Australia tour of Sri Lanka, 3rd ODI: Sri Lanka v Australia at Hambantota, Aug 16, 2011
Sri Lanka won by 78 runs
16 August 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Bollinger to Sangakkara, no run, length ball outside off from over the stumps and Sanga defends it back to the bowler.


Bollinger to Sangakkara, 1 wide, overcooks the bouncer and it called a wide for height.


Bollinger to Sangakkara, 1 run, Sanga is away in nervous fashion. He nudges a length ball to mid-on off the back foot and takes off. Smith fires in the throw and hits the stumps, but Sanga dives in, just in time.


Bollinger to Sangakkara, 1 run, straying down the leg side, Sanga works it down to fine leg for a single.

Sri Lanka 143/1   KC Sangakkara 2* (3b)

DJ Hussey to Sangakkara, 2 runs, tossed up outside off, Sanga drives through the covers for a couple.


DJ Hussey to Sangakkara, no run, sharp turn from back of a length, Sanga ends up trying to work it from outside off and doesn't get it away.


DJ Hussey to Sangakkara, SIX, Sanga goes for the big drive over long-on and just clears the man at long-on! Superb timing, but still a daring stroke. It was pitched up, Sanga leaned out to the pitch, went down on a knee and heaved him over the fielder.


DJ Hussey to Sangakkara, 1 leg bye, shorter this time, Sanga quietly works him through the leg side.

Sri Lanka 152/1   KC Sangakkara 10* (7b 1x6)

Watson to Sangakkara, 1 run, on the pads, Sanga works it through square leg and thinks of two, but he slips as he turns and there's a yes-no situation that ends without a second run.

Sri Lanka 153/1   KC Sangakkara 11* (8b 1x6)

Johnson to Sangakkara, 1 run, Sanga shuffles well inside the line as Mitch sprays it down the leg side. Worked down to fine leg for a single.

Sri Lanka 159/1   KC Sangakkara 12* (9b 1x6)

Watson to Sangakkara, 3 runs, languid drive from Sanga, who leans into a full-pitched ball from Watson and sends it purring away almost all the way into the cover boundary.

Sri Lanka 166/1   KC Sangakkara 15* (10b 1x6)

Johnson to Sangakkara, no run, Mitch wangs another one into Sanga's pads and it is firmly on-driven to mid-on.


Johnson to Sangakkara, 1 run, and again on the pads, Sanga gets it away through square leg for a single.

Sri Lanka 167/1   KC Sangakkara 16* (12b 1x6)

Watson to Sangakkara, 1 run, back of a length on off stump, Sanga opens the face to guide it towards third man for a single.


Watson to Sangakkara, FOUR, top-class batting. Sanga sashays down the pitch to an off-cutter and lofts it clean over mid-on for an imperious boundary.


Watson to Sangakkara, no run, what happened there? Watson gets this to bounce extra off the seam and it hits the shoulder of Sanga's bat to pop up, safely, on the off side.


Watson to Sangakkara, no run, Sanga gets behind the line this time and defends down the track.

Sri Lanka 173/1   KC Sangakkara 21* (16b 1x4 1x6)

Johnson to Sangakkara, 1 run, superb yorker and Sanga does really well to dig it out and take off for a quick single. Johnson tears away to the off side to field it, but can't stop the single.

Sri Lanka 175/1   KC Sangakkara 22* (17b 1x4 1x6)

Doherty to Sangakkara, no run, tossed up on off stump and defended.


Doherty to Sangakkara, FOUR, Sanga at his best, making the spinners look incidental, rather than a part of the story. He skips out, gets to the flight and lofts him over midwicket. Poetic.


Doherty to Sangakkara, 1 run, and now he goes through the off side, beautifully timed into the covers but he slips again while turning and they get only one.


Doherty to Sangakkara, no run


Doherty to Sangakkara, 1 run, Sanga skips out again, he's not to the flight and merely chips Doherty over the infield for one more.

Sri Lanka 182/1   KC Sangakkara 28* (22b 2x4 1x6)

Lee to Sangakkara, 1 run, top-edged but safe. Sanga looks to clip him with the angle off the pads, but seemed to close the face a touch early. It ballooned up in the air, but landed safely around midwicket.


Lee to Sangakkara, no run, full outside off, Sanga moves into the square drive nicely but finds the fielder.


Lee to Sangakkara, 1 run, over-pitched on off stump, Sanga drives it on the move into the covers for a single.

Sri Lanka 185/1   KC Sangakkara 30* (25b 2x4 1x6)

Doherty to Sangakkara, 1 run, tossed up and breaking in, Sanga nudges through midwicket and they settle for one. Should have been two again.


Doherty to Sangakkara, 2 runs, flighted outside Sanga's off stump and he goes down on a knee to lace it into the covers for two more.


Doherty to Sangakkara, FOUR, there's rubbish bowling and then there is this. Doherty spears it onto middle and it turns further down even as Sanga shuffles inside the line and lashes the sweep into a very vacant backward square leg area for four.


Doherty to Sangakkara, no run, this time he holds it back a touch and Sanga misses the sweep.


Doherty to Sangakkara, SIX, how did he time that so well? Sanga shimmies out, seemed to be well short of the pitch of the ball, but went through with the straight lofted drive. I initially thought he over-estimated the turn and it seemed to go off the outer half, but it just kept going and cleared the straight boundary with ease!

Sri Lanka 205/1   KC Sangakkara 43* (30b 3x4 2x6)

Watson to Sangakkara, 1 run, slower ball on off stump, Sanga taps it to the off side for a single.


Watson to Sangakkara, 1 run, Sanga clips a length ball angling in down through square leg for a single.


Watson to Sangakkara, 2 runs, Watto drifts onto the pads again, Sanga nudges him easily through backward square leg and hares back for the inevitable second.

Sri Lanka 212/1   KC Sangakkara 47* (33b 3x4 2x6)

Lee to Sangakkara, 1 run, width outside off this time, Sanga drives into the covers for a single.


Lee to Sangakkara, no run, full on off stump, Sanga guides it off the outer half straight to a diving point.


Lee to Sangakkara, 1 run, similar line, Sanga drills it down to long-on for a single. Australia are looking good for a big score here.

Sri Lanka 220/1   KC Sangakkara 49* (36b 3x4 2x6)

Bollinger to Sangakkara, OUT, and a wicket straight away! He's ducked this one full on the leg stump, Sanga misses the flick and it is hit on the pads. Umpire Ranmore Martinesz (what a name!) gave that immediately, and Sanga referred it on Tharanga's advice. No luck. Pitches on the stumps as he shuffles across, hits in front of middle and it is more than clipping leg. The decision stays and SL take a bit of a blow at the start of the Powerplay.

KC Sangakkara lbw b Bollinger 49 (62m 37b 3x4 2x6) SR: 132.43

Sri Lanka 220/2   KC Sangakkara 49 (37b 3x4 2x6)





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