South Africa v Pakistan, 5th ODI, Benoni

Fragile batting lets Pakistan down again

Firdose Moonda in Benoni

March 24, 2013

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Younis Khan turns it into the leg side, South Africa v Pakistan, 5th ODI, Benoni, March 24, 2013
Younis Khan's place in the one-day side is coming under increasing scrutiny © AFP
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Even in the final match of the tour, Pakistan's concern was the same as in their first match: the batting was not up to standard. This time it was not the fault of the pitch or the bowlers. Despite the inconsistent bounce, the return of Morne Morkel, the fire of Dale Steyn, the discipline of Lonwabo Tsotsobe and the committed fielding of their opposition, Pakistan's line-up still conspired to entangle themselves.

Mohammad Hafeez and Imran Farhat fell to a plan but everyone else from Kamran Akmal to the tail caused their own downfall. Either they picked out fielders, like Shahid Afridi did, or they chanced an arm like Akmal and Shoaib Malik.

"That's the one area which really let us down," Misbah-ul-Haq said. "When you look at the scorecard, everybody got starts like 20s or 30s but no-one converted and made that into 70s or 80s. If the six main batsmen keep doing that, the team can't do well. The way we started, we felt 250 would have been a good total but the shot selection was not good and there were a lot of irresponsible shots. We can only blame ourselves. The way we batted was unacceptable."

For a while, especially during the Test series, Misbah explained the batting collapses by making reference to the conditions. He said Pakistan's line-up had not been exposed to pace and bounce in a while and that they needed a longer period of adjustment. He was not simply making excuses.

Pakistan had not faced a challenge as tough as South African pitches since they played in England in 2010 so he made a valid point. They had only one tour match before starting the Test series, which obviously was not enough, and they made noticeable improvements as that went on.

"The shot selection was not good and there were a lot of irresponsible shots. We can only blame ourselves. The way we batted was unacceptable" Misbah-ul-Haq

The same strips are not as tough a prospect as the Test matches but with two new balls and late-season surfaces which can go up and down, they still require some analysing before a batsman settled in. That's why in the final throes of the tour, Misbah still harked back to the difficulties of "adjusting to conditions, especially for the batsmen."

It was a rare occurrence when someone gave themselves time to assess and play themselves in. Misbah himself did it twice, Kamran showed glimpses, Younis Khan tried and mostly failed and Hafeez could not even try because the bowlers had his number.

Younis, and Hafeez in the opening role are two points of debate that came up throughout the series. Indications are that Younis, despite his 7,000 one-day runs, will be forced to make way for a younger batsman like Asad Shafiq and may have played his last match in coloured clothing for Pakistan.

Similarly talk is rife that Hafeez will be asked to bat at No. 3 and more will be invested in Nasir Jamshed to partner Imran Farhat or Kamran Akmal at the top. Misbah would not be drawn on whether those are two of the changes Pakistan would consider ahead of the Champions Trophy but he hinted something would have to give before then. "We will have to go and look at conditions, which teams we are going to play, all of those things and then see what we need for the future."

One thing that does not need tampering with, according to Misbah, is the team's culture. Despite their return of just three wins from nine matches across all formats on the tour, Misbah could draw some positives from the outing. "We started poorly in the Tests but we tried to come back. We made mistakes like we did today, especially in batting but the team showed some character.

"They showed that even when they are down they can fight back so overall there were some positives. In South African conditions, with such a tough opposition, the team did well especially in T20s and ODIs."

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Posted by   on (March 26, 2013, 6:19 GMT)

why not Misbah & Shoaib go? everyone seems to have problems with Afridi but what about other performers who are not performing. competitively Afridi is much better player than all other all rounders in pakistan

Posted by cisco420 on (March 26, 2013, 1:39 GMT)

I agree Asim, it is high time for afridi to go. We need to bring hammad azam for umer akmal, i bet u anyday hammad is more sensible and a better batsman than umer akmal who i think have had enough chances. Asad, hammad, ahmed shezad ,umer amin and harris sohail ...these are the future for us and pls someone find us a keeper. I am sick and tired of Kamran Akmal.

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 23:52 GMT)

such a dissappointing match for pakistan they let this match slip away from a good start from kamran akmal and younis, instead of settling down after a good start they had to ruin there job welldone same goes for misbah and shoaib malik and well afridi is afridi he never plays for the team always play for records, pakistan seriously needs young blood especially in middle order batting line up if they r to win icc champions trophy tournament my playing XI should be 1. Nasir jamshed 2. Kamran akma/ umar akmal wk 3. Mohammed hafeez captain 4. Babar Azam 5. Abdul razzaq 6. Hammad Azam 7. Saeed Ajmal 8. Umar gul/Anwar Ali 9. Junaid khan 10. Mohammed Irfan 11. Ehsan Adil. Hammad Azam can learn how to play with the tail with abdul razzaq on his side drop afridi n malik for ever they r a waist instead of waisting these too stupid pcb r waisting abdul razzaq's talent he is much better than afridi or malik combined!!

