Australia tour of Sri Lanka, 5th ODI: Sri Lanka v Australia at Colombo (RPS), Aug 22, 2011
Sri Lanka won by 4 wickets (with 18 balls remaining)
22 August 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Malinga to Watson, no run, short of a length and just outside off, Watson slaps that towards cover


Malinga to Watson, no run, not too much movement for Malinga, 137kmh, carries through nicely to the keeper after Watson lets it go


Malinga to Watson, no run, shortish ball that doesn't bounce too much, Watson looks to poke that to the off side but the ball zips past the outside edge


Malinga to Watson, no run, Malinga has pushed the pace up to 139kph, outside off and a watchful leave from Watson


Malinga to Watson, no run, and another leave outside off


Malinga to Watson, no run, a maiden to start the innings, pitched up and around off, pushed off the front foot towards the bowler

Australia 0/0   SL Malinga 1-1-0-0

Malinga to Watson, no run, well outside off, Watson is content to leave


Malinga to Watson, FOUR, plenty of width from Malinga this time, Watson cashes in, a controlled muscular slap behind point for a boundary


Malinga to Watson, 1 no ball, what a beauty that was, except it was a no-ball, lovely delivery from Malinga, nipping a touch away, Watson lunges forward to defend, a healthy edge to Sangakkara, sri Lanka are distraught on seeing umpire Rauf's raise his right hand, free-hit coming up


Malinga to Watson, 1 run, stabs this one towards point, where Randiv makes a diving stop, Watson gets off strike


Malinga to Ponting, no run, pitched up and heading for off, Ponting gets nicely forward and pushes the ball towards mid-on


Malinga to Ponting, no run, another forward defensive from Ponting


Malinga to Ponting, 1 no ball, another no-ball from Malinga, it was shortish and well outside off, Ponting lifts the bat over his head as he leaves that one


Malinga to Ponting, no run, the slower ball from Malinga, 121 kph, Ponting was looking to send that into orbit over midwicket, he's early into the shot and can't connect, harmlessly through to the keeper, nicely done by Malinga

Australia 11/1   SL Malinga 2-1-7-0

Malinga to Ponting, 1 wide, whoah! a slower ball gone wrong, 118kph, a beamer down the leg side, Ponting isn't amused, he spotted it early though and ducked


Malinga to Ponting, no run, back on target now Malinga, short of length and moving away outside off, left alone


Malinga to Ponting, no run, closer to the off stump this time, Ponting strides forward and leaves the ball to the keeper


Malinga to Ponting, 1 leg bye, sliding on to the pads, Ponting looks to push that to the leg side, off the thigh pad towards square leg, not sure whether there was any bat on that


Malinga to Watson, FOUR, plenty of room outside off for Watson to smash past point, gets forward and moves towards the line of the ball


Malinga to Watson, no run, a full ball heading for off stump, Watson gets his bat down in time to block that


Malinga to Watson, no run, keeps it tight outside off, Watson gets forward and defends the ball towards point

Australia 23/1   SL Malinga 3-1-12-0

Malinga to Clarke, no run, starts with a shortish ball on middle, batsman gets behind the line and defends


Malinga to Clarke, no run, length ball in the channel outside off, Clarke helps it along towards short third man


Malinga to Clarke, no run, shorter this time, and it is blocked down the track


Malinga to Clarke, no run, Malinga searching for the blockhole, ends up a touch shorter than he wants, Clarke wants to club that to the leg side, mistimed to midwicket


Malinga to Clarke, 1 run, short and wide this time, Clarke cuts and gets it past point


Malinga to Watson, no run, a low full toss on middle stump, pushed towards mid-on, not much power behind that shot, Watson happy to just keep that one out

Australia 110/2   SL Malinga 4-1-13-0

Malinga to Clarke, FOUR, streaky for Clarke, Malinga gives him some width, Clarke chases after it and gets a top edge, it flies well wide of the keeper and fine enough to beat third man


Malinga to Clarke, no run, played with soft hands towards point for a single


Malinga to Clarke, no run, Clarke punches it to the left of mid-on, there isn't enough time to get a run


