September 25, 2002

Brett Tucker carries his bat into the record books

Andrew Samson

Brett Tucker became the 7th opener to carry his bat for Griqualand West over the weekiend. More significantly, his 182* is the highest score by a player carrying his bat in South African first-class cricket. The following are the highest scores by players carrying their bats in South African first-class cricket:

BH Tucker 182* 369 Griqualand West v Boland Kimberley 2002/03
MA Taylor 169* 350 Australia v South Africa Adelaide 1997/98
MH Dekker 162* 312 Zimbabwe A v Transvaal Johannesburg 1995/96
BM White 159* 365 Transvaal v Boland Johannesburg 1995/96
WW Armstrong 159* 309 Australia v South Africa Johannesburg 1902/03
GD Varnals 151* 267 Eastern Province v Border East London 1957/58
JHM Pickerill 143* 325 North-Eastern Transvaal v Rhodesia Pretoria 1951/52
EW Warner 141* 279 Orange Free State v Griqualand West Kimberley 1936/37
IR Redpath 139* 307 Australia v Rhodesia Salisbury 1966/67
MW Rushmere 136* 277 Eastern Province v Northern Transvaal Port Elizabeth 1987/88

Taylor's 169* was the previous highest overall, Dekker's 162* was the previous best in South Africa, and White's 159* was the previous highest in an inter-provincial match.