Zimbabwe tour of South Africa, 1st ODI: South Africa v Zimbabwe at Bloemfontein, Oct 15, 2010
South Africa won by 64 runs
15 October 2010 - day/night match (50-over match)

Mpofu to Amla, 1 wide, poor start there, outside off stump, swinging away further too wide for the umpire


Mpofu to Amla, no run, better ball this time, shaping away, Amla drives crisply to cover


Mpofu to Amla, no run, good delivery, definite away movement, Amla leaves alone


Mpofu to Amla, no run, this time Amla plays, but with treats the ball suspiciously, prodding carefully into the off side


Mpofu to Amla, FOUR, lovely shot this time, Amla steps back and punches a back-foot drive powerfully away for four


Mpofu to Amla, FOUR, four more! On the front foot this time, playing late and crisply punching a drive through cover


Mpofu to Amla, no run, having taken two boundaries he's content to leave alone

South Africa 9/0   CB Mpofu 1-0-9-0

Mpofu to Smith, FOUR, oh dear, Mpofu hasn't started well here, this is wide outside off stump and begging for Smith to do the obvious - clatter a boundary square of the wicket


Mpofu to Smith, no run, better here, straighter, a touch shorter and Smith blocks


Mpofu to Smith, no run, on the pads but Smith picks out midwicket with his leg-side nurdle


Mpofu to Smith, 1 wide, this time it's well outside off and Smith leaves alone


Mpofu to Smith, no run, Mpofu is playing a dangerous game feeding the cut shot, Smith crashes towards cover where a diving stop prevents damage


Mpofu to Smith, no run, tighter line this time, much better, Smith blocks


Mpofu to Smith, FOUR, well, Mpofu dishes up another outside off and this time Smith cracks it for four. The pitch looks very good for batting and the Zimbabwe opening bowlers look similar

South Africa 25/0   CB Mpofu 2-0-18-0

Mpofu to Amla, 1 wide, wild cricket here, swing for the bowler and a big swing from Amla - the delivery was wide and the shot missed


Mpofu to Amla, 1 run, inside-edge this time! Amla flashing outside off and the ball squirts behind square on the leg side


Mpofu to Smith, no run, bit of extra pace and bounce from the bowler and a careless fence outside off from Smith


Mpofu to Smith, 1 run, nothing careless about this shot, Smith had everything in it's right place and drove sweetly to deep cover


Mpofu to Amla, no run, some extra bounce again, judging from his expression Amla is surprised by the bounce, but he drives to mid-off


Mpofu to Amla, no run, excellent delivery, Mpofu needs to hold this line, honing in at the top of off


Mpofu to Amla, FOUR, this is a seriously good shot, wasn't a poor ball but Amla offered a full-face punch and it raced past mid-off. His grace threatens to annihilate the attack

South Africa 43/0   CB Mpofu 3-0-25-0

Mpofu to Smith, no run, short and a touch of width here but Smith picks out point with his cut shot


Mpofu to Smith, 1 run, heave-ho! What an ugly swipe, Smith swings across the line, gets a top edge that goes airily down to third man


Mpofu to Amla, no run, it's spreading! Amla this time mows across the line without any timing, finding midwicket


Mpofu to Amla, 1 run, that's more like it, Amla up on his toes and flicking away with great style into the leg side


Mpofu to Smith, 3 runs, misfield at midwicket gives Smith runs, clubbing a short ball into the leg side


Mpofu to Amla, 1 wide, oh dear that's very wide and very shot and brings up the South Africa 50


Mpofu to Amla, FOUR, what a shot this is, Amla gets a length ball and punches it, at the top of its bounce, over mid-off to the boundary

South Africa 54/0   CB Mpofu 4-0-35-0

Mpofu to Ingram, 1 run, starts by offering some width outside off that is stroked through to deep point for a single


Mpofu to Amla, no run, good ball here! Traps Amla hanging on the back foot and there was a big appeal from the bowler, replays show it just about clipping leg stump so the decision is a good one


Mpofu to Amla, 1 run, touch shorter, Amla tries to hit a pull shot too hard and can't connect properly, gets a single for his effort


Mpofu to Ingram, no run, Ingram on the drive but he doesn't time it well, finding short cover


Mpofu to Ingram, no run, beaten this time, touch of width, Ingram flashes but some extra bounce clears the top edge


Mpofu to Ingram, 1 run, slower ball and this time the cut is more controlled, played out to third man

South Africa 196/1   CB Mpofu 5-0-38-0

Mpofu to Ingram, FOUR, wow, dished up invitingly by Mpofu but Ingram's drive is imperious. Clattered through extra cover


Mpofu to Ingram, 1 run, follows the boundary by opening the face and guiding a single to third man to bring AB de Villiers, the leading ODI player in the world apparently, on strike


Mpofu to de Villiers, 1 run, unfussy start from de Villiers, gliding a single to third man


Mpofu to Ingram, no run, some extra pace and extra bounce here, beats Ingram as he tries to dab an upper-cut away


Mpofu to Ingram, no run, good delivery here that Ingram can only hop back and defend


Mpofu to Ingram, 1 run, full ball and full-face drive to finish the over, down the ground for a single

South Africa 208/2   CB Mpofu 6-0-45-0

Mpofu to Miller, no run, good start from Mpofu, full and and straight and Miller's drive finds cover


Mpofu to Miller, 1 run, action replay but this time Miller sets off for one which he only just makes


Mpofu to Ingram, no run, beaten! Nervy, nervy shot from Ingram, trying to run it down to third man to bring up the hundred but it climbs past the outside edge


Mpofu to Ingram, 1 run, hundred for Ingram! Only the sixth to make a century on ODI debut and the first South African! Leaps and punches the air! After a slow start it's come up in good time, off 110 balls


Mpofu to Miller, 1 run, Miller punches down to long-on for a single


Mpofu to Ingram, 2 runs, more intent from Ingram here, whipping the powerfully down the ground for a couple

South Africa 279/4   CB Mpofu 7-0-50-0

Mpofu to Miller, 2 runs, Miller bunts a full ball down the ground and his bad timing means he can come back for a second


Mpofu to Miller, 2 runs, lucky for the batsman here, outside-edging down to third man for a couple more


Mpofu to Miller, 1 run, Miller gives himself some room to try and scythe a cut into the off side, can't quite time it but still collects a single


Mpofu to Duminy, 1 run, full toss here, Duminy looks surprised by the generosity of it all so can only punch tamely to deep point


Mpofu to Miller, 1 run, decent death over this, another single taken down the ground


Mpofu to Duminy, 2 runs, full toss to finish, Duminy clubs down the ground and he's quick enough to pick up a couple

South Africa 342/5   CB Mpofu 8-0-59-0





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