Bangladesh in Sri Lanka 2012-13

Shakib ruled out of Sri Lanka tour

Mohammad Isam

February 23, 2013

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Shakib Al Hasan scored a quick 37 before bowling an economical spell in the match, Dhaka Gladiators v Duronto Rajshahi, Bangladesh Premier League, Khulna, January 22, 2013
Shakib Al Hasan complained of pain in his shin during Bangladesh's Test series against West Indies, and following a rest period played the BPL © Bangladesh Cricket Board
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Shakib Al Hasan has been ruled out of Bangladesh's tour to Sri Lanka next month after it was decided that he will undergo surgery this week on his right calf muscle*. His involvement in the Zimbabwe tour in April is also in doubt, as it will take him six weeks to return to active cricket, according to BCB's chief medical officer, Dr Debashish Chowdhury.

"Shakib will be out of action for at least six weeks after the surgery," Chowdhury said. "BCB has granted him permission to undergo the surgery. BCB president Nazmul Hasan agreed to release him as per the advice of the specialist in Australia."

Chowdhury however is unsure whether Shakib will return to action immediately after making a full recovery. "Apart from the exertional compartmental syndrome for which he is undergoing surgery, Shakib has sustained tenoperiostitis and stress reaction on his tibia," he said. "To heal the other two complications, he will need rest, physiotherapy, a rehabilitation programme and biomechanical correction." Shakib is expected to do the biomechanical correction test on Sunday.

He first complained of pain in his shin during Bangladesh's Test series against West Indies in November last year. He was immediately given rest and recovered in time for the Bangladesh Premier League, but he missed a couple of games in the tournament and afterwards was seen bowling off a very short run-up.

Towards the end of the tournament, Shakib was diagnosed with exertional compartment syndrome on his shin bone, a condition that can be caused by frequent running, and leads to pain and swelling. After the final, he admitted that his movement was restricted.

As a result, he was sent to Australia on February 20 where a specialist suggested he undergo the surgery to reduce stiffness in the injured area.

Bangladesh will leave for Sri Lanka on February 28, to play two Tests, three ODIs and a Twenty20.

13.15GMT, February 23: The article had previously incorrectly stated left calf muscle

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Posted by ExtremeSpeed on (February 26, 2013, 18:29 GMT)

He's a selfish player played in BPL where he could've rested and done an operation but money talks these days.

Posted by   on (February 26, 2013, 4:20 GMT)

i bet he will still go to IPL in april

Posted by Energetic. on (February 24, 2013, 19:53 GMT)

Shakib literally had 4 months for surgery and rest time but he didn't but we don't have answers to that. I hope he understands that his ranking points will drop considerably now and deserves to go down. We want players who has the desire to play and do well for the country no player is bigger than the team.

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (February 24, 2013, 15:54 GMT)

@MarkSri: Its true Bangladesh are no match for Sri Lanka but the rankings don't really tell the whole story because Bangladesh have 0 points because they don't play as many tests these days. 2012 on played 2 whereas the others played on average 9.

Posted by SL_rockz on (February 24, 2013, 14:29 GMT)

SL fans did not wont o make troubles with you.Just want to show why you are still at bottom and we have become World champions.In tests it is same you laugh at us being no 6 now because you know we are team who sat in top 4 .And laugh at us now we will quietly bear that for our nation but remember we were there and we will go there in near future again.We have already proved the world we are capable of making it .But make sure all BD fans your team just score a point in test so confidently as you do now after you pass SL in rankings (now you have to get 93 points) or else becomes one of top test playing nation.Without NO win against SL or any other higher rank team than WI and sitting at the bottom dont give such speeches. It will only make you 0 forever in tests.

