Australia tour of Sri Lanka, 3rd Test: Sri Lanka v Australia at Colombo (SSC), Sep 16-20, 2011
Match drawn
16,17,18,19,20 September 2011 (5-day match)
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  • Overs 151-200

Copeland to Paranavitana, FOUR, edged but the ball goes safely through the cordon, Paranavitana pushed forward tentatively again

Sri Lanka 4/0   NT Paranavitana 4* (2b 1x4)   TA Copeland 0.2-0-4-0

Siddle to Paranavitana, FOUR, Paranavitana reaches out for one outside off and pushes away from his body, the ball flies off the outside edge through point for four

Sri Lanka 15/0   NT Paranavitana 14* (16b 2x4)   PM Siddle 1.5-0-10-0

Johnson to Paranavitana, FOUR, Paranavitana uses the angle down leg side to glance the ball off his hip towards the fine-leg boundary

Sri Lanka 29/0   NT Paranavitana 20* (37b 3x4)   MG Johnson 2.5-0-8-0

Watson to Thirimanne, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Thirimanne stands tall on the back foot and cuts the ball hard through point, that's his first boundary

Sri Lanka 33/0   HDRL Thirimanne 13* (36b 1x4)   SR Watson 0.3-0-4-0

Johnson to Paranavitana, FOUR, Johnson is too straight this time and Paranavitana clips the ball off his pads through midwicket

Sri Lanka 37/0   NT Paranavitana 24* (41b 4x4)   MG Johnson 3.3-0-12-0

Lyon to Thirimanne, FOUR, Thirimanne moves out of his crease and plays a hard drive along the ground past mid-on, he didn't hit it cleanly but hit it well enough

Sri Lanka 51/0   HDRL Thirimanne 23* (72b 2x4)   NM Lyon 3.2-0-10-0

Johnson to Sangakkara, FOUR, short ball and Sangakkara hooks towards fine leg, where Lyon didn't pick up the ball at first and then by the time he did it was too late

Sri Lanka 64/1   KC Sangakkara 5* (15b 1x4)   MG Johnson 4.1-0-16-0

Johnson to Sangakkara, FOUR, edged and wide of gully! Johnson fired it in full and quick around off stump, Sangakkara pushed hard at it, wanting to play towards mid-on perhaps, and got a thick outside edge to the third-man boundary

Sri Lanka 68/1   KC Sangakkara 9* (18b 2x4)   MG Johnson 4.4-0-20-0

Johnson to Sangakkara, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Sangakkara flashes and goes hard at it, slicing it over Hussey's head at gully

Sri Lanka 78/1   KC Sangakkara 14* (22b 3x4)   MG Johnson 5.1-0-24-0

Johnson to Sangakkara, FOUR, that's a poor ball, full on leg stump, Sangakkara leans across and glances it to the fine-leg boundary

Sri Lanka 82/1   KC Sangakkara 18* (23b 4x4)   MG Johnson 5.2-0-28-0

Johnson to Sangakkara, FOUR, a full toss just outside leg stump, Sangakkara glances it to the fine-leg boundary. He'll hit those in his sleep

Sri Lanka 90/1   KC Sangakkara 22* (30b 5x4)   MG Johnson 6.3-0-32-0

Copeland to Paranavitana, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Paranavitana uses the width and cuts hard, finding the gap at point

Sri Lanka 94/1   NT Paranavitana 44* (92b 5x4)   TA Copeland 6.2-2-15-0

Copeland to Sangakkara, FOUR, too full on leg stump, Sangakkara clips it firmly past short midwicket and to the boundary

Sri Lanka 101/2   KC Sangakkara 27* (40b 6x4)   TA Copeland 8-2-19-0

Copeland to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Jayawardene cuts late and places it perfectly on the third-man boundary

Sri Lanka 110/2   DPMD Jayawardene 7* (10b 1x4)   TA Copeland 9.2-3-25-0

Copeland to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, ah that's what he wanted to do, this time he moves forward and plays the cover drive, hitting it superbly through the gap in the infield

Sri Lanka 114/2   DPMD Jayawardene 11* (13b 2x4)   TA Copeland 9.5-3-29-0

Watson to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, that is sublime. Jayawardene waits for the full ball to reach him on off and middle, and then with a crack of his wrists, he whips it through the gap between midwicket and mid-on, Laxman would have approved.

