South Africa news July 24, 2009

Cricket South Africa agrees to mediation

Cricinfo staff

Cricket South Africa (CSA) has agreed to go ahead and resolve its ongoing tussle with the Gauteng Cricket Board (GCB) over the stripping of the Wanderers' international status. In response to the GCB's request for mediation and their criticism of the management of the IPL, CSA has asked the sports ministry to appoint a mediator to amicably resolve the situation.

"CSA has informed the GCB that it is keen to resolve this matter amicably, and that we agree with GCB that it should be referred to mediation," Gerald Majola, CSA chief executive, said. "In the circumstances, CSA has asked the Minister of Sport and Recreation to appoint a mediator as a matter of urgency in this regard, and we will inform GCB of the outcome of our request to the Minister."

Last week the GCB expressed its willingness to hold meetings with the CSA in the presence of a mediator and requested the board to appoint one if it desired. In order to prepare for such a meeting, the GCB asked the board to send it a copy of the CSA president's statement demanding an apology, the reasons why its letter was sent to the board's Members' Forum, why the Risk and Audit Committee wasn't suitable for tackling the issue, why its letter was dismissed and why the hosting conditions were linked to the removal of matches when none of the other boards had accepted.

If the issue is not resolved, Wanderers' is set to lose out on three matches during England's tour to South Africa in November-December.