Malinga to Clarke, 1 run, short of length ball on middle, Clarke whips it towards square leg


Malinga to Watson, no run, a short ball from Malinga, bounces loopily outside off, Watson sways out of the way of that one


Malinga to Watson, 1 wide, another bouncer, good line but was too high, over the batsman's head and that's a wide, Watson was initially looking to hook but pulls out on seeing how big the ball got


Malinga to Watson, 2 runs, full and on legstump, thumped towards midwicket, Watson picks up a couple

Australia 119/2   SL Malinga 5-1-21-0

Malinga to DJ Hussey, no run, Malinga returns, and starts with a typical delivery aiming for the toes, dug out towards midwicket


Malinga to DJ Hussey, no run, a low full toss this time, Hussey looks to swing it to midwicket, but inside-edges it on to his pad


Malinga to DJ Hussey, no run, another full toss, Hussey backing away, that was beyond leg stump but Hussey had skipped further beyond, bunts it towards mid-on


Malinga to DJ Hussey, 1 run, a hat-trick of full tosses, this one is on off stump, Hussey swings it towards mid-off for a single


Malinga to Haddin, no run, a dipping full toss from Malinga, just outside off, Haddin blocks it to the off side


Malinga to Haddin, 1 run, this time Malinga drops it short of the yorker he wants, Haddin lashes it towards sweeper cover

Australia 183/5   SL Malinga 6-1-23-0

Malinga to DJ Hussey, FOUR, Malinga continues his pursuit of the blockhole, Hussey wants to club that over the on side but gets an inside-edge that zips past the keeper for four


Malinga to DJ Hussey, 1 run, this time it is on target, Malinga goes full and for middle, Hussey mistimes it towards mid-on


Malinga to Haddin, 1 leg bye, low full toss spearing down leg, there is another big lbw appeal as Haddin can't get bat on ball, again that slipping down, the ball dribbles away to the on side for a leg bye


Malinga to DJ Hussey, 2 runs, slower length ball from Malinga, 118kph, off the toe of the bat and over the bowler's head for a couple


Malinga to DJ Hussey, FOUR, Shot! superb hit from Hussey, Malinga pitches it short of the desired yorker length, Hussey gets his front leg out of the way and hammers it past extra cover for four, Malinga has a rueful grin after that shot


Malinga to DJ Hussey, 1 run, tailing in to the legs, inside-edged by Hussey, who was desperately trying to save his toes

Australia 202/5   SL Malinga 7-1-35-0

Malinga to Johnson, no run, slower length ball, 116kph, Johnson spots it and checks his shot, defends to the off side


Malinga to Johnson, OUT, Malinga you beauty, that spot-on yorker is far too good for Johnson, who was striving to get his bat down and keep that out but the ball zips past the batsman's defence and crashes into the bottom of legstump

MG Johnson b Malinga 1 (3m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25.00


Malinga to Hastings, OUT, Malinga is on a hat-trick now, or is Australia going to review this lbw? They have reviewed it. It was a low full toss, swinging dangerously in, the new batsman John Hastings couldn't keep it out, thuds into his pads, struck in front of legstump, umpire upholds the appeal, was it going down? the replay shows it would have taken the outside of leg stump, have to stick with the umpire's call for that, which means Hastings is gone for a golden duck

JW Hastings lbw b Malinga 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Malinga to Doherty, OUT, hat-trick for Malinga, another of those laser-guided low full tosses, Xavier Doherty has no chance, the middle stump is rattled, and Australia are down to 211 for 9, so much for the Powerplay, that's Malinga's third hat-trick in one-dayers, the most anyone has ever taken

XJ Doherty b Malinga 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Malinga to Pattinson, no run, no he can't, it's full and well outside off, squeezed out towards the off side


Malinga to Pattinson, no run, full and strikes Pattinson low on the pads, going down leg but that doesn't prevent Malinga from belting out an appeal, a triple-wicket maiden in the Powerplay, well done Malinga

Australia 211/9   SL Malinga 8-2-35-3





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