Bowling coach completes clinic for nine prospects June 15, 2006

Donald urges fast bowlers to use 'leading arm'

Cricinfo staff

Donald believes Mfuneko Ngam needs to be toughened up © Getty Images

Allan Donald, the former South African fast bowler and current specialist bowling coach, believes that he has successfully corrected the problem of bowlers not using their "leading arm". Having just concluded a training camp for nine of the most promising South African fast bowlers, Donald revealed that there were exciting prospects for the future.

After he viewed video footage and made adjustments with the bowlers' actions, Donald said that the idea was not to change anyone's rhythm. He was particularly impressed by Morné Morkel and Ryan McLaren. "We had some very good bowlers but Morné was the outstanding one," he told the website "He is young and strong and he bowls with pace; definitely one to work with. He was very satisfied with the technical changes we made. The same goes for Ryan. I think what made him happiest is that the problem of his leading arm not being high enough could be corrected."

Donald also felt that Mfuneko Ngam, another talent dogged by a series of injuries over the past few years, had taken the first step to overcome his apprehensions. "You can just imagine. Mfuneko is still too afraid to bowl flat out; to let himself go," he said. "We are going to help him get over it. He made good progress during the week. He has already taken one step. He did not want to use his left arm because his shoulder is terribly painful."

"Step two is to get him mentally prepared for the season ahead," Donald added. "He may also be aware that this could be his last season if things do not go well for him. South African cricket wants him back and we are going to work very hard to ensure he'll be there."

Ngam, 27, admitted that the being free of injuries during the past two seasons had given him the confidence to test himself to the maximum this year.