Sri Lanka tour of South Africa, 5th ODI: South Africa v Sri Lanka at Johannesburg, Jan 22, 2012
Sri Lanka won by 2 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
22 January 2012 (50-over match)

Mathews to du Plessis, no run, pushes a gentle length ball towards point


Mathews to du Plessis, no run, walks across and outside the off stump, but gets too close to the line, tries to dab it away but there is point and a slip around


Mathews to du Plessis, no run, can't get the single again, dabs it towards slip


Mathews to du Plessis, no run, this time Angelo puts in some more effort in to the delivery, gets it to bounce and move away from back of a length, Faf has a flail and misses


Mathews to du Plessis, no run, he is not finding Angelo's deliveries gentle at all, this time he tries to run this length ball towards third man, but is beaten


Mathews to du Plessis, no run, point comes into play again as Faf pushes tentatively towards him, he's putting pressure on himself

South Africa 24/1   AD Mathews 1-1-0-0

Mathews to Smith, 1 wide, slanted too far wide across the left-hander


Mathews to Smith, FOUR, Smith finds some runs for South Africa, charges out, and lifts Angelo over extra cover


Mathews to Smith, no run, he is already standing outside leg before the ball is bowled, but mishits the stroke to shortish point


Mathews to Smith, no run, mistimed completely, now he is quite close to the line as he looks to guide it square


Mathews to Smith, 1 run, widish ball, and Smith connects, but a superb dive by point to his left saves the boundary


Mathews to du Plessis, 2 runs, Faf gets one away finally, not exactly off the middle of the bat as he charges down and looks to lift it over mid off, the bat turns in his hands and the ball goes high in the air and plonks down ultimately some feet inside the extra cover rope


Mathews to du Plessis, no run, this one takes off from a length and surprises Faf who was motioning forward, he fends it away awkwardly, looking unconvincing, extremely

South Africa 33/1   AD Mathews 2-1-8-0

Mathews to du Plessis, 1 wide, a bouncer from Mathews, called a wide


Mathews to du Plessis, no run, du Plessis looks to work that to the leg side, edges it almost all the way to the bowler, Mathews dives forward but the ball lands short of him


Mathews to du Plessis, 1 run, clipped behind square leg for a single this time


Mathews to Smith, no run, short of length and outside off, Smith looks to slap that to point, not too well timed


Mathews to Smith, 2 runs, Smith survives, attempts another power-packed swat, no foot work at all as he looks to hammer a ball way outside off, edges it, it flies high over the bowler's head and lands between long-on and long-off


Mathews to Smith, no run, stays in the crease and pokes this towards point


Mathews to Smith, FOUR, another heave, again not perfect, gets him a boundary nonetheless, the timing was completely off on that as Smith looked to slug a shortish ball from outside off to midwicket, enough brute force on that to send it to the rope

South Africa 46/1   AD Mathews 3-1-16-0





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