Australia tour of Sri Lanka, 3rd ODI: Sri Lanka v Australia at Hambantota, Aug 16, 2011
Sri Lanka won by 78 runs
16 August 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Bollinger to Silva, no run, full pitched on off stump, Chamara mistimes the drive into the off side and finds point.


Bollinger to Silva, no run, short of a length, pushes Silva onto the back foot and he defends into the covers.


Bollinger to Silva, 1 run, full pitched outside off, Silva dabs it into the off side for a single.

Sri Lanka 231/4   LPC Silva 1* (3b)

Lee to Silva, no run, short ball, Silva hangs back and works it to the leg side. He is desperate for a single, but there is none to be taken.


Lee to Silva, no run, yorker from Lee, and SL are losing momentum in a hurry. Silva tamely plays it back to the bowler, not much he could have done with it.


Lee to Silva, 1 run, Silva gets the single this time, a laborious drive to the left of Watson at mid-off, who hurls the throw in but misses as Silva dives in.


Lee to Silva, no run, Silva looks at sea here. Lee hustles him with a pacy straight ball, short of a length, and it is played without conviction to the off side.

Sri Lanka 233/4   LPC Silva 2* (7b)

Bollinger to Silva, no run, Silva is getting stuck here. He guides a length ball straight to point.


Bollinger to Silva, 1 leg bye, targets the pads this time, Silva shuffles across and looks to work it to the leg side. Single taken, off the pad.

Sri Lanka 235/4   LPC Silva 2* (9b)

Lee to Silva, 1 run, another near yorker, low full toss that has Silva stumbling over as he moves to save the toes. This is stupendous bowling.

Sri Lanka 240/4   LPC Silva 3* (10b)

Bollinger to Silva, FOUR, short and wide, Silva latches on with a gritty slash. Not much of a backlift, he throws the bat at it and carves it away nicely. First four in six overs.


Bollinger to Silva, no run, and he immediately cuts the width this time, Silva stays on the crease and blocks it to the off side.


Bollinger to Silva, 1 wide, bouncer goes awry, it slips down the leg side and past Silva's pull. Hadding appeals for a gloved catch, but it is called a wide. Sheepish looks all around.


Bollinger to Silva, no run, pitched up and angled across, Silva seemed late in getting forward and drove it straight to cover.


Bollinger to Silva, 1 run, width outside off again and Silva goes for that sumptuous cut once more. Single to deep cover.

Sri Lanka 248/4   LPC Silva 8* (14b 1x4)

Lee to Silva, 1 run, short ball on middle and off, Silva skips inside the line and works it through backward square leg for a single.


Lee to Silva, no run, another near yorker on the stumps, Silva looks to work it to the leg side and finds the fielder at midwicket.


Lee to Silva, OUT, appeal for a freaky catch. What's happened there? Yorker scorching in towards leg stump, it hits Silva's left foot on the full and then, as it comes up, it hits the bat which was completing a flick and pops up tamely to midwicket. A pad-bat catch.

LPC Silva c Smith b Lee 9 (23m 17b 1x4 0x6) SR: 52.94

Sri Lanka 252/5   LPC Silva 9 (17b 1x4)





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