Posted by gaindballa on (March 25, 2013, 20:02 GMT)

The common theme seems to be " our team is unpredictable". I disagree. This team is as predictable as can be. Batsmen with averages 22-32 will score runs once in a blue moon. So when they all score the team wins. More often then not they won't score 250 ( thus the low averages) and the team will not win. Numbers do not lie. Your thoughts emotions and cognitions can decieve you but numbers will not. Its time to put aside personal biases and who you "feel" is a good batsmen. Don't think about who you "feel" is a better batsmen. Don't trust your "guts" or " instincts". Trust the numbers. I love afridi but numbers say he has to go. I love younis khan but the numbers say he has to go from ODI's. Malik has to go. Hafeez has to go. Farhat has to go. We will not win all the time with Jamshed and Shafiq and they won't succeed all the time but we'll win more than we loose. Why? . The numbers say so. Time to stop the emotion driving the head.

Posted by Zahidsaltin on (March 25, 2013, 19:22 GMT)

SOME SUGGESTIONS: 1- Get rid of Younis Khan in ODIs, If you neccesarly want to play Hafiz then bring him down to no.4 while playing on fast and turning wickets. Play Nasir Jamshid, Asad, Umar and Haris Sohail in all matches and give them time to learn and establish themselves. Afridi came as a bowler and failed badly. He has played a good innings but that should not be enough to keep him hanging, let him be only a T20 player. 2- PCB should always try to play ODIs before a test series while on foriegn soil 3- PCB should start sending A-team to play series' in Australia, South Africa, England and NZ. They have failed very badly on this front.

Posted by dreamliner on (March 25, 2013, 19:19 GMT)

We lost one ODI because of W.Riaz and the rest because of Misbah's incompetence. He should have dropped Riaz and Younis and strengthened the batting by introducing inform batsmen Shehzad and Umar Akmal. Team going forward should be Shehzad, K.Akmal, Jamshed, Hafeez, Asad Shafiq, U.Akmal(Capt), PLUS 2 young ALLROUNDERS for grooming, Ajmal, Junaid, Irfan. Despite Umar having some crazy potential I fear he may go same way as Afridi with his knack for hitting unless we place some responsibility on his shoulders to anchor his innings forcing him to play more responsibly. I'm sure this will surpress the Afridi in him, and help him mature faster than his bro, I say it again that Akmal has the temperament to go all the way and thats what Misbah is scared off when leaving him out despite poor batting performances.

Posted by ColJJ on (March 25, 2013, 18:08 GMT)

I do not agree completely with the subject, "Fragile batting lets Pakistan down again" as Pakistan did enough with the bat apart from 1st and 5th game. The real issue that let Pakistan down is fielding. Had Hafeez or Kamran held Amla's catch in the 3rd game and had Younas not grassed AB aur had Kamran not missed the stumping in 5th game; it would have been 4-1 to Pakistan. Now come to bowling department, apart from 4th game there wasn't any good show of 1st change seamers or spinners, they were ineffective enough to nullify opening Pacers' efforts. In particular Wahab and Shahid Afridi. This is the right time for Pakistan to re-organize team by saying goodbye to Younas Khan and Shahid Afridi.

Posted by honestpakistani on (March 25, 2013, 17:50 GMT)

@all DEAR expert cricketers, please realistic Pakistan is on # 5-6 in all type of cricket ranking and South Africa is almost on the top in each type, except TEST i think T20 and ODI Pakistani team did pretty OK.....i am really surprise you all are criticizing them like they loose series against Bangladesh or Zambabewe... please understand passing comments is very easy...playing in front of Top team and in their own country not so easy...WELDONE PAKISTAN...i do agree there should be some changes required but its looks not sensible to replace all the seniors at once there should a combination of senior and junior players. Pakistan Zindabad...Best wishes for CHAMPIONS TROPHY.....BE POSITIVE

Posted by spellbinder76 on (March 25, 2013, 17:46 GMT)

People seems to be targetting Afridi. But if they want him out because of his performance then compare his batting and bowling average [runs per over] with other members like Hafeez, Umar Gul, Younus Khan, Asad Shafiq and Nasir Jamshed. A man sittting in Pakistan with little cricketing knowledge advised the team selection to play Mohammad Irfan in the first test and Abdul Rahman in the 2nd test. If they have done that there would not be a white wash. The selection team insisted on Younus Khan and Wahab Riaz dispite repeated failiures. Same for Azhar Ali and Hafeez in tests, after how many failures they will be replaced. If we remember Fawad Alam was replaced after one failure. So there is a lack of consistency in selection matters. We need experiende players in English conditions. Abdul Razzak, Mohammad Yousuf and Imran Nazeer needs to looked at the camp by the captain and coach.

