Pakistan in South Africa 2012-13 January 27, 2013

Tahir called up as Peterson cover

ESPNcricinfo staff

Imran Tahir has been added to the South African squad to face Pakistan, putting him in line for a Test comeback at the Wanderers on February 1.

Tahir's last Test came in Adelaide where he returned the second-worst figures by a South African. Only Nicky Boje's 0 for 221 in Colombo in 2006 has been more expensive than Tahir's first innings 0 for 180 in Adelaide.

But his recall will depend on the fitness of Robin Peterson, who split the webbing between his third and little finger on his right hand, an injury he is expected to recover from in time.

Peterson assumed the selection as first-choice spinner after Tahir was dropped for the Perth Test. Peterson then took 5 wickets at 21.80 in the 2-0 victory against New Zealand.

"We are confident that Robbie will be fit to play," Cricket South Africa selection convener Andrew Hudson said. "But it is prudent to have a cover player for him available to take a full part in the team's preparation this week."

Tahir will be keen to return against the country of his birth and add to his 11 Tests where he has taken 26 wickets but at a cost of 50.19. He has shown good form in recent Sunfoil Series matches, including 12 wickets against Dolphins with 7 for 64 in the second innings.

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  • Shulz Van on January 30, 2013, 23:45 GMT

    @ReverseSwingmaster.....Inzi is History lets talk about current players. It was Dale Steyn who beat Pakistan in Pakistan n he is still playing and more experienced. At the flat pitches of UAE...Pakistan had good spinners and SA had seamers, they made the UAE pitch flat to disfunction the seamers. Its Pakistan's loss if they cant take 20 wickets with spinner not SA seamers. lol. Seamers were not suppose to take all 20 wickets there. In UAE pakistan cant beat SA because they have to make flat pitches where SA batsmen enjoyed batting. If they try to make fast pitches to bowl SA out they would be in the receiving end. And umentioned Pak can score 250 and SA can be bowled out less than 46? Not this SA test team. Stop dreaming. That shows how overconfident you are. Recently SA had bowled out Aus, England and NZ cheaply close to that number not Pakistan. So its a possibility for Pakistan to be bowled out cheaply more than SA. And since u mentioned it Pak wud be bowled out for <46 INSHA-ALLAH

  • Casper on January 30, 2013, 8:21 GMT

    correction 13 tests 25 innings for philly and 8 5 for wicket hauls not bad :)

  • Casper on January 30, 2013, 7:53 GMT

    @ReverseSwingMaster If I can recall correctly he (philly) had just played - 28 test (innings?) thus far - mostly in South Africa, England and Australia but I can ask the question the other way - Not one of the Paki bowlers has played a test in South Africa and this series is within South Africa so it is not relevant to judge his performance outside S Africa (which is not bad) for this series. However if the Paki bowlers cannot take early wickets they are in for a bad time. Some of them is playing maiden tests in this series so they are untested in this format where philly is by now a veteran in comparison. BTW the SA bowling team does not rely on 1 bowler to take wickets any one of them is an attacking bowler with equal chances to take crucial wickets. Steyn might be the go-to man but it is not always steyn that get the most or important wickets in a match or innings. Philly still get 5 fors despite the steyns and morkels bowling with him. Win toss and bat 1st is my advice :)

  • Muhammad on January 30, 2013, 7:35 GMT


    There are always been closely fought test series between PAK and SA. Yeah PAK lost to SA in PAK in 2007 but PAK won in another series when inzi was captain in PAK. In UAE PAK ( weak and new side) still managed to draw after spot fixing saga. Yeah PAK were unable to take 20wickets but SA were also unable to take 20wickets in 2nd innings thats result in a draw. If that is the case than SA werealso unable to take 20 wickets in the first two test in AUS recently. So it means AUS were a superior side in the first 2 test right?