Sri Lanka 124/2   DPMD Jayawardene 19* (22b 3x4)   SR Watson 6.4-4-11-0

Siddle to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, a full ball outside off and Jayawardene plays a graceful cover drive along the ground and through the infield

Sri Lanka 137/2   DPMD Jayawardene 24* (43b 4x4)   PM Siddle 10.5-3-25-1

Watson to Sangakkara, FOUR, too full and there's width outside off, this time it's Sangakkara who moves forward and caresses the ball through cover

Sri Lanka 141/2   KC Sangakkara 43* (76b 7x4)   SR Watson 10.2-5-20-0

Johnson to Sangakkara, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Sangakkara slashes hard and hits it wide of the fielder at gully to the empty third-man boundary

Sri Lanka 146/2   KC Sangakkara 47* (85b 8x4)   MG Johnson 10.1-0-43-1

Johnson to Sangakkara, FOUR, Sangakkara reaches fifty in his 100th Test with a similar shot, a cut through the point region, though this wasn't flashy at all. Can he push on for the century?

Sri Lanka 150/2   KC Sangakkara 51* (86b 9x4)   MG Johnson 10.2-0-47-1

Lyon to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, that's a long hop, and Jayawardene dismisses it to the midwicket boundary with a powerful pull

Sri Lanka 164/2   DPMD Jayawardene 31* (69b 5x4)   NM Lyon 12.1-1-32-0

Siddle to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, Mahela loves this juicy Sunday breakfast drink... full, on the pads, and I am sure he can flick them for four seconds after waking up

Sri Lanka 171/2   DPMD Jayawardene 35* (84b 6x4)   PM Siddle 11.3-3-30-1

Siddle to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, wide, and Mahela goes after it. Although he has reached for it a bit, he is in sufficient control of the square-drive, although Marsh at point is interested and dives

Sri Lanka 181/2   DPMD Jayawardene 41* (100b 7x4)   PM Siddle 13.3-3-36-1

Johnson to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, if the ball won't come to Mahela, Mahela will go to the ball... this a wide length ball, but Mahela's front foot is across, close to the line of the ball, and drives it past cover. Lovely cover-drive, along the ground. No risk here

Sri Lanka 189/2   DPMD Jayawardene 47* (111b 8x4)   MG Johnson 12.2-1-53-1

Watson to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, short outside off, Mahela gets tall and upper-cuts it. Doesn't get much height on it, which interest gully, but it is safe enough. That's also fifty for Mahela. He has been aggressive this morning

Sri Lanka 194/2   DPMD Jayawardene 51* (117b 9x4)   SR Watson 11.5-5-25-0

Johnson to Dilshan, FOUR, whipped away off the hips to get off the mark, it looked like an easy single, but his whip towards the end took it fine of fine leg

Sri Lanka 203/3   TM Dilshan 4* (7b 1x4)   MG Johnson 15.1-1-61-1

Siddle to Sangakkara, FOUR, inviting half-volley, and the new ball travels faster. Just a check-drive, a push, no follow-through, and it goes screaming past cover, along the ground

Sri Lanka 210/3   KC Sangakkara 79* (173b 10x4)   PM Siddle 14.1-3-42-1

Siddle to Dilshan, FOUR, pitched up on the middle and off, and Dilshan smacks this one-drive between the stumps and mid-on. Lovely clean strike

Sri Lanka 215/4   TM Dilshan 10* (20b 2x4)   PM Siddle 15.3-3-46-2

Siddle to Dilshan, FOUR, More of Dilshan fireworks... this is not a half-volley by any stretch, but he plants his front foot across and drives this on the up, through the covers. Hits the boundary board in seconds

Sri Lanka 219/4   TM Dilshan 14* (21b 3x4)   PM Siddle 15.4-3-50-2

Copeland to Dilshan, FOUR, another lovely cover-drive, this isn't a half-volley either, but Dishan hits through it, with a slightly open face, past extra cover. He is driving them really well today

