
    • WD Parnell 4-1-37-1





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