Australia tour of Sri Lanka, 3rd ODI: Sri Lanka v Australia at Hambantota, Aug 16, 2011
Sri Lanka won by 78 runs
16 August 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Lee to Tharanga, FOUR, Tharanga's off to a flier. Lee pitches the first up generously full, not much pace on it either and Tharanga just goes at it away from the body, and scoops it well over point.

Sri Lanka 4/0   WU Tharanga 4* (1b 1x4)   B Lee 0.1-0-4-0

Bollinger to Tharanga, FOUR, well played Tharanga. Bolly has dictated terms through the over, but the moment he has given him width, Tharanga has given him a dose of Jayasuriya. Stays in the crease, opens the face and jabs him high over cover-point for a boundary.

Sri Lanka 11/0   WU Tharanga 10* (10b 2x4)   DE Bollinger 1-0-6-0

Johnson to Dilshan, FOUR, top shot, with the Dilshan trademark. It is that workmanlike cover drive of his, striving to get muscle behind a ball that's not over-pitched. This was not driving length by any stretch of imagination, but you wouldn't believe that if you saw how Dilshan managed to power it away.

Sri Lanka 25/0   TM Dilshan 14* (15b 1x4)   MG Johnson 0.4-0-6-0

Bollinger to Tharanga, FOUR, Bolly continues to cause problems. Pace and bounce, hustling away outside off, Tharanga is drawn into a shot, but he is late on it and completely lacking in control as he flirts with it, and it zips past the slips. Bolly is livid and has a go at Dilshan, who returns in kind!

Sri Lanka 31/0   WU Tharanga 16* (15b 3x4)   DE Bollinger 2.1-0-11-0

Johnson to Dilshan, FOUR, Dilshan at his idiosyncratic best here. Beaten last ball? What beaten? The moment it is pitched up, he goes after it with a vengeance and blasts it through the covers. Scorching shot.

Sri Lanka 35/0   TM Dilshan 19* (18b 2x4)   MG Johnson 1.2-0-12-0

Lee to Tharanga, FOUR, width outside off, back of a length, and Tharanga just decides to throw everything at it. Gets a big outside edge that goes past the lone slip. Would have gone straight to second slip if he was around!

Sri Lanka 47/0   WU Tharanga 24* (31b 4x4)   B Lee 2.3-0-18-0

Watson to Tharanga, FOUR, full on the stumps, Tharanga drives it back pleasingly at it beats a spirited effort from Doherty to give him four.

Sri Lanka 58/0   WU Tharanga 32* (42b 5x4)   SR Watson 0.1-0-4-0

Doherty to Tharanga, FOUR, well played, down the track as he sees a bit of flight, gets around it to loft it over mid off

Sri Lanka 71/0   WU Tharanga 41* (55b 6x4)   XJ Doherty 1.2-0-8-0

Doherty to Tharanga, FOUR, nothing wrong with this one, Tharanga stepping it up, again abandons the crease, gets to the pitch and lofts over mid off

Sri Lanka 77/0   WU Tharanga 47* (58b 7x4)   XJ Doherty 1.5-0-14-0

Watson to Dilshan, FOUR, that is superb timing from Dilshan, not hit hard, swivels to the short ball, and keeps the pull along the ground through square leg, too quick for the man in the deeo

Sri Lanka 81/0   TM Dilshan 33* (38b 3x4)   SR Watson 2.1-0-13-0

DJ Hussey to Tharanga, FOUR, Tharanga is flowing now. Over-pitched outside off, he drills it through the covers for a boundary.

Sri Lanka 98/0   WU Tharanga 54* (64b 8x4)   DJ Hussey 0.3-0-7-0

Smith to Dilshan, FOUR, very poor bowling from Smith. Another short ball, Dilshan crashes it through backward point with a cut shot he will play in his sleep.

Sri Lanka 106/0   TM Dilshan 47* (48b 4x4)   SPD Smith 0.3-0-7-0

DJ Hussey to Tharanga, FOUR, width outside off with a non-turning offbreak, it is meat and drink for subcontinent batsmen. Gorgeous shot from Tharanga, lofting this over the covers into the gap at deep extra cover for four.