Posted by SL_rockz on (February 24, 2013, 13:46 GMT)

We do not put those reasons infront and just give high-five talks thinking our team as SA or world no 1...We blame them when we are needed to .before we go play australia we never commented like SA is coming to australia. ok.We never show off really.But problem with your fans is they talked so over confident about a team who just won an ODI here and there and when they came close wiinnig a match or a player just having 35+ avg... But we SL never do so..eventhough SL won this series and goto no 3 in ODI ranking list.We never show off until our nation goes no 1 and then on also we crtictise our team our weaknesses etc to protect no 1.That is why BD still earn 0 points in tests and will remain for a long time .Watch SL , they are 92 points now but watch how they will slowly go close 110 points and climbing up the ladder while you remain on 0.Difference is the attitude .Thats why we started ODI just like you and at present Won a WC and twice runnes up while you struggle to make super six.

Posted by   on (February 24, 2013, 10:34 GMT)

srilanka is still struggling to win in test after murali's retirement despite of having the great mahela and sangakara. U have good spinners but not another murali, that's why its very hard for u to make allout others.well, shakib is our murali (not comparing),he is good with bat but its very hard to make SL allout within a short run in Sl without him. Thats the point of bd fans of missing shakib. And Sl fans violent comments are making us so proud coz its showing that they r taking us so seriously.

Posted by SL_rockz on (February 24, 2013, 10:06 GMT)

ODI rankings

India 38 4514 119. England 33 3849 117.. Australia 37 4285 116.. South Africa 21 2357 112.... Sri Lanka 39 4291 110,, Pakistan 31 3311 107.. West Indies 31 2626 85.. New Zealand 26 2124 82.. Bangladesh 21 1636 78.. Zimbabwe 15 34 49..

Look at where you are at ODi rankings and Number of point ....Also look where Sl are..WE are just winning 3 games away from passing SA ,Aus to join top 3 again..And about ODI , SL are the consecutive WC runners up ht will give you an idea how consistence SL are in ODI format. 2011-Runners up 2007 -Runners up 2003-Semi finalists..So in this 21st century we have prevailed with good consistency and an appreciatable side.I am not trying to say we are the best in the world but clearly better than BD.And u only have recent asia cup finalists...But remember SL came to asia cp after nailing australia 2 d 3rd final in commonwealth series in aus.If BD was the team not SL.Will india drop n finals n aussies will have to drag themselves 2 d 3rd finl:P

Posted by SL_rockz on (February 24, 2013, 9:49 GMT)


Sri Lanka 17 1838 131..... West Indies 18 1739 124..... India 18 1789 119......... England 25 2235 118......... South Africa 21 1868 117......... Pakistan 28 2324 116........ Australia 23 1843 102...... New Zealand 24 1867 98........ Bangladesh 11 668 84........ Ireland 12 659 82........... Zimbabwe 10 306 44.........

For BD fans who feel BD will beat SL at home in t20..Simply look at this you are just above zim and ireland..last at test playing nations..Where is Sri lanka ...mmmmh...Oh cannot you see?? :P WE ARE THE NUMBER 1 IN T20 and we will give you the treat in only t20 with BD as Number ONE T20 NATION ....If you feel BD winning that i feel sorry that's it...We beat even Aus in AUs after the Big bash hot as well ..what is BPL with regarding to Big bash,even big bash didnt deliver players for aus to beat SL in their home soil.No use of speaking about BPL and BD t20 team and beating no 1 ranked side in their home...

Posted by SL_rockz on (February 24, 2013, 9:37 GMT)

South Africa 32 3965 124.......................................................... England 41 4825 118............................................................... Australia 42 4916 117............................................... Pakistan 29 3148 109......................................... India 37 3879 105........................................... Sri Lanka 36 3318 92........................................... West Indies 31 2809 91................................. New Zealand 30 2333 78............................. Bangladesh 15 0 0.................................. HIKZ !!!! 0 points :P doesnot this show how bangladesh test cricket is ??? :P Very funny some BD talk as they have 100 points and just 1 or 2 points to catch SL. Even after 3-0 loss to Aus SL have 92 points ...What about poor BD.Please australia invite BD to your country for just 1 test ?? Then we can show the real calibre of BD ..

