Sri Lanka tour of South Africa, 1st ODI: South Africa v Sri Lanka at Paarl, Jan 11, 2012
South Africa won by 258 runs
Played at Boland Park, Paarl
11 January 2012 - day/night match (50-over match)

KMDN Kulasekara to Kallis, FOUR, Kallis' turn to shuffle across and get neatly inside the line. Once he did that, Kula's natural inward nip was negated, and the ball was asking to be whipped off the pads. Kallis obliged. The first ODI four of 2012 is here.

South Africa 23/1   JH Kallis 10* (12b 1x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 2.4-0-10-0

Fernando to Amla, FOUR, Nine runs have come off one legal Dilhara delivery! Short and wide this time, it was banged in in his half, and Amla banged it away with equal intent, standing tall and jumping as he cracked it square.

South Africa 34/1   HM Amla 9* (15b 1x4)   CRD Fernando 0.1-0-9-0

Fernando to Kallis, FOUR, well, you thought you'd seen everything in that over. Except for a high, juicy full toss on the hips. Dilhara obliges, and Kallis whips it behind square. Tharanga slides over the rope before pulling the ball in, so that's four.

South Africa 39/1   JH Kallis 16* (15b 2x4)   CRD Fernando 0.5-0-14-0

Fernando to Kallis, FOUR, shot of the year so far. (Ok, that's the last one. Really.) Pitched up on off stump, Kallis leans across and smokes it with robotic precision through the covers. Superb work from Tharanga running back, but four all the same as he puts it the slide and pull ball a moment too late.

South Africa 74/1   JH Kallis 42* (49b 3x4 1x6)   CRD Fernando 1.2-0-20-0

Mendis to Amla, FOUR, Mendis crash lands into South Africa! Over the covers. Tossed up straight spinner on off stump, Amla opens up his stance and lofts him inside out for four.

South Africa 80/1   HM Amla 23* (36b 2x4)   BAW Mendis 0.1-0-4-0

Mendis to Amla, FOUR, vintage Amla through the off side. Back of a length outside off and straightening to offer him just enough width. Amla stays put with a half step forward and unleashes the wrist to send it scooting through backward point. A touch of Mohammad Yousuf in that shot.

South Africa 96/1   HM Amla 35* (44b 3x4)   BAW Mendis 1.2-0-14-0

Mendis to Amla, FOUR, supreme from Amla. South Africa have 100. Tossed up on off stump, with several men patrolling the covers. Amla goes though them all with a spooned drive off an opened face. Class. He was struggling against the seamers, but he's tucking into Mendis' fare.

South Africa 101/1   HM Amla 39* (47b 4x4)   BAW Mendis 1.5-0-19-0

Fernando to Amla, FOUR, he's happily going airborne now. Slower ball pitched up bravely by Dilhara, Amla drills it through the line with a power-loft. If he was deceived by the lack of pace, it didn't show. He just went through with the deed.

South Africa 114/1   HM Amla 48* (59b 5x4)   CRD Fernando 4.5-0-36-0

Fernando to Amla, FOUR, gets very good hold of this one. Another short ball from Dilhara, Amla doesn't pull this as much as Sehwag-heave it across the line wide of mid-on. The ball thundered over and away for four.

South Africa 122/1   HM Amla 54* (66b 6x4)   CRD Fernando 5.4-0-41-0

Malinga to Kallis, FOUR, it failed him there, alright. Kallis gets stuck into a length ball as he looks to launch it out of town. The ball wasn't too full, and Kallis ended up shovelling it off the inner half though he held the pose to show the full face of the bat. The ball runs over mid-on for four.

South Africa 128/1   JH Kallis 59* (70b 4x4 1x6)   SL Malinga 4.5-0-21-1

Malinga to Kallis, FOUR, Kallis, you beaut. Malinga gives him just enough width, and Kallis knew where the gap was. He pushed the front foot down instead of across and blasted it through the covers for four.

South Africa 140/1   JH Kallis 67* (78b 5x4 1x6)   SL Malinga 5.5-0-27-1

Malinga to Kallis, FOUR, two class shots from Kallis have made a good over end up looking quite poor. Another drill through the the cover and mid-off gap as Malinga over-pitches. The ball streaks away in haste.

South Africa 144/1   JH Kallis 71* (79b 6x4 1x6)   SL Malinga 6-0-31-1

KMDN Kulasekara to Amla, FOUR, three fours in three balls! Amla's turn to ooze some class through those stunning wrists. Opens up in the crease and sends a length ball scattering behind point.

South Africa 148/1   HM Amla 63* (76b 7x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 5.1-0-24-0

Mathews to de Villiers, FOUR, they can place as many men as they want in the covers, but South Africa are intent on finding the gaps there. Point, cover, extra cover, mid-off all watch as AB opens up his stance to a full length and carves it in the air through one of those gaps. Ominous.

South Africa 164/2   AB de Villiers 7* (7b 1x4)   AD Mathews 4.2-0-17-0

Mathews to de Villiers, FOUR, finds an even bigger gap now - the one over their heads. Mathews' offcutter comes along gently and asks to be smashed. AB carts it over wide mid-off for four more.

South Africa 168/2   AB de Villiers 11* (8b 2x4)   AD Mathews 4.3-0-21-0

CKB Kulasekara to Amla, FOUR, back of a length outside off and cut away with perfect timing past the point fielder to the boundary

South Africa 199/2   HM Amla 89* (103b 8x4)   CKB Kulasekara 5.5-0-35-0

Mendis to de Villiers, FOUR, full toss and smashed down the ground for four, poor ball

South Africa 207/2   AB de Villiers 26* (26b 3x4)   BAW Mendis 5.4-0-39-0

Mendis to de Villiers, FOUR, full outside off and de Villiers gets down on one knee and times a lofted drive over extra cover

South Africa 213/2   AB de Villiers 32* (28b 4x4)   BAW Mendis 6-0-45-0

Fernando to de Villiers, FOUR, great shot. de Villiers steps outside leg stump, opening up space to hit outside off and lashes it away through extra cover

South Africa 220/2   AB de Villiers 37* (30b 5x4)   CRD Fernando 6.4-0-48-0

Dilshan to de Villiers, FOUR, length on off stump and de Villiers steps away once more and lifts over extra cover. Beautiful batting

South Africa 231/2   AB de Villiers 46* (35b 6x4)   TM Dilshan 1.5-0-13-0

Dilshan to de Villiers, FOUR, Oh dear. Now a full toss hammered to cow corner

South Africa 235/2   AB de Villiers 50* (36b 7x4)   TM Dilshan 2-0-17-0

KMDN Kulasekara to JA Morkel, FOUR, full ball and a lovely clean strike down the ground, there's no man back on that fence for some reason and it's four to long on

South Africa 254/3   JA Morkel 6* (5b 1x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 8.2-0-40-1





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