April 16, 2003

Face lift continues at St. George's Park

EPC Press Release

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 has come and gone and EPCB were proud hosts of a very successful event. The stadium was at its best and the overall stadium experience was favourably received.

However, work still needs to be done particularly on western side of the stadium where the temporary stand was situated. Plans are underway to re-engineer the area in keeping with the recent upgrade of St. George's Park and to make sure that the outstanding facilities which have been created are enhanced.

EP Cricket has an obligation to ensure that the tennis clubhouse receives attention and wants the whole area to be upgraded as a unit. The clubhouse cannot be looked at in isolation and various people have been consulted to assist with the project.

"A cross functional task team will be formed to look at the area and come up with proposals for the work to be carried out. We are very aware of the history of the building and are anxious that whatever plans are put in place do not compromise the historical standing of the clubhouse" said EPCB CEO Dave Emslie.