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Phangiso set for World T20 after action cleared

ESPNcricinfo staff

Aaron Phangiso is set to resume his international career © AFP

Aaron Phangiso, the South Africa left-arm spinner, has had his action cleared and is now set to take part in the World T20 but will not be rushed back into action for the deciding T20 against Australia in Cape Town on Wednesday.

He had been reported for a suspect action following Lions' win against Warriors in the semi-final of the Momentum One Day Cup on February 24 and subsequent testing in Pretoria had found all his deliveries were illegal as they broke the 15-degree limit.

Following remedial work with the South Africa coaching staff the follow-up tests that were carried out on Monday have now found all his deliveries to be within the permitted limits so his suspension has been lifted.

After the initial test where his action failed, Phangiso was kept in the South Africa squad for the T20s against Australia with a view to him playing the final match if he was cleared, but he will now be given extra time to work on his remodelled action away from the spotlight of an international fixture before flying to India for the World T20.

"It's a huge relief to be cleared and to have my bowling action passed, it has been a tough and challenging few weeks for me," Phangiso said. "Many thanks to Cricket South Africa and the Proteas management for their support and for giving me the best opportunity of making it to India for the ICC World T20.

"In saying that, I'd really like to use the next few days ahead of the tournament to gain playing confidence, especially with some of the technical adjustments we have made to my action. My focus is on the World Cup and I'd really like to head into the competition with good form and confidence."

Russell Domingo, the South Africa coach, said: "We are really happy and relieved that Aaron has passed his re-test and he can now ready himself for the big tournament ahead. I said at the beginning of the series that we wanted to give everyone in the squad an opportunity to play and while it is tempting to play him tomorrow, both Aaron and I feel it's best that he takes a little more time to work on and gain confidence with his new adjustments.

"We have an important few weeks coming up in India so it's going to be important to have him in the right frame of mind both mentally and physically."

South Africa open their World T20 campaign against England on March 18 in Mumbai. They have two warm-up matches, the first against India on March 12 followed by a second, against a local side, on March 15.

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  • Tinus on March 10, 2016, 7:22 GMT

    Lets give Phangiso the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was only marginally exceeding the 15degrees in the 1st place and therefore the corrective measures required were minimal. Be that as it may, I would rather have dropped him from the squad as he wont be mentally prepared to win us a world cup. Not that I have much faith in Eddie Leie to do better, but atleast he would be more comfortable with his action.

  • Madhusudhan on March 10, 2016, 5:24 GMT

    Spinners and Slow bowlers can change their action. But it is very difficult for Fast Bowlers to change their action or runup. Wasim Akram used to bowl with normal runup at the start of the innings. But at death overs he used bowl with short runup, because that used to give him another dimension to his bowling style.

  • Madhusudhan on March 10, 2016, 5:20 GMT

    SA should be ready with replacement for A.Phangiso. You never know when he will be again reported and disallowed from playing.

  • Reetam on March 10, 2016, 1:20 GMT

    Science may say that it is next to imp to detect chucking of a fast bowler wd naked eye in normal time, particularly by the umpire,as he is already looking out of the corner of his eye and that too if he dearly wants to see the bowler!!! So the chances of quick bowler going undetected is much higher than for a spinner!!! But the game's colonial roots has always utilised science selectively. Mind u if I were a half decent seamer I would deliberately chuck a few balls in my spell just to see whether the umpire can pick it or not. And that is why I refuse to believe NO QUICK BOWLER NEVER THOT OF IT, coz I dont think myself to be so bright that I am the first to think of this since the rules were made. I would say if any fast bowler even chucked 1 ball in his spell, it wud give him way more advantage than the same by a seamer.

  • Jonathan on March 9, 2016, 18:56 GMT

    @Josiah M Philip That's not exactly true they are coached in such a way that their development follows a predetermined path. If you look at many bowlers at the english domestic level they are all one dimensional. They bowl medium pace and rely main on line and length taking advantage of occasional movement. For example if a youngster is bowling with an action like that of Chameera's from Sri Lanka, the coaches won't adapt to the player and try to help him modify his action to not chuck. They will make the player abandon that action completely and use the default action where he won't be chucking. It's the same with many English batsmen lets says with the straight drive, in the West Indies you will get 4-5 different variations of the straight drive, some with timing, brute force, placement etc. In England if a batman gets out and his replacement plays a shot, it's like you are looking at a carbon copy of the batsman that just lost his wicket.

  • Josiah M. Philip on March 9, 2016, 12:28 GMT

    bengal- that's because those kind of kinks are coached out of players from europe

  • Reetam on March 9, 2016, 11:15 GMT

    Wow. this has to be a record or something !!! Legends like Ajmal,Narine are still struggling wd their new action or are being called again. Meanwhile Phangiso seems to have taken some tips from the Flash!!! On a more serious note, this exposes 2 things: SA dont have any intl quality spinner apart from Tahir(good for LOIs only) and that if you are a spinner from outside of Asia/WI who unfortunately gets called , u will be treated specially. Till date no frontline spinner/seamer from outside of Asia/WI/Zim has been called aprt from Botha.

  • Dehron on March 9, 2016, 10:35 GMT

    maybe he did change his action, he could be strong willed.

  • Amindha on March 9, 2016, 10:03 GMT

    How can he change his action so fast?? As a cricketer i know that that is not possible.In a pressure situation you will just slip back into your normal,natural action

  • Merv on March 9, 2016, 6:32 GMT

    Sorry this is not believeable. Pressure behind the scenes was brought to bear. The naked eye tells us he is a pelter and no one can change their action so fast. I feel sorry for the umpires who were brave enough to make this call in the first place.

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