Sri Lanka Premier League 2012

SLPL franchises fetch average of $4.3 million

Tariq Engineer

June 26, 2012

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Sri Lanka Cricket has auctioned the seven Sri Lanka Premier League teams for an average price of $4.3 million, an SLC official has said. However, the names of the successful bidders, along with their respective teams, will only be announced once they have been approved by SLC's executive committee.

The prices of the franchises represent a substantial increase over the cost of teams in the Bangladesh Premier League, where six teams were sold for $6.49 million, with none of them going for much more than the base price of $1 million. However, the figures still pale in comparison to the IPL, which had its first eight teams bring in $723 million.

One crucial difference between the SLPL and the IPL is that the teams have only been leased for an initial period of seven years and not sold outright. At the end of the period, the franchisees will need to sign a fresh agreement but will have the first right of refusal. The reserve price for the franchises had been set at $3 million.

In order to determine the teams, the franchises will take part in the player draft, to be held on July 5 and 6. A lottery will be held to determine the order in which players are picked. SLC will determine the value of the contract for each player in advance and the franchises will be made aware of the cost of the player. The players are likely to be drafted in two groups - the first consisting of players from Sri Lanka and the second all the foreign players. The draft is being seen as the best way to ensure that players are evenly distributed among the teams, making it a level playing field.

The SLPL was supposed to kick off last year. However, the Sri Lankan board was forced to postpone the tournament after the BCCI refused to allow its players to participate at the last minute, causing a delay in the naming of the final composition of the teams and affecting overall preparations for the event. In addition, SLC's interim committee that signed the deal was subsequently replaced and there was criticism of some of the clauses in the contract with Somerset Entertainment Ventures by the parliamentary Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE). A new contract was subsequently signed earlier this year.

The SLPL starts on August 10, with the final to be held on August 31. There will be 24 games in total, split between Colombo and Pallekele.

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Posted by YS_USA on (June 28, 2012, 23:37 GMT)

Agam99, It is not India owned or controlled, but based on India's huge TV market, which is smartly utilized by SL and BD. Next step for SL and BD teams is to get Indian players to generate more interest in Indian market and then teams from all 3 leagues, BPL, SLPL, and IPL can play each other and then we will have Asia Series of our own which will be more interesting than Champions League.

Posted by agam99 on (June 28, 2012, 13:46 GMT)

All seven franchises of SLPL are Indian business enterprises. These days everything in cricket in Indian owned/controlled. Even the firm which organized BPL is an Indian company

Posted by YS_USA on (June 27, 2012, 15:19 GMT)

Larger the economy and population, larger is the TV viewers, which results in larger money for T20 teams and and their players. Salary cap for BBL is $1 million per team, for BPL is $2 million per team and for IPL $9 million per team. Soon, we will find out SLPL salary cap and then it will more sense. I think BBL teams are not privately owned, but owned and controlled by the Australian board, so it has no market value. Cricket becomes fun, enjoyable and entertaining only if all countries allow their players to play in T20 leagues. Pakistan-India situation is understandable and Australia is in a different time zone, but BPL, SLPL and IPL matches with players from all countries should be fun to watch.

Posted by SureshBravo on (June 27, 2012, 14:14 GMT)

@ Ramesh Dharshana Perera : Kiddo you have to believe and agam comment was not a lie. Pune is $370 million and IPL was $723.59 million. Check Wikipedia. Also we indians bought 6 SLPL team.

Posted by ameen85 on (June 27, 2012, 6:10 GMT)

I donno y pepole comparing the economy and the population of the SL,IND and BAN? Its only cricket and the price of the SLPL is higher because SL has got talented cricketeters than BAN. BAN cant even think of comparing their cricketers with SL or IND.... U have got to grow up a lot to compare ur players with others..

Come on guys lets enjoy the game

Posted by Udendra on (June 27, 2012, 4:45 GMT)

Anyone know the value of BBL franchises? I think SLPL value has nothing to do with population or GDP, but with the players' quality.