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 17:40 GMT)

Guys lets face it. Our cricket was and always will be unreliable. NO matter how much the Board pays for foreign coaches or conducts drills to improve. I mean i Cannot remember when Pakistan was a serious threat in any format for a long period of time."Consistency" has never been a part of our game.This somehow adds a different flavor to the international cricket. But i have noticed that Pak team lacks the 'thirst' to do well.It's almost like a pattern that they have been following for years. And it does not seem to bother them. As the 2015 WC is heading closer , i do not see a single sign of preparation. But as always they may 'Surprise' everyone ! As far as Afridi is concerned , he is one of my fav players.But i think the shot he played in the last game was the most stupid thing one can do. He had the perfect chance to cement his place.But he ruined it and there is no justification for that. Plain Horrible !

Posted by CricFanster on (March 25, 2013, 15:34 GMT)

@ Sohran Khan Mate are you serious ? Afridi Bats Million times better up the Order now thats some news for the whole Pak Awam lol Have a Look Dude

1st position 1996-2002 16 16 0 276 83 17.25 2nd position 1996-2009 129 129 1 3267 109 25.52 3rd position 1996-2012 18 18 1 441 102 25.94 4th position 2002-2011 7 7 0 48 17 6.85 5th position 1997-2012 17 17 3 254 45* 18.14 6th position 1996-2013 36 36 3 833 124 25.24 7th position 1996-2013 71 71 10 1423 88 23.32 8th position 1996-2013 30 30 2 614 58 21.92 9th position 1997-2002 2 2 0 29 26 14.50 10th position 2005-2005 1 1 0 16 16 16.00

Now Look at Those Avgs and tell me is it million times better really lol His is not consistent Abdul Razzag would ve been better choice and Poor Hammad Azam I feel bad for the youngster he hasnt been given enough chances to show his skills and prove his worth !

Posted by dmqi on (March 25, 2013, 15:10 GMT)

Well, after reading all the hundreds of comments in last couple of months the dull heads will have almost the same team in the up coming series. may see only couple of changes. Dravid and Laskman retired as they had pressure on them. I expect Afridi, Younus, Malik and Hafiz will be replaced and a new wicket keeper will be brought in. SA did not play 3 top players and the new comers did just fine to beat the so called top players of Pakistan. Iqbal Qasim has no place in the selection team.

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 14:40 GMT)

@ Asim Khan, I suppose all Asims think alike. I agree with you 100%. I have been saying for years that Afridi is one of the prime reasons of Pakistan cricket's downfall. His stupidity and selfishness has infected several youngsters' brains, and other talented players like Umar Akmal want to be just like him and keep throwing away their wickets. Funny thing is that fans never question Afridi's inclusion in the team. He scores one half century a year, and that's enough to justify his spot in the team. Misbah scores 2 half centuries and match winning ones at that in this series, but he is still asked to retire. Last time Afridi played a match winning knock was in spring of 2011 against Sri Lanka. That was 2 years ago. His performance with the ball? He has bowled well over 50 consecutive overs without producing a wicket. So please explain to me how his selection is justified in the team?

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 14:18 GMT)

I think first and foremost Pakistan need is improvement in their catching,ground fielding and running between the wickets.Second important thing is to replace,younus'Afridi for Asad Shafiq and Umer Akmal.Third most important thing to find quality wicket keeper batsman and genuine fast bowler alrounders. Looking at domestic cricket we have Umer Amin,Anwar Ali,Akber khan and Hammad Azam are good alrounders. We do not have good wicket keeper batsman. We should take the help of Rashid Latif to work on Kamran Akmal or with his help find another one.We badly needed Psycologist to work on players mental strength. We also need good batting coach who is technically solid and capability to correct mistakes of our batsmen.

Posted by ArmChairUmpire on (March 25, 2013, 11:35 GMT)

In this format of the game, an important technique is to prevent runs from leaking. Pak bowlers need to practice discipline. It is better to bowl 10-0-30-0 than to bowl 7-0-80-3. Also indisciplined were many batsmen. When the RRR was below 6, what was the point of going for an all mighty swipe and lose one's wicket? I believe that Firdose Moonda is on the button. Some big names need to take a bow. Except for a flash in the pan, they are just occupying space meant for a younger player.

Posted by ABLcric on (March 25, 2013, 10:57 GMT)

The big difference between both teams in all form of cricket was quality of fielding and catching. Just look at the catches taken by Amla and McLaren in last ODI at Benoni. I believe those catches were the turning point in the match. On our side, Younis dropped one and Kamran missed stumping. these are crucial in crunch games. Pakistan team need to really work hard on their fielding and catching before the ICC trophy in England in June. Besides, I am a big Boom-Boom fan. But, what he did in the last ODI just one ball before the power-play is beyond my comprehension. It simply needed a little thinking and understanding the game situation. Misbah should have talked to him. Afridi was the man in-form, he was middling the ball and his presence at the wicket for a little while more, could have made a big difference.

