South Africa news September 17, 2008

Arendse angry at moves to oust him

Cricinfo staff

Norman Arendse: 'I was elected president at a meeting last year and that should be valid for three years' © Getty Images
Cricket South Africa's president Norman Arendse is facing moves to oust him according to media reports, even though he has two years of his term still to serve.

Arendse, who has had a turbulent year, is set to be opposed by Gauteng's president Mtutuzeli Nyoka at a special meeting called by the provinces on September 26.

Arendse told the Beeld newspaper that he was particularly disappointed to learn that Ray Mali was linked with the group standing against him and had been nominated for the vice-president post.

"When Mali became president of the ICC and people told him he wouldn't make it because he didn't have the experience, I was the one who stood by him and defended him," Arendse said. "I can't tell you how shocked I was when I heard in Dubai last week that he is now in the camp of those who want to get rid of me."

The opportunity to force change has come about because CSA is undergoing a restructuring for tax reasons and it will become a non-profit-making company. That process, Arendse claimed, was still in progress, but he was confident that he would be able to survive any challenges.

"It would appear ... the status quo will be maintained with regard to the office-bearers, who will serve for two years from the time the company is established. I was elected president at a meeting last year and that should be valid for three years. Now there are suddenly people who are going back on that which was agreed on."