Standard Bank Pro20 Series, 2007/08 / Commentary


Parnell to Kleinveldt, 2 wides


Parnell to Kleinveldt, 2 runs


Parnell to Kleinveldt, SIX, bowler bangs it in short and the batsman gives himself room and flat bats it over the boundary at cover


Parnell to Kleinveldt, 1 run

Cape Cobras 104/6   RK Kleinveldt 9* (3b 1x6)


Meyer to Kleinveldt, 1 run


Meyer to Kleinveldt, 1 wide


Meyer to Kleinveldt, 1 run


Meyer to Kleinveldt, SIX, full delivery smashed off the front foot over the long off boundary


Meyer to Kleinveldt, FOUR, driven past the man at cover to the boundary

Cape Cobras 120/6   RK Kleinveldt 21* (7b 1x4 2x6)


Theron to Kleinveldt, 1 run

Cape Cobras 126/6   RK Kleinveldt 22* (8b 1x4 2x6)


Meyer to Kleinveldt, OUT, amazingly caught by the fielder at long off who ran across and dived full length to take it inches off the ground

RK Kleinveldt c Botha b Meyer 22 (13m 9b 1x4 2x6) SR: 244.44

Cape Cobras 132/7   RK Kleinveldt 22 (9b 1x4 2x6)
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Dolphins won by 5 wickets (with 9 balls remaining)
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Titans won by 31 runs
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Eagles won by 13 runs
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