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 10:32 GMT)

Our number 7 on the batting order is a careless, irresponsible and selfish player. That you cannot deny. He is a special player and a talented player, but those above adjectives are pretty accurate. Today was nothing different. Playing for the gallery, not playing for the team. He is an ill disciplined and ill mannered player on and off the field. Duck in World T20 final 2007 Duck in 2010 series decider vs England Duck in World T20 semi final 2012 Out cheaply in the series decider vs Australia Duck in series decider today Regularly disappointing in the bigger matches. He is the epitome of unprofessionalism, inconsistency and genuine stupidity. Surely Pakistan are better served without him if they are to progress as one unit without dramas and with mature game sense. Cricinfo please publish :)

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 10:14 GMT)

I fail to see why people keep on blaming Shahid Afridi for not performing. Guys, recall a bit of history if you may. Afridi has proven again and again that he can bat a million times better if sent up the order yet they are wasting him by sending him on 6th or 7th. Younis khan, i am an avid fan but its time for him to throw in the towel and call it a day. Imran Nazir, no sight of the guy despite the fact that he has shown tremendous amount of talent both with the bat and on the field. Hafeez became an easy picking for Dale. Umar Akmal instead of Imran Farhat is what i would have done. I do not know why, but ever since i can remember, Pakistan's batting has been a serious concern and apparently not much is done to improve that. I hope that Pakistan shines back by the time the champion's trophy starts.

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 10:13 GMT)

as long the selectors are there all these 4 players will keep haunting Pakistan Cricket Team, Pakistan Need a Change to perform better, Younus Khan, Shahid Afridi, Misbah Ul Haq & shoib Malik will have to be replaced with young onces there are many talented players in the country we need to groom them get these bums out of the team, shahid afridi and Younus are the worst for Pakistan Cricket the most Pathetic & Irresponsible.

Posted by RANA1610 on (March 25, 2013, 10:07 GMT)

All I think, Hafeez should take rest. For last 2 years his batting average is around 12.

Posted by AK47_pk on (March 25, 2013, 9:44 GMT)

Is this team going to play wc2015? I can live with couple of changes for champian trophy like umar akmal for yunis nd hammad azam for afridi but for wc.we must throw out yunis hafeez misbah afridi. Its not like we dnt have young talent. We have proven young talent blocked by some old guyz. I hope imran khan will win election nd bring in selection panel like inzamam , wasim , waqar nd saeed anwar. Nd a level headed chairman like zaheer abbas or some1 who knows cricket nd is respected around the world.

Posted by Sports4Youth on (March 25, 2013, 9:26 GMT)

Pakistan's batting has always been fragile. But never in the past i have seen any captain play 7 bowlers and all-rounders and only 4 specialist batsmen. out of them Younis is terriblly out of form and can play the quick rapid fire innings required in ODI's. I dont know what the selectors and Misbah expected from this team.



Posted by Sports4Youth on (March 25, 2013, 9:20 GMT)

WAHAB RIAZ gave away 93 runs in the 3rd ODI (his first of the series). Yet he was picked for the 4th ODI, & obviously Misbah did not have the confidence in him so he was given only 4 overs. Yet again he was picked up for the final ODI and again bowled bowled only 6 expensive overs. I hope he has played his last game for pakistan.Specialist bowler?

But the biggest problem in his selection was that actually batting is Pakistan weeker link. But Pakistan actually played with 7 capable bowlers. (Irfan/Junaid/Ajmal/Hafeez/Afridi/Mallik/W.Riaz). Surprising. Throughout the series Pakistan's batting has struggled, but instead of streangthening the batting, Misbah chose to leave the batting very fragile and week (Hafeez/Farhat/Younis/Misbah/Shoeb). Only Younis, Farhat & Misbah were specialist batsmen out of which Younis has been terribly out of form for the last couple of years. Farhat is always eratic and Misbah is not suitable for ODI. That leaves nothing & yet 7 bowlers in the eleven.


Posted by hamza1982 on (March 25, 2013, 8:46 GMT)

Younis for tests only. Get rid of Farhat, Kamran, Malik and Afridi. Bring in Jamshed, Sarfraz, Shafiq, U.Akmal and Azhar. The batting line up looks stronger straight away.

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 8:30 GMT)

I have no clue why, Muhammed Yousuf cannot replace any of the experienced younus or misbah or at least shoaib malik. Common selector no one in pakistan team can beat class of Yousuf in middle order at least he can rotate the strike at will.

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 7:41 GMT)

If Pakistan really needs to give a tuff chance to the South Asian Giants like India or Srilanks they really need a lot of improvement in the batting and selectords should concentrate on picking solid batting line up what India has done chasing or putting up big scores irrtespectable of the condition of the pitch, then they can be a world class side else they will not be an international side at all EVEN OUR CLUB TEAM PLAYERS BAT better than them.

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 7:36 GMT)

yes they have themselves to blame for this loss. they were in good position but lot of soft dismissals helped the loosing cause. then lack pf dicipline in fielding, SA dropped farhat last odi but corrected mistakes in this 1. but pakistan has same problem in each game giving chances to 1 of best batsman every game. kamran/younas/malik/misbah all poor & soft dismissals. Afridi was rubbish. never understands what situation is. 15 overs left and he was playing like last over. 1 innings afetr 30 games of 88 is not enough to get next 20 games.

