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Former South African umpire Cyril Mitchley © Luke Alfred

  • Jan 17, 1999

    Croft with Cyril Mitchley and Roger Prideaux. © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

  • Apr 22, 1998

    Match referee John Reid with match umpires Cyril Mitchelly and Rudy Kroetzen © Western Province Cricket Association

  • Mar 16, 1998

    Cyril Mitchley decides whether to take the players off © TransWorld- WI Board

  • Mar 13, 1998

    Umpire Cyril Mitchley jokingly batsman Philo Wallace a yellow card after having to leap out of the way to avoid getting injured by the batsman's shot © PA Photos

  • Mar 12, 1998

    Umpire Cyril Mitchley stands in the Barbados Test © PA Photos

  • Dec 29, 1995

    Umpire Cyril Mitchley talks to the third umpire via walkie talkie © PA Photos

  • Dec 28, 1995

    Mike Atherton walks past umpire Cyril Mitchley, who wrongly gave him caught off the thigh pad © PA Photos

  • Nov 7, 1992

    Fast bowler Brett Schultz bowls, watched by umpire Cyril Mitchley © Getty Images