South Africa in India 2004-05 September 24, 2004

Majola: South Africa will tour as planned

Wisden Cricinfo staff

Nicky Boje: needs 100% reassurance if he is to tour © Getty Images

Gerald Majola, the chief executive of the United Cricket Board, has confirmed South Africa's intention to tour India, although he is still seeking assurances from Delhi Police that Herschelle Gibbs and Nicky Boje would not be prosecuted as a part of the ongoing investigations into match-fixing.

"At this stage the tour will proceed as scheduled," said Mr Majola, despite the fact that, after several attempts to make contact with the relevant authority - KK Paul is leading the commission of enquiry into match-fixing in India - he had received no reassurance as to any immunity from prosecution for Gibbs and Boje.

"If the Indian Police are intent on questioning any of our players," added Majola, "then we would want to at least know the nature of the questioning and who will be asking the questions.

"We would obviously provide those players with the necessary legal representation during the questioning. In addition we would like to gain some form of assurance that our players will not be detained whilst in India, because they are there to play cricket."

It was on South Africa's last trip to India, in 2000, that the match-fixing scandal reached its crescendo, and with that in mind, Majola was keen to reaffirm the UCB's support of the ICC's drive to rid the game of corruption.

"South Africa were at the forefront of exposing corruption and bribery in the game," he said, "and we will co-operate with the investigation where necessary. However, we clearly do not want to send any of our players into a situation that might risk them being detained."

South Africa are due to play two Tests on their tour - one at Kanpur and the second at Kolkata in November - although the possibility still remains that the players themselves will instigate a boycott if Delhi Police cannot provide the necessary reassurances. "I don't really want to go to India if I'm not 100% convinced that nothing will happen to me," admitted Boje. "I want to be guaranteed indemnity from prosecution before I go."