Hafeez should play down the order . he is not good opner in these kind of wickets. younas & malik should give way to umar/haris or asad. kamran ( though we need to find a batsman keeper, if he is in play as opner) need to find a batting medium pace allrounder. Afridi should only play in Asia. he is not a bowler and not a batsman any more.

Posted by Cricket_Live on (March 25, 2013, 7:24 GMT)

We know the truth but we don't want to confront the truth. Are these people comparable in anyway? AB vs Misbah, Amla vs Hafeez, Steyn vs Wahab, Kalis vs Younis, Morkel vs Tanveer, Anyone with common sense vs Afridi? Who are we kidding here? Can you compare Iqbal Qassim to SA Selectors? Can you compare Donald with unknown PAK bowling coach? Hafeez and Ajmal were nullified by AB & Amla but still Abdulrahman wasn't played, Younis failed in all 5 ODI and Umer Akmal wasn't played. If anyone looks carefully you will learn SA B team has beaten PAK comprehensively. No Smith, Kallis, JP Duminy, Morkel. Not sure why the likes of Misbah, Younis, Afridi, Imran, Malik and Wahab has no self respect? Is it necessary that they should be shown the door? These have played 100's of ODI's, what have they left to prove, if they haven't already? Known as professional cricketers but in reality they are professional excuse makers. Truth is, Misbah & Co are selfish & will be forgotten as soon they are dropped

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 7:18 GMT)

I don`t know why the selectors aren`t looking for the future. Younis Khan has always been inconsistent. He scores big in one game and is kept for the entire series. Please replace Farhat with Ahmed Shehzad. Younis with Asad Shafiq. And Misbah with Umar Akmal. Young blood is always better. Look towards the future. And bring in Hammad Azam as well, he`s an excellent allrounder and good finisher.

Posted by CricCrazzzy on (March 25, 2013, 7:01 GMT)

My view is that pakistan should seriously concentrate on their batting line up. They should say bye - bye to Shahid Afridi & Younis Khan because they are total failure on this tour. They should give chance to young bloods like Asad Shafiq, Umar Akmal, Nasir Jhamsed. They need to just shuffle their batting line up.

Imran Farhat, Mohammad Hafeez ,Shoaib Malik , Nasir Jamshed, Asad Shafiq OR Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal (WK), Misbah-ul-Haq (C) , Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Irfan OR Sohail Tanvir, Umar Gul, Junaid Khan

There is no need of Shahid Afridi as Mohd Hafeez & Shoaib Malik can be good part time bowlers & in place of Imran Farhat they can open with Kamran Akmal or Nasir Jamshed.

Posted by Nautika on (March 25, 2013, 6:19 GMT)

There is no solution for revival of Pakistan cricket until there is politics in the board. You will see the same team in the champions trophy.More than Azhar Ali, it is Misbah who has the highest parchee in the board. Give me a break, has anyone noticed the lack of planning in the whole series. Any layman like me, who has never played first class or club criket could tell, that SA always had a gameplan while Pakistan just showed up every morning with sleepy eyes. Secondly as the oldest and most consistent saying ever applicable" catches win matches"you dont drop AB or Amla in crucial games, they will screw you,and that what happened in all 3 matches PAK lost, we dropped the crucial catches. I say again, it all has something to do with matchfixing.....

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 5:14 GMT)

Biggest issue is captaincy the way Misbah captains is pathetic totally defensive when you are defending 205 never looked to attack. As for Afridi signs of age is showing but he was still better than Akmal hafeez and younis this series. The real find was Irfan.

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 5:06 GMT)

It is sad but true that most of Pakistan players need to be kicked out. Even greats like Wasim, Waqar & Saeed didn't retire themselves. Yousuf still wants to be selected. So please don't wait for these senior citizens to call it a day because they will never and Pakistan team will continue to suffer. Everyone criticizes Kamran Akmal and Shoaib Malik but what about Younis and Misbah? Even if they score runs they kill the momentum of the game and put so much pressure on the other batsmen. Misbah's 80 odd may make him a hero in anyone's eyes but did he finish the game? With his unearned reputation of being a cool minded finisher shouldn't he have finished the game? Wasn't he aware of fragile nature of Pakistan batting line up? Can't he see De Villiers batting and finishing the job?

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 5:00 GMT)

Its only due to bad slection touring team, plying 11 and short all the slection were very poor. No body can justify the re slection of Malik, Younus, Farhat and so called boom boom. Its bloody baised media especially GEO Super in Pakistan who always build undue pressure on slectors. Now they must think on their shamefull part. Afridi is only entertainer he has not learned any thing since 1996. He was giving excuse of his poor batting by saying he is only bowler and will leave the team if he will not perform. I am sure it is right time for him. Malik was even unable to perform against Zimbabwy and BD in last serise who one can expect against SA.

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 4:37 GMT)

hafeez and afridi is the main reason of this lost hafeez only play well in t20 bcoz he is captain there and afridi he perform once in an years and for losing cause imran nazir is better than afridi atleast he will not score and duck .... one 156 meter hit is not enough

Posted by ProdigyA on (March 25, 2013, 3:48 GMT)

Pak should hope and pray that Younis n Misbah hang in there until they r 100 years old. They r the only ones getting some runs.