Posted by PKosgoda on (June 27, 2012, 2:36 GMT)

The youngsters maintained consistency from very young age should be given high priority, A fair share of this should go to the SLan youngsters as incentives for them to be in the Game. The henchmen, the selectors have been messing around with for the last 10 years shouldn't be considered.

Posted by ikmal--syd on (June 27, 2012, 1:21 GMT)

it's not a competition between bangladesh and sri lanka or india, it's about entertaining cricket!

Posted by SylhetiBangladeshiCricketExpert4u on (June 27, 2012, 0:38 GMT)

@YS_USA - Indian Players are allowed in BPL but Bcci didnt allow their players to participate in it ...and in SLPL i think bcci didnt said anything about indian players whether they will play in SLPL or not yet...and about Big Bash of Australia i dont knw the value of their Franchises

Posted by YS_USA on (June 26, 2012, 21:08 GMT)

SylhetiBangladeshiCricketExpert4u, Your rankings of two economies sound correct, but why Indian players are allowed in SL T20 league and not BL T20 league? Australia also has great local players, but what is the value of BBL franchises?

Posted by SylhetiBangladeshiCricketExpert4u on (June 26, 2012, 19:34 GMT)

@YS_USA - Sorry Mate but Bangladesh's Economy Size is currently Ranked 47 In the World and Lanka's Economy Size is Somewhere Around Ranked 80 in the World...their Team Fetched Higher Prices Becoz of Some Local Great Players not Becoz of Economy...

Posted by YS_USA on (June 26, 2012, 17:32 GMT)

According to IMF, SL's 2011 GDP was $59,095 millions while GDP of BL was $113,032 millions, almost double, so it is surprising that SL teams were sold for $30 millions compared to $6.4 millions for BL teams. Something does not seem right, unless Indian players and Indian TV market are available to SL and not to BL.

Posted by Cricinbest on (June 26, 2012, 16:48 GMT)

Good to see this is coming up and wish good luck to SLPL. BTW this is SLPL and not IPL, BBL or BPL, so please don't compare. Indian friends, please don't put sarcastic comments such on money, etc. We also love our cricket as you love yours. Cheers !!!

Posted by   on (June 26, 2012, 16:19 GMT)

Agam - Pune worriers were 370 and whole of IPL is 700 million ? Don`t lie...Multiply these base prices from 60 (as India have 60 times more ppl than Sri Lanka) and compare with IPL figures

Posted by   on (June 26, 2012, 15:26 GMT)

So r u happy srilankan fans by comparing the price of the teams based on population of the countries.Its gud to be happy.I too was not able to control my laugh after reading your logics to compare IPL,BPL with SLPL.

Posted by YS_USA on (June 26, 2012, 14:03 GMT)

M. Rizvi and R. D. Perera, Value of T20 teams has nothing to do with the size of population but with the size of the economy. SL economy must be 4 times larger than BL economy unless Indian investers are trying to make money in SL., of course based on Indian TV market. Indian population is 4 times bigger then the USA population but the size of US economy is 14 times bigger than Indian economy and the value of US sports leagues are 14 times higher.

Posted by asiacricket1234 on (June 26, 2012, 13:58 GMT)

I donno why some people are comparing IPL Price wid SLPL price. IPL has a viewer base of 1billion while Sri Lanka has only 20million people in sri lanka. I think if u consider the population they are getting paid well for the team :D

Posted by   on (June 26, 2012, 13:42 GMT)

Comment by Mayan Priyadarshana is very true and this is the sad part of cricket and politics.