Sri Lanka 224/4   TM Dilshan 18* (26b 4x4)   TA Copeland 20.4-7-45-0

Siddle to Dilshan, FOUR, follows that bouncer up with a pitched-up delivery, Dilshan goes after at, but is not completely forward, gets the edge, but it flies past the second slip. A third slip would have swallowed that

Sri Lanka 229/4   TM Dilshan 22* (33b 5x4)   PM Siddle 17-3-55-2

Copeland to Mathews, FOUR, Mathews's turn to go for a drive now. It's just a check-drive, just a firm push. Overpitched on the pads, he meets it with a straight bat, and places it between the bowler and mid-on

Sri Lanka 235/4   AD Mathews 8* (9b 1x4)   TA Copeland 21.4-7-51-0

Johnson to Dilshan, FOUR, No respect at all! Short of a length, but Dilshan drives this on the up, past the short extra cover. What timing. Many would have been happy to defend this off the back foot

Sri Lanka 239/4   TM Dilshan 26* (34b 6x4)   MG Johnson 16.1-1-67-1

Johnson to Mathews, FOUR, short, not too wide, but Mathews stands tall and punches this square, between cover and point. Top shot

Sri Lanka 256/4   AD Mathews 20* (31b 2x4)   MG Johnson 19.1-1-77-1

Watson to Dilshan, FOUR, another bouncer, from Watson this time, and this has been dismissed from Dilshan's presence. Emphatically pulled away in front of square - 50 runs for the fifth wicket at 4 an over

Sri Lanka 260/4   TM Dilshan 34* (51b 7x4)   SR Watson 18.1-6-37-1

Watson to Dilshan, FOUR, innovative way of finding the gap. Drives this hard into the ground, so hard the it bounces over the outstretched arm of short cover

Sri Lanka 264/4   TM Dilshan 38* (53b 8x4)   SR Watson 18.3-6-41-1

Watson to Dilshan, FOUR, too straight, angling down the leg side, and he glances it fine... Dilshan is a runaway train here

Sri Lanka 268/4   TM Dilshan 42* (55b 9x4)   SR Watson 18.5-6-45-1

Lyon to Mathews, FOUR, short, hit-me long hop, Mathews goes back and places this between mid-off and extra cover

Sri Lanka 273/4   AD Mathews 24* (43b 3x4)   NM Lyon 15.3-2-38-0

Lyon to Mathews, FOUR, up and over... Mathews jumps out of the crease, is neither too close to the pitch of the ball nor too far from it, which means perfect swinging room to get the elevation. Clears mid-on

Sri Lanka 277/4   AD Mathews 28* (52b 4x4)   NM Lyon 17-2-42-0

Lyon to Dilshan, FOUR, Fifty for Dilshan. Looks skywards immediately. Comes with a shot that represents the intent of the innings. Rocks back early, punches a length ball through cover-point region for four

Sri Lanka 284/4   TM Dilshan 50* (70b 10x4)   NM Lyon 17.2-2-46-0

Ponting to Dilshan, FOUR, Ponting bowls the bouncer - for the record this is quicker than Copeland at 121ks - but not quick enough to bther Dilshan, who pulls this along the ground, beating deep backward square

Sri Lanka 295/4   TM Dilshan 59* (91b 11x4)   RT Ponting 1.1-0-8-0

Ponting to Dilshan, FOUR, top drive, Dilshan is enjoying facing Ponting here. Drvies this length ball between mid-off and extra cover

Sri Lanka 301/4   TM Dilshan 65* (96b 12x4)   RT Ponting 2-0-14-0

Johnson to Mathews, FOUR, what a way to go level with Australia's Austin 316 score. This is a long hop, he stands tall, and dismisses it past midwicket for four

Sri Lanka 316/4   AD Mathews 39* (87b 5x4)   MG Johnson 24.1-5-81-1

Johnson to Dilshan, FOUR, slower ball, gets him to play early, he ends up playing this uppish flick, which clears mid-on

Sri Lanka 321/4   TM Dilshan 75* (115b 13x4)   MG Johnson 24.5-5-86-1

Copeland to Dilshan, FOUR, lovely late-cut, opens the face at the precise moment, steering it wide of point