Posted by SL_rockz on (February 24, 2013, 8:49 GMT)

@chis_p : SL top 6:

1. Kumar sangakkara 55.86 (playing this BD tests) 2. Mahela jayawardena 49.65 (not playing due to injury but permanent test player) 3 TT samaraweera 48.76 (included due to injury to mahela and playing BD tests) 4.T.M dishan 40.42 (playing BD tests ). 5 L.D.Chandimal 40.55 (playing BD tests) 6. Angello Mathhews 39.71 (Almost 40 and playing BD tests). 7.Lahiru thirimanne 23.73 (Just 8 tests and new) 8..D.M.Karunaratne 28.57 (Just played 4 tests so he will be above and over 40 soon) these will make SL top order in BD tests ...MY dear mate

Sakib al hasan 31 matches avg of 35.98 .

Are you kidding me ??? Telling we SL test ranked well above BD and in an out from top 3 rankings doesnot have batsmen top 6 without avg over 40 :P here is the list look how much of them have morethan 40 and better than Sakib.You cannot compare SL with BD simply.

Posted by matchfixerpkn on (February 24, 2013, 7:02 GMT)

good that shakib widrawn from srilankan series..there is no point in scoring bulk of 100s agianst or taking 5 wikcets agianst teams like one will notice ..bcso of standard of srilnakan team..shakib must try to fit aginast team like pak or s afrcia or australia ,england and get some hundreds so taht he will get his own status..

Posted by SL_rockz on (February 24, 2013, 6:46 GMT)

Oh we just some how manage to loose with respect...playing 4 ,5 days and without innings defeat in aus..It is hard for any sub-continent team to play in aus.BD thinks it is just like playing in SSC or premadasa.If it so result wud b diffrent.OH !! yeah we are bit worry and sad about loosing 3-0 in aus. let us feel sorry about it and u people dont worry on that ..I am saying we at least worry about loosing after playing in aus.BUt BD should try to get a series in austarlia first hand.Cricket australia will never interst in giving a side a test series who just always loose by an innnings or so...BD i am looking forward until you play in aus near future.Then You will understand that we actually didint defeat :P..You will loose by innings in australia .I am looking forward to comment on sch series...BD think oooooh tests in australia ....Oh just another location know..They will feel how it looks like when they go there and face aus pace attack ..

Posted by matchfixerpkn on (February 24, 2013, 6:45 GMT)

good to see shakib went for surgery in right time..its usle less to play agianst srilanka and get some big hundreds .instead shakib has to try to fit and concentrate in next big clash with some standard teams.. happy with shakibs deccision and giving oippurutnityt to yoiung players to test their ability agianst srilalnka..shiab must try to fit agianst other good opponent and to claim himself y he is no. one all roiunder...

Posted by deloyar on (February 24, 2013, 6:24 GMT)

It will be a great advantage of Bangladesh if they added Shakib. But They still a very formadable lineup to battle!!

Posted by Rafelgibt on (February 24, 2013, 6:21 GMT)

What a shame?What Shakib has been doing since 3 months after WI Test series?This is really unprofessional or he just missed the bottom line of playing for the country.I must say BCB must take the hard initiatives to find out whats the reason of Shakib's this situation.Is is from the BCB medical team's fault or its from Shakib's ignorance?Shakib simply cant take it guaranteed(Playing for the country) that whatever or however he wants to play he would be allow to do so.From a angry die hard BAN cricket fan....