Posted by ranga_s on (June 26, 2012, 13:33 GMT)

Always felt this is a good plan given they manage this properly..Starters this won't be boring as only about 28 games will be played within 2 weeks...Only 6 foreign players per squad and 4 playing means there wont be a case of big international stars sitting out regularly. looking at domestic circuit it's easy to find 50 good quality players plus few more to fill the bench and to play if required..Youngsters too will get the chance to play as there's a clause somewhere I saw it require a must U 21 or 23 to play..I don't know who participate as foreign player but captaincy will be spread among 7 Sri Lankans and my guess would be Mahela, Sangakkara, Dilshan, Matthews, Tharanga, Kandambi, Udawatte, Jayasuriya and Murali (if they play the tournament he'll replace either Udawatte or Kandambi or might play for their respective provinces.) Biggest thing SLC must do is not to compete with IPL, BPL or BBL for that matter. Rest assured fielding skills will be top notch..Gud Luck.

Posted by agam99 on (June 26, 2012, 12:33 GMT)

Alone Pune Warriors was sold for $370 million USD in IPL

Posted by   on (June 26, 2012, 12:00 GMT)

pretty sure this will be the 1st and last Edition, Last Thing is we needed mahinda's sons to get involed with cricket and ruin it, so here they are and good luck SL Cricket, shame on u SLC & SL GOV

Posted by   on (June 26, 2012, 10:37 GMT)

i hope associates will be given chance to play in the SPL

Posted by   on (June 26, 2012, 10:12 GMT)

@ Frank 1st of all im a Lankan and i knw tat sri lankan r ready play n dey did but still there are due for last 6 months!! dey shud be paid for there services coz to love u need money!!

Posted by   on (June 26, 2012, 10:08 GMT)

ths isnt the base prices of all 7 teams would be around $30-35 million..Given the fact that India`s population is 60 times that of Sri compare with IPL you have to muliply it by 60..which gives a value around $1800-$2000 million..Sri Lanka`s population is 1/8 of Bangladesh but still we managed to sell our teams for an amound which is 4 times bigger than their teams ! So considering the size and the population here, this is a great news

Posted by   on (June 26, 2012, 9:51 GMT)

wow, reading these comments. i can see that more non sri lankans rather than sri lankans are showing interest in SLC multi million dollar deals. one is asking to pay for DRS, and another is asking to pay the players LOL don't get me wrong here, i hate this SLPL and other PL's. it does more harm than good to cricket. after all who wants to lose 4-0 to opposition not once but twice?

Posted by   on (June 26, 2012, 9:31 GMT)

India's Population 1200 million Bangladesh's Population 161 million Sri Lanka's Population 20 million

So Sri Lanka got higher amount than Bangladesh

Posted by   on (June 26, 2012, 8:20 GMT)

@Masud:- SLC has already paid the due amount. any way as sri lankans everbody any time ready to play for our nation without money.

Posted by ahilcool on (June 26, 2012, 8:05 GMT)

they still have 25,000 in dept lol

Posted by   on (June 26, 2012, 8:00 GMT)

B4 dat SLC has tp pay the lankan players..

Posted by Third_Gear on (June 26, 2012, 7:47 GMT)

First thing is first, Let the tournament to be start and finish successfully than come to compare with IPL,BPL. I have enough doubt about the tournament ASit happened last time PEOPLE spared lots of words but at the end all went in vain.

Posted by sachin_vvsfan on (June 26, 2012, 7:05 GMT)

So players are picked on basis of lottery. How does this ensure a level playing field even if there are two groups? I guess some of the teams will be captained by a foreigner. The national team itself does not have 7 good players who can lead (oh dont get me wrong. this happened in IPL too) Its because of the limitation of foreigners that increased the demand for the national (and some non-national like jadeja)regulars.On what basis will SLC determine players value?Will they put more value for the likes of Gayle, Devilliers. All local teams will be eyeing for the likes of sangakkara/jayawardene and they naturally command more price. Will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Also one good thing is it is a short tournament and players(and specatators) will definitely like this.

Posted by getsetgopk on (June 26, 2012, 6:28 GMT)

Ok great now pay for the DRS for the next test match, you guys have money now LOL

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