Posted by dmqi on (March 25, 2013, 3:26 GMT)

Read my comment in the prematch review: To Misbah I wrote, : " you will possibly replace Younus with Asad but will not replace Afridi. You need 2 more batsmen." Mr. Captain, can you tell me what probabilility is there that Asad and Umar would score more than 20 runs each and that would change the pressure on SA? I am tired of your post match complain, you can not think what is needed before the match starts.

Posted by dmqi on (March 25, 2013, 3:19 GMT)

Farhat + Hafiz + Younus + Misbah + Malik + Afridi ( 6 out of 7 top batsmen) = 99 runs with AFRIDI 0 score.

SA Captain, 95 not out. Do you need to understand where is the problem ?

Still some Pak fan think Afridi or Malik or Hafiz should be the Captain. Pathetic. Bring Asad or another younger player to lead. You have nothing to loose.

Posted by dmqi on (March 25, 2013, 3:09 GMT)

Mr. Captain, how many more matches would it take for you and PCB to understand that it takes time to groom a player. How many failures are needed for Afridi, Younus and Malik for the prospective players like Asad, Umar, Nasir and others to get fair chances to prove their abilities? Where are you going to get players for the championship trophy and the world cup? Please make room for the next generation. At old age some of you are spent force. You did injustice to some players in the bench.

Posted by   on (March 25, 2013, 2:05 GMT)

We As a Nation not serious for Bulding PAKISTAN CRICKET TEAM . WE ONLY BUILT A PLAYER ONLY .. BRAND ONLY .. THAT is why we are never gonna win any serious easy . Beacuse all player play for him self not for the team.

Posted by   on (March 24, 2013, 23:37 GMT)

Leaders who dont learn from their mistakes are doomed to fail. Unfortunately, Misbah did not have the courage to change Younis, Afridi, Riaz, Akmal succumbed because of that. If the last game consisted of Imran farhat, Hafeez, Asad, Umar Akmal, Misbah, Shoaib, Abdur-rehman, Ajmal, Junaid and Irfan we would have had a chance. Younis failed in all 5 ODIs, Wahab failed in the three that played and Kamran failed in the first 4. Any half brained bowler can get Kamran out by giving him a short rising ball a bit wide and having him caught in the point area.

Posted by   on (March 24, 2013, 22:16 GMT)

the match seems strange...there were lot of reasons to loose.. none of the batsman wanted to stay there, they all were coming in and hitting, including kamran akmal who tried to hit 3 continuous balls and finally got out on third one...suprising hafeez came in and bowled one over and took the wicket and was immediately removed and didnt come back until 33rd over....kamran didnt bother to even try to catch devillers....ykhan who is master in slip, dropped a very easy catch...which he will probably take 10 out of 10...why was tv review taken on lbw which any blind could see that it was pitching outside leg??? all these are suprising things which happend today....

Posted by farhan4050 on (March 24, 2013, 22:16 GMT)

On the other hand, My team for the Champions Trophy would be Kamran, Jamshed, Hafeez, Asad Shafiq, Misbah, Umer Akmal. Abdul Razzaq, Umer Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Irfan,

Honestly this is a team that can chase a 300+ Target, and defend a 180 target. For God sake, Mighty sake, Heavens sake, PCB get rid or the grandfathers and bring in fresh blood.

Posted by Dr.Atteeq on (March 24, 2013, 22:13 GMT)

Pakistan's fragile batting line up, substandard fielding display including dropping the simplest of the catches, poor running between the wickets, and reactive captaincy are all the problems as old as Pakistan cricket, of course with few exceptions here and there. Yet, over the decades they have not only given sleepless nights to their strongest opponents but have also managed to maintain a good win/loss ratio. How do they do this? Well, no prizes for guessing; In a given team they generally had world class bowling unit, one (or two at the most) reliable batsman, and a few YOUNG players. The fearless arrogance of youth trying to prove a point to the world is what this team is missing. Inject some young blood and you will feel the difference.

Posted by farhan4050 on (March 24, 2013, 22:12 GMT)

This team is totally pathetic. Only Junaid Khan and Wahab are under 30. On the other hand, Ryan Mclaren was the only one being 30 while all of the others had fresh legs, the main cause of their tremendous fielding. This is the difference. I don't get where is our team heading? Do we even have future plans? Misbah, no doubt is a greatb batsmen and has performed well throughout, but i would like him to even step out from the ODI team after the Champions Trophy. The problem with PCB is that they don't have the guts to bench a senior player, if a person is not performing for a team and is becoming a burden, go back to the nets! Either he's a senior or a junior. Never the less, credit to SA for performing brilliantly throughout the summer. Surely one of the favourites for the trophy coming up!

