March 8, 2003

Pat Symox resigns from National Selection Committee

The United Cricket Board has accepted the resignation of Patrick Symcox from the National Selection Committee.

In a letter to UCBSA President Percy Sonn, CEO Gerald Majola, and Selection Convenor Omar Henry Symcox said he was tendering his resignation due to a conflict of interests between his position as a national selector and his position as a cricket commentator, journalist and web-site host.

"I wish to emphasise that I resign as a National Selector neither in a fit of pique, nor as a result of any dissatisfaction with the UCBSA or South African cricket in general," Symcox said in his letter. "I am forced to make a choice as a result of a conflict of interests, which has a negative impact on my source of income and earning capacity as a breadwinner for my family."

He continued: "I wish to take this opportunity of thanking the President of the UCBSA, Adv Percy Sonn, the General Council, the CEO, Gerald Majola, and all persons within the UCBSA for the wonderful support and opportunities they have afforded me."

Symcox emphasized in his letter, "that I am most certainly available to assist within South African cricket and will gladly do so if called upon, as long as I do not find myself again in a situation where my interests are in conflict."

In accepting the resignation, Majola thanked Symcox for his work as a selector. "I appreciate that Patrick has come to the conclusion that he faced a conflict of interests as a selector and as a member of the media. I wish Patrick all the best and am happy to know that he remains available to contribute within South African cricket. We believe he does have a role to play in the game in our country," Majola said.

National selection convenor Omar Henry said: "'Symmo' has played a huge role on the selection panel and he still has a lot to contribute and to give to South African cricket. I will miss him."