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South Africa

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The XI

A meeting of past and present

Dec 18, 2009: South Africa's all-time side helps dismantle the divide and isolation built between eras

Telford Vice

The loneliness of the long-distance cricketer

Feb 24, 2008: Do cricketers face greater stress and pressure than other sportsmen? Nearly two decades ago, David Frith produced a masterpiece on the subject

Suresh Menon

Aubrey Faulkner: professional success hid personal tragedy

Jul 25, 2001: 'Aubrey Faulkner' by Brian Bassano

Graham Holburn

George Aubrey Faulkner

1931: FAULKNER, MAJOR GEORGE AUBREY, born at Port Elizabeth on December 17, 1881, died of gas poisoning at the Faulkner School of Cricket, Ltd., on September 10, at the age of 48

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