Australia tour of Sri Lanka, 1st ODI: Sri Lanka v Australia at Pallekele, Aug 10, 2011
Australia won by 7 wickets (with 71 balls remaining)
10 August 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Lee to Tharanga, no run, right on target first up with one holding its line on off stump, Tharanga defends to the on side with a closed bat face


Lee to Tharanga, no run, has a waft at one leaving him with the angle, feet not moving yet, and is beaten


Lee to Tharanga, no run, tight line from Lee around off stump, Tharanga cautiously pats it away towards extra cover


Lee to Tharanga, no run, Lee giving nothing away in terms of width, Tharanga tries to force him off the back foot but just manages to push to extra cover


Lee to Tharanga, FOUR, Tharanga picks up the first boundary, just stands in the crease and pushes a length ball hard, and the timing is good enough to beat extra cover trying to cut it off to his left, there is no mid off


Lee to Tharanga, FOUR, and again, a bit fuller from Lee, no movement, Tharanga hits it with a big straight followthrough through mid off

Sri Lanka 8/0   B Lee 1-0-8-0

Lee to Tharanga, no run, plays out a length ball on the stumps towards short midwicket


Lee to Tharanga, 1 run, quick single in front of cover as Tharanga taps a shortish one on the off side, Smith comes charging in and lobs the throw towards the stumps to have Dilshan going for the dive, but not before they collide and go sprawling on the ground, Smith looks a touch out of breath


Lee to Dilshan, no run, driven off the backfoot to mid-off


Lee to Dilshan, no run, goes for the whiplash pull off a marginally short ball, but cannot beat square leg


Lee to Dilshan, no run, mistimes the shot as he looks to crash a length ball through cover, ball rolls away to shortish cover


Lee to Dilshan, no run, goes for another big drive and mistimes a fuller delivery on to pad and to short cover

Sri Lanka 17/0   B Lee 2-0-9-0

Lee to Dilshan, no run, goes for the one in the blockhole around off, and Dilshan digs it out towards covers


Lee to Dilshan, 1 run, Dilshan manages to get on top of a shortish ball and swivels to pull through square leg, there is a man in the deep there


Lee to Tharanga, 1 run, goes back and tries to punch on the off side, the ball takes the outer half and flies to third man, the bounce has been pretty true so far, and there hasn't been any movement apart from the first delivery


Lee to Dilshan, 1 run, yet again Lee bangs in the short ball to Dilshan who goes back and cracks the pull to deep square leg


Lee to Tharanga, no run, gets it off the inner half towards shortish midwicket as Lee brings it in with the angle from wide of the crease


Lee to Tharanga, no run, Lee targets the stumps with the changed angle, but Tharanga brings down a closed face and gets it past short midwicket

Sri Lanka 32/0   B Lee 3-0-12-0

Lee to Kulasekara, FOUR, and he is greeted with a thumping drive between extra cover and mid off first ball, it was pitched up and he went through with the shot


Lee to Kulasekara, no run, leaves a length ball outside off well alone


Lee to Kulasekara, no run, well played, gets forward and smothers a length ball down the track


Lee to Kulasekara, 1 run, that is a snorter from Lee, Nuwan had no chance to get out of the way as it reared up at him, off the glove and away to HAddin's right who tried hard with a full-length dive but could not get to it


Lee to Randiv, no run, pushed out towards point from the crease


Lee to Randiv, no run, Lee lets the pacy yorker rip right on middle, but Randiv manages to get something on it, was it bat or pad, Australia think it is the pad, we will have to wait for the third umpire, it hit him on the back boot as it zoomed in, now was there a bit of an inside edge before that happened? Third umpire decides in the batsman's favour, replays were not really conclusive

Sri Lanka 137/7   B Lee 4-0-17-0

Lee to Randiv, no run, makes a bit of room to guide a rising delivery from off stump to point


Lee to Randiv, 1 run, Lee tries the full slower one, he picks it and forces it down to long off


Lee to Kulasekara, no run, deep in the crease to block a short of a length ball, a touch in the air, on the leg side


Lee to Kulasekara, no run, drives languidly from the crease but cannot beat extra cover


Lee to Kulasekara, no run, almost another one, goes for a loose push from the crease as Lee slows it down a tad, but the ball drops short of extra cover


Lee to Kulasekara, no run, well kept out, Lee with another yorker, but Nuwan gets across and digs it back to him

Sri Lanka 138/7   B Lee 5-0-18-0

Lee to Randiv, FOUR, shortish and wide, he is playing well here Randiv, gets on top, and cuts it past a diving Ponting at point


Lee to Randiv, 1 wide, Lee gives him the bouncer, and is called for a wide as it sails over the batsman


Lee to Randiv, no run, pushed away off a length to point


Lee to Randiv, no run, drives a full delivery with a closed face to mid on


Lee to Randiv, no run, slower one from Lee, he is already well forward and blocks it on the off side, Lee the athlete goes after it, fields and back-lobs the ball towards the non-striker's stumps


Lee to Randiv, FOUR, these two have added 50 now, he goes a for a slash to a widish delivery and gets it well past Haddin


Lee to Randiv, no run, leans in to a lovely front foot drive, too bad it went straight to extra cover

Sri Lanka 170/7   B Lee 6-0-27-0

Lee to Kulasekara, 1 run, carves a full and widish delivery wide of sweeper cover


Lee to Randiv, 1 run, slower one from Lee again, he had set himself up to have a go at it, but checked the shot a bit to send it along the ground to long off


Lee to Kulasekara, 2 runs, short ball in to the body now, he deals with it quite well, swats it in front of square leg and wide of the man in the deep


Lee to Kulasekara, no run, right on a length on middle, but they have kept out such deliveries well, he blocks it past the non-striker and jogs out for the run, but mid on is already on to the ball


Lee to Kulasekara, 1 run, goes for the lofted shot now off a pitched up delivery, there is long off in place


Lee to Randiv, 1 run, squeezes out the yorker outside off to sweeper cover and goes for the single, the throw misses at the non-striker's

Sri Lanka 177/7   B Lee 7-0-33-0

Lee to Kulasekara, OUT, superb shot, but what a catch from Mike Hussey, Lee gets his 350th ODI wicket, banged it in short and Nuwan cracked the pull right out of the middle of the bat, it was dying in front of Hussey at deep midwicket, but he dived forward to take the ball close to the ground

KMDN Kulasekara c MEK Hussey b Lee 34 (79m 57b 2x4 2x6) SR: 59.64

Sri Lanka 191/10   B Lee 7.1-0-33-1





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