Sri Lanka 112/0   WU Tharanga 63* (73b 9x4)   DJ Hussey 1.2-0-12-0

Smith to Tharanga, FOUR, George Binoy believes this is as easy as taking candy from a baby. I agree. Width to Tharanga again, and he laces it through point for four more.

Sri Lanka 121/0   WU Tharanga 70* (76b 10x4)   SPD Smith 1.1-0-13-0

Watson to Sangakkara, FOUR, top-class batting. Sanga sashays down the pitch to an off-cutter and lofts it clean over mid-on for an imperious boundary.

Sri Lanka 173/1   KC Sangakkara 21* (14b 1x4 1x6)   SR Watson 5.4-0-32-0

Doherty to Sangakkara, FOUR, Sanga at his best, making the spinners look incidental, rather than a part of the story. He skips out, gets to the flight and lofts him over midwicket. Poetic.

Sri Lanka 179/1   KC Sangakkara 26* (19b 2x4 1x6)   XJ Doherty 3.2-0-24-0

Lee to Tharanga, FOUR, A tale of Dr. Upul and Mr. Tharanga today. In the middle of all those plays, misses and edges, he's played some utterly sublime shorts. Lee's legcutter lands short and comes in to cramp Tharanga, who still manages to time the square cut expertly for four.

Sri Lanka 191/1   WU Tharanga 98* (126b 11x4)   B Lee 5-0-28-0

Doherty to Sangakkara, FOUR, there's rubbish bowling and then there is this. Doherty spears it onto middle and it turns further down even as Sanga shuffles inside the line and lashes the sweep into a very vacant backward square leg area for four.

Sri Lanka 199/1   KC Sangakkara 37* (28b 3x4 1x6)   XJ Doherty 4.4-0-35-0

Lee to Tharanga, FOUR, bang! Lee pitches it in Tharanga's half and he frees his arms with glee. Stays in the crease, keeps the head down and launches this imperiously, almost all the way over midwicket. It was such a good shot that umpire Rauf signalled six straight away. It's just short though.

Sri Lanka 218/1   WU Tharanga 107* (132b 12x4)   B Lee 5.3-0-34-0

Bollinger to Chandimal, FOUR, Chandimal is away with a gorgeous drive! What a talent. It was a length ball, and Chandimal if anything was early on the drive. He gets it down the ground. Lovely hit.

Sri Lanka 224/2   LD Chandimal 4* (1b 1x4)   DE Bollinger 6.2-0-27-2

Bollinger to Silva, FOUR, short and wide, Silva latches on with a gritty slash. Not much of a backlift, he throws the bat at it and carves it away nicely. First four in six overs.

Sri Lanka 246/4   LPC Silva 7* (11b 1x4)   DE Bollinger 9.2-0-39-4

Watson to Jayawardene, FOUR, Mahela's brilliance is encapsulated in that shot. It is the 48th over of an ODI, the time when people are looking to whack the leather off the cherry. Not Mahela though. He gets a touch of width outside off, not the right length for the drive, and he makes his own pace using those silken wrists. Coaxed through point, and it leaves Watson in agony. Supreme.

Sri Lanka 266/6   DPMD Jayawardene 21* (27b 1x4)   SR Watson 8-0-48-0

Johnson to Jayawardene, FOUR, another one from the top-drawer. Mahela again makes his own room as he backs away and threads a cut through point. An inch of width was all Mitch offered, Mahela took a foot and more out of it!

Sri Lanka 271/6   DPMD Jayawardene 25* (28b 2x4)   MG Johnson 8.2-0-40-1

Johnson to Jayawardene, FOUR, another stunner! Back of a length ball, angling across without offering any room, Mahela stays put on the crease and booms it over the top of extra cover. All timing, and he nearly gets six through the toughest area to time a ball in the cricket field. Off a good ball. Against a very good fast bowler. Wow!

Sri Lanka 275/6   DPMD Jayawardene 29* (29b 3x4)   MG Johnson 8.3-0-44-1





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