Posted by SL_rockz on (February 24, 2013, 4:58 GMT)

@fire dragon 1.You have one single player in top 20 world best ever test batsmen list..?? * I am afraid sangakkara is no 6 in all tme test batting list ... 2.You have a player who ranked no 1 in test batsmen list for more than 1 and half years..?? * I am afraid we have sangakkara who was above 900 points just before NZ tour. 3.You have player player who scored more than 10000 test runs in your team ?? (i believe BD ppl think oh 10000 runs know what is so special about it nah :P.they dont have such player calibre so they may believe as such ) * I am again afraid Kumar sangakkara 10045 runs.Mahela Jayawardene 10806 4.Do you have a single player average above 45?? * SL has Kumar sangakkara 55.80 mahela 49,8 samaraweera 48 5.Does BD has one bowler in top 10 test wicket takers in 2012? *SL has rangana herath No1 in 2012. 6.Does BD EVER rank on top 4 of test rankings? *SL were there more often than not 7.Do BD have players played more than 100+ tests ? :P * I m afraid we have sanga,mahela

Posted by Edassery on (February 24, 2013, 4:13 GMT)

This is what happen when the so-called Premier Leagues eat up players' rest time between major tours. IPL spoiled the Indian cricket and many international players from other countries. Similarly, any hope that Bangladesh had towards becoming a decent test playing nation will be totally hampered by the rise of BPL.

And money is everything for the players. So they will have the tendency to skip major national duty in favor of BPL etc.

Posted by lukecannon on (February 24, 2013, 3:57 GMT)

Team Matches Points Rating South Africa 32 3965 124 England 41 4825 118 Australia 42 4916 117 Pakistan 29 3148 109 India 37 3879 105 Sri Lanka 36 3318 92 West Indies 31 2809 91 New Zealand 30 2333 78 Bangladesh 15 0 0 Does anybody want to say anymore regarding how good Bangladesh are?

Posted by MadhushaDmendis on (February 24, 2013, 2:43 GMT)

This is a great chance to Sri lanka beat Bangladesh 3-0 and come to the top 3 in icc odi ranking

Posted by kandykolla on (February 24, 2013, 0:21 GMT)

Even a best team can be beaten by a lesser known team in one days. Test cricket is real cricker. We were comrehensively beated by the Aussies 3-0. Look at your record 75:3 , that says it all. Even if you guys play 1000 tests I hope the result would be still the same 1000:3 . By looking at the comments, no wonder you guys are part of former British India.

Posted by Chris_P on (February 24, 2013, 0:03 GMT)

@Mark_Srilanka Some solid points re: tests, & are totally correct. While BD will always be competitive in ODI & T20, the very basis of their infrastructure set-up in fc will forever hold them back as a viable test playing nation. The focus on T20 & ODI are severely limiting their opportunities to experience the pressure of fc games. Any test side whose batsmen are not averaging at least 40 after 15 tests are up for being dropped. But when your top 6 spots don't average 40, what then? The talent s there, that is plain, but it is being stymied by the fc set-up. As long as this continues, get used to BS being the basis of inflating batting & bowling averages for those opposing them at test level. There is a crying need for an overhaul, for the sake of cricket.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 23:21 GMT)

If sakib was their i guranteed bangladesh wouldbe win the odi series by 3-0 trust me , but anyways still their is tamim , mahmudullah nasir musfiq are their , so nothings to worried about , still we got this insha allah

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 23:21 GMT)

i think he is looking for IPL thatz y he has been Ruled out...

Posted by fire_dragon on (February 23, 2013, 19:02 GMT)

@suve Please note that here everyone is talking about Test cricket . Please look at Shakib's records. He made his hundred against Pakistan and New Zealand . And his best score against Zimbabwe is 68 . His batting average in New Zealand is 77.66 and in West Indies 53 but in Bangladesh 37.78 .

Posted by BanCricFan on (February 23, 2013, 18:51 GMT)

Please guys stop fighting each other. I am a Bangladeshi fan but I love and admire Sri Lankan Cricket too... Lets hope for a good show of cricket in the upcoming series... Go tigers Go...

Posted by Always_pakistan on (February 23, 2013, 17:52 GMT)

@ abcdef_12345 let me help you bangladesh tourd south africa in 2008. So he has played in south africa.