Posted by   on (March 24, 2013, 22:04 GMT)

If Team Pakistan continue to have all of Farhat, Hafeez, Yunus, Shafiq, Misbah, Malik & Afridi in the squad the majority of ODIs will be lost. There is some justification for having Hafeez in the squad as he is an all rounder but he is mainly in the side for his batting. However, he is hopeless opener outside the sub continent and should bat at number 6 or 7. Age is against Misbah but as long as he is giving consistent performance he should be included in the XI. Asad Shafiq is not an ODI player, I rather have Azhar Ali who in my opinion is technically much better and future Pakistan Captain. Looking forward and with my limited knowledge of domestic cricket I would have following in the squad: 1. Jamshed, 2. Shehzad, 3. Azhar (Vice Captain), 4. Umar, 5. Misbah (Captain), 6. Hafeez / Hammad Azam, 7. Kamran / Sarfraz, 8. Gul / Wahab, 9. Ajmal, 10. Junaid, 11. Irfan. Other young players can be tried such as Asad but other tried and tested players we must thank them and bid them farewell.

Posted by a.syed81 on (March 24, 2013, 21:56 GMT)

I'm glade that we lost today. WHY? simply because atleast Younis, Malik and Afridi should be shown door now (they have been given more then enough chance). Also Kamran should be replace with him brother Umar. For Champions trophy I hope, I wish and I pray the following team should be selected.

1.Nasir, 2.Ahmed, 3.Hafeez, 4. Umar (WK), 5.Misbah, 6.Asad, 7.Razzaq, 8. Gul, 9. Ajmal/Hassan Raza, 10. Junaid, 11. Irfan.

BTW how many matched pak would have win if the same number of matches have been given to Razzaq instead of Shahid pathetic khan Afridi (which are 354). I bat we would have win many because Razzaq is 101% better then Afridi at any given day. Comments?

I'm afraid Mr.Zaka has announced that Misbah will lead the team for Champions trophy, therefore, he may try these (Younis, Malik, Kamra, Afridi) repeated failure player.

Posted by SurlyCynic on (March 24, 2013, 21:28 GMT)

This was not an easy track to bat on. Variable bounce, the odd ball sticking in the pitch... the difference today was AB who looked like he was playing a different game to everyone else.

Posted by aiksa on (March 24, 2013, 21:23 GMT)

It looks like Pakistan has no new talent in batting. Its time for Younus Khan, Shahid Afridi, Misbah, Shoab Malik and Imran Farhat to go. May be Pakistan should import young batsmen from India. Batting has become Pakistan's major problem and is not being addressed professionally. I wish Imran Khan or someone like him takes over PCB to fix these issues.

Posted by SaadNasir01 on (March 24, 2013, 21:12 GMT)

In think Misbah and YK should retire from the ODIs after the Champions Trophy.We should be looking to build a team for the WC2015 and I don't see both of them by no means playing in it.We should pick a Wicket keeper batsman from the domestic circuit whose age is around 20-25yrs,and give him exposure and make him a player rather then having Kami(though he batted well in the last match) .And there are wicket keepers like M.Rizwan/Jamal Anwer who are very good.In my opinion S.Afridi should announce his retirement and let the youngster like Mansoor Amjad(A LEGGY who averaged 80+ with the bat and was amongst the highest wicket taker in the national 1day cup) take his place.And U.Akmal and Shafique should be in the side !

Posted by roook on (March 24, 2013, 20:52 GMT)

Afridi and malik are playing for umar akmal/hammad azam. Afridi is not an effective bowling option and is leaking runs and he himself do not consider himself a proper batsman. malik averges just 28 in last 7 innings and have not score a 50+ score. It is far better to groom young players instead hoping that afridi will perform

Posted by   on (March 24, 2013, 20:40 GMT)

Salam To all Concerned ANd Lovers of Cricket In Pakistan.... I would like to pin Poiont Some Basic Facts About Cricket Of Pakistan. 1... Please Drop Permanently Imran Farhat (a person who always for him self rather than team..Misbah Who can win Matches in which we have to Chase Modest Total And who can never be a inspirational Leader,Hafeez for his Arrogant Behavior who is only trying to be the captain(On disciplinary Basis) and younis khan who cannot make big scores and last but not Least Boom Boom Afridi Because he can not take up the responsibility. In my openion Pakistan Must make 30 Players who will play for ODIs (namely Nasir, Umer akmal,Asad Shafiq,Hammad Azam, Sherjeel Khan, Ahmed Shehzad, Surfaraz Ahmed/Adnan Akmal,Irfan,Wahab,Junaid,Gul,Irfan,Raza Hasan,Abdur Razzaq,Umer Amin) THESE ARE ALL YOUNG GUNS EXCEPT FEW OF THOSE.....

Posted by SaadNasir01 on (March 24, 2013, 20:39 GMT)

Guyz there is this guy named Mansoor Amjad,who has performed brilliantly in the national one day cup (averaging 80+ with the bat and and is in the top 5 bowlers as well).He is a genuine all-rounder.A leggy who can bat way better then BOOM BOOm...may be its time to move on.let him replace Afridi so we can have a genuine all-rounder rather then having a bowler(who is totally out of form) and someone who can hit sixes(one or two in one innings) and then get out leaving our team and our expectations down !!