  • Muhammad on January 30, 2013, 7:17 GMT


    I agree with your comments. Yeah lots of problems for PAK batting moving ball etc etc and there are lots of doubt about their batting but we should wait for the test to come. The series has yet to started but most of the fans here thrashing PAK and predicting 3-0 to SA blindly. I know it is difficult to beat SA at home but not impossible but " totally underestimating PAK" is the point why I am explaining here.

    If PAK score atleast 250 in each innings which I believe they can. Then PAK bowlers have the ability to bowl out SA even less than 46.

  • Shulz Van on January 30, 2013, 7:03 GMT

    @ReverseSwingMaster....Check the stats of the away series in AUS and England. I am not considering the NZ test. And when the rest of the world face a bowler like Philly it does matter to them cos he bowl at them not SA. Best of luck to Pak batsmen facing him...they need it. You seem very overconfident....lets see how u do? So far I remember the last few test series 1 in Pakistan where Pakistan lost to SA and the flat pitches of UAE where Pak failed to take all wicket with dull draws i dont see much hope for Pak in SA.

  • Muhammad on January 30, 2013, 5:40 GMT

    I am not writing off philander, what I mean is he is a great bowler but only in SA.

    "Yes, Pakistan is a much better team than New Zealand. But that is because of their bowling. I'm not sure that their batting is better than NZ at all, in fact if Ryder and Taylor were there I'd bet on them to do better than Pakistan."

    How can you say that? Any stats of NZ batting better than PAK? Any record?Anything???? You are saying if ryder,taylor is in the side than NZ batting is better than PAK ( Younis,misbah,umar,asad,azhar,hafeez etc) what a joke. You can say that taylor is comparable but ryder ( he has yet to prove ) and rest of NZ batsmen is not better than BD . Did you forget PAK vs NZ series in NZ? Ryder,taylor,vettori was there. PAK had beated full strength NZ 1-0 in NZ just after a spot fixing saga ( a weak and new side).

    I know that you are a NZ fan but it is a fact that PAK batting is much much better than NZ.

  • Muhammad on January 30, 2013, 5:19 GMT

    @ crashed:

    Yeah brother I have seen him his stats. He is a terrific bowler on SA pitches. You have not got my point. What I mean is he is not a world class bowler because he has to perform outside SA that will make him world class. Now he is a ONE CLASS BOWLER. It doesnot matter if he will become fastest to get 100 wickets because all those wickets just come on SA pitches and a few in ENG and AUS but it matters to SA not rest of the world.

  • Muhammad on January 30, 2013, 5:10 GMT

    @ Smahuta:

    " philly will still be cleaning up pakistani wickets for fun while morkel and steyn ruffle them up from the other end " yeah as there is no PAK batsmen standing on the wickets lol. You have seen him doing this but now this is PAK here not NZ. PAK batting looks like settled and is performing for almost 2 years. All the top 6 batsmen have averages more then 40. I know they will struggle but not much as you guys are thinking. I have an idea from your comments that You guys have totally write off PAK. Only KALLIS is player who I think will make a difference in SA batting, rest of the batsmen have weakness against good quality bowling.

  • Shulz Van on January 29, 2013, 6:02 GMT

    @ReverseSwingMaster....How MUCH confidence and BELIEF you have in your team? I think you follow ODI cricket only. The great STEYN and Morkel were thrashed all over the park by NZ batsMEN in ODIs (What does that had to do with TEST matches?) I do think Pak (BATSMEN) are NOT that better than NZ when it comes to TEST matches. Who is Philander? Lets wait and let Philander answer that since you dont watch Test Matches (Real Cricket). Steyn n Morkel are not the same bowlers when they play ODIs. In ODIs Batsmen just hit for runs. In Test batsmen has to survive and need temperament. Pak batsmen's temperament is a big quetion in Test. But they do have the 2nd best attack in Test cricket I believe. Their only weapon. But can their batsmen outscore SA batsmen? Thats where the TEST would be decided. About UAE pitches...Last time Pak bowlers could not take all SA wickets there and it was a draw. SA are better than England. Its a win win situation in UAE. You cant take all SA wickets in that pitch.