Sri Lanka 331/4   TM Dilshan 83* (129b 14x4)   TA Copeland 23.1-7-57-0

Copeland to HAPW Jayawardene, FOUR, wide half-volley, PJ goes driving, plays with an open face, doesn't stay n the air for long enough to bother him

Sri Lanka 335/5   HAPW Jayawardene 4* (5b 1x4)   TA Copeland 24.2-7-61-1

Siddle to Mathews, FOUR, bouncer, doesn't quite some on, 136ks, Mathews rocks back, rolls the wrists on the pull, beats midwicket

Sri Lanka 343/5   AD Mathews 47* (117b 6x4)   PM Siddle 21.4-6-63-2

Siddle to Mathews, FOUR, too full, although it is swinging, and Mathews shows it the full face, no follow-through, and it speeds off the bat. Between bowler and mid-on. What a way to reach fifty. Acknowledges the crowd applause

Sri Lanka 347/5   AD Mathews 51* (119b 7x4)   PM Siddle 22-6-67-2

Johnson to Mathews, FOUR, this is an absolute slap to the long-off fence. A wide length ball, but he comes down on it with a slightly closed face, and the timing is superb

Sri Lanka 362/5   AD Mathews 61* (132b 8x4)   MG Johnson 26-5-94-1

Johnson to HAPW Jayawardene, FOUR, short, 144ks, sits up rib-high, and this time he has played a cracking pull. Right into the ground, past Tony Hill at square leg, who - I might add - had no chance of fielding it

Sri Lanka 379/5   HAPW Jayawardene 22* (53b 2x4)   MG Johnson 28.5-5-104-1

Johnson to HAPW Jayawardene, FOUR, after the short one, catches him on the back foot with a fullish offcutter. The edge, though, is soft, bounces well short of slips, and then bisects them

Sri Lanka 383/5   HAPW Jayawardene 26* (54b 3x4)   MG Johnson 29-5-108-1

Johnson to Eranga, FOUR, Johnson goes for the bouncer, Eranga is a touch hurried into it, but pulls it right into the ground, and gets it through to the midwicket fence

Sri Lanka 421/6   RMS Eranga 5* (17b 1x4)   MG Johnson 29.5-5-113-1

Copeland to Eranga, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Eranga waits on the back foot and cuts hard towards the vacant third-man boundary

Sri Lanka 435/6   RMS Eranga 12* (35b 2x4)   TA Copeland 33.3-10-74-2

Copeland to Mathews, FOUR, finally some intent from Mathews, mid-off came into the circle to save the single and Mathews lofted the ball on the up over that fielder

Sri Lanka 449/8   AD Mathews 95* (237b 9x4)   TA Copeland 37.5-10-84-2

Siddle to Mathews, FOUR, and at long last! Mathews drives the full ball hard through cover, blasting through the infield and bringing up his maiden Test century with a boundary. He celebrates passionately, as one should when one gets a maiden Test ton. Well played. But he needs to redress what's happened so far this morning

Sri Lanka 458/9   AD Mathews 102* (256b 10x4)   PM Siddle 35-8-91-4

Copeland to Lakmal, FOUR, this is going to be fun, Lakmal lines up Copeland and lofts a length ball over cover, the new ball races to the boundary

Sri Lanka 462/9   RAS Lakmal 5* (10b 1x4)   TA Copeland 38.3-10-88-2

Copeland to Lakmal, FOUR, slap! Lakmal stands in his crease and dismisses a length ball through mid-off with a powerful swing of the bat. The lead is now 150

Sri Lanka 466/9   RAS Lakmal 9* (12b 2x4)   TA Copeland 38.5-10-92-2

Johnson to Lakmal, FOUR, dropped! And by Hussey at gully would you believe it. Lakmal hung his bat outside off and opened the face, the ball flew above Hussey's head and he seemed to be late in getting his hands up to it

Sri Lanka 473/9   RAS Lakmal 13* (16b 3x4)   MG Johnson 34.4-6-122-1
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Hours of play (local time) 10am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00

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