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Interviews by Tristan Holme


Zimbabwe's Trent Bridge coup

In 1983, the minnows stunned the cricketing world in their first international match by upsetting a disunited Australia

Kepler Wessels talks to his team

The dual cricketizens

Kevin Pietersen has fuelled the fire over a potential international comeback for South Africa. If the extraordinary did happen, he would join a select group of players to have appeared for two countries. ESPNcricinfo picks out a few names


The World Cup rain-rule farce

New rain rules for the 1992 World Cup were supposed to be fairer, but in the semi-final between England and South Africa they led to one of the most farcical finishes in the game's history

Cricinfo staff

Champions League 2010 news

Wessels joins Lions support staff

Kepler Wessels, the former South African captain, has joined the Highveld Lions as their strategic cricket consultant for the Champions LeagueTwenty20