Posted by   on (March 24, 2013, 20:36 GMT)

I think Pakistan can use ahmed shehzad and akmal as opening pair...number 3 position could use for nasir jamsed.and obviously Pakistan need a energetic all rounder in lower position...they can use razzak or hammad azam...

Posted by Zahidsaltin on (March 24, 2013, 20:33 GMT)

Pathetic as always. We only have bits and pieces batsmen who while in form score in 30s and 40s. It is a rare commodity in pakistan to have a player playing a long innings.(1) No one can understand why Hafeez is included and more so as an opner while not playing on subcontinental batting paradise. (2) why younis is not being dropped from ODis (3) Why Umar Akmal with the second highest batting averages among the full squad was not played. (4) Afrdi should have been thrown a long distance away from pakistan squad a long time ago. The man has no brains and should not be allowed to ask for any more chances just on the basis of one innings every 2 years. SO get rid of the old guard and play Umar Akmal, Asad Shafiq and Haris Sohail.

Posted by liaqathussain on (March 24, 2013, 19:56 GMT)

Time for change now, that drop catch cost us the match but before the catch the batting cost us the match,

Biggest culprit was Afridi who gifted his wicket with a brain fart as usual, the rest fell to decent bowling

Posted by i-s-r-a-r on (March 24, 2013, 19:12 GMT)

Its astonishing to see pakistan fans still criticizing misbah and calling for his head when the only two games pakistan won was due to misbah only!!

Posted by imranmujtaba on (March 24, 2013, 19:01 GMT)

Pakistan top to middle order batting weakness was nicely hidden by strong GOD gifted bowlers in few game - just think How Pak will perform if there bowling attack is like India Or Bangladesh?? same is Afganistan or ireland !!! I believe PCB are making fool of theirselves and whole pakistan cricket lovers by presisting same batting line-up again and again, not giving enough chance to youngster to grow!!! Please get rid of Misbah, Younis, Shoaib, Hafeez and Afridi. Hafeez and Afridi can score run only on flat on their and possibly keep Afridi as whole nation love his presence in the team whether Pakistan win or not ---- but please bring 4 other batmen. PLEASE GET RID OF EXTRA LUGGAGE!

Posted by reason-galore on (March 24, 2013, 19:01 GMT)

I always say that these pathetic excuses for batsmen need to be kicked. Misbah and younis khan are not fit/too old for this format and would hinder us if you want to build a team for the next worldcup. Imran farhat does not know how to play shots and only comes into the team due to his contacts or whatever. Hafeez does not deserve to be an opener and should be played as an allrounder at #7 or #6. It is time that we get rid of the huge burden of akmal and give his younger brother the gloves as no one is worse than akmal at keeping. Younis/misbah need to think about the coutry rather than their own selves when they hand onto the last threads of their career and just bloody retire from this format. Afridi is afridi... he never deserverd to be in the team. And shoaib malik, he does not bat or bowl so why is he in the team?? is he that incredible a fielder?? i don't think so... selectors you are pathetic... give upcoming names more chances than these old hags.

Posted by imranmujtaba on (March 24, 2013, 18:51 GMT)

Pakistan started on very low note and finshed on same note! Pakistan IMPROVEMENT = 0/10 Only Pak have learnt how to use fast bowlers in general especially Irfan. Wher SA performed so good with new players as they are growing in playing around class of Amla and AB!!!!

Posted by   on (March 24, 2013, 18:48 GMT)

I agree that the difference between two teams was discipline in all aspect of the game. But I am failed to understand why nobody is trying SHOAIB MALIK at no. 3. If you check the record of Shoaib Malik at number 3, it is very good

Posted by Akshita29 on (March 24, 2013, 18:16 GMT)

Afridi is a total waste . It would be so much better for pakisthan to play a pure batsman instead of him .

Posted by mshakeel100 on (March 24, 2013, 18:13 GMT)

What about the drop chances? If they get the de villiers catch and stumped the Amla, this could be a different bowl game!

Posted by balajik1968 on (March 24, 2013, 18:10 GMT)

One major difference between the 2 sides was the running between the wickets; Pakistan was very poor. The South Africans rotated the strike well, and neutralized Pakistan's bowling. If Pakistan really want to know about running between the wickets I would recommend they watch Javed Miandad's innings in Sharjah in 1986 against India. Miandad sealed the match with a last ball six, but importantly rotated the strike beautifully. If I remember right, his first 50 contained no boundaries.

Posted by docsunny on (March 24, 2013, 18:02 GMT)

The main difference between the two teams is discipline . The talent seems to be there but Pak needs to learn how to conduct themselves at international level against a top team like SA. I am surprised Rehman was not given a chance with his tight length and decent batting . He could have easily replace Afridi or Riaz/ Gul both of who are known to bleed runs heavily. Umar Akmal should have been tried instead of Younis Khan as he could prevent a drop in run rate which has been Pakistans wont in the middle overs after the top order collapse. A sub thirty average for openers is unacceptable.

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