Posted by Rezaul on (February 23, 2013, 17:19 GMT)

Guys from both BD and SL, no fight/argument please. Its going to be a good series for Bangladesh. But Bangladesh team has to stretch out their performance to be competitive in the series. No offence against anybody. Just enjoy the game. Please dont fall out with masked Paki supporters here who will be intending to create some fuss.

Posted by suve on (February 23, 2013, 17:19 GMT)

@abcdef_12345: Yes he has mate. Hes only played 2 or 3 Tests against them but his record is pretty poor outside Bangladesh though, not just in SA.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 17:19 GMT)

pls all bangladeshi keep your head upward , some are saying if bangladesh win 1 match they are happy so narrow minded . come on boyes we are in now such position we can easy way beat this SL team , without mahela and sanga they are nothing.

Posted by suve on (February 23, 2013, 17:15 GMT)

@fire_dragon: Yes, thats the reason I said he is still young, he has more time to play more matches. But those "few" games are the only matches he's played against a good opponent isn't it? Your statement about comparing an individual players performance and teams performance vs Aus doesn't make sense at all. SL were outstanding in the ODI's and T20's vs Aus but were outplayed in the test vs Aus. The rankings work by how many wickets/runs the player makes vs a test playing nation, whether the team is Zimbabwe or South Africa, if a player scores a 100, then they get same amount of points. The point im trying to make is that Shakib still needs to prove he can play well outside Bangladesh and vs good teams. Btw im not trying to offend any Bangladeshi's or players, I love the Bangladeshi team, this is just my opinion.

Posted by desm on (February 23, 2013, 17:10 GMT)

pls stop comparing each and very cricketer , yes Shakib is one of the best cricketers ever produce by BD. we should admire such players ....... i am a Sri Lankan. we love cricket.

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (February 23, 2013, 16:56 GMT)

Shakib had 3 good months to get that shin problem sorted out but he didn't. This guy is an average player who doesn't look interested playing for the national team.

Posted by umairasgharbutt on (February 23, 2013, 16:52 GMT)

with shakib or without shakib they gonna loose anyway !

Posted by hasib9 on (February 23, 2013, 16:42 GMT)

Shakib should have rested for all of WI matches as well as BPL. I hope he doesn't try to come back without fully recovering. If problems are not completely solved, he will keep getting injured. Enamul will do a fine job as his replacement.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 16:39 GMT)

If Shakib is injured then why he performed so well in BPL. is it pre fixed that his operation will be done before Srilanka tour. may be we will see him again in IPL instead of Zimbabwe tour. Money in t20 tournaments are damaging counties interest and attracting top players to play more in those tournaments instead of representing Country. Playing too many t20 leagues is also the reason for injury.

Posted by Ruchiralk on (February 23, 2013, 16:38 GMT)

@Mar Zan: Are you saying Bangladesh is as good as Australia? Sri lanka lost the Test series but drawed the ODI's and Won the T20's, that was an away tour. The SL and Bangladesh tour is a Home tour for SL. Buddy the chances of Bangladesh winning a single match in this tour is very low. Bangladesh is an improving side with some good player but Sri lanka are an outstanding team in limited overs cricket and a good Test team. SL only needs a good Seam bowler in Test cricket to become one of the best teams in Tests too.

Posted by Sal_H on (February 23, 2013, 16:37 GMT)

The Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh series should be good. And I hope fans of both sides will remember that sport is for enjoyment, and getting to know each other better. Lets have a cheerful sporting mentality that will help us enjoy some good cricket, and not cultivate animosity and resentment towards each other for no good reason. Best of luck to Bangladesh Tigers and Sri Lankan Lions.

Posted by British_North_America on (February 23, 2013, 16:37 GMT)

suve Shakib has never played any series in South Africa.I do not know where you get this average.

Posted by Pickpocket on (February 23, 2013, 16:36 GMT)

Hey Lankan guys, I love Srilanka cricket very much. After bangladesh i always support Srilanka. I think there is nothing happened to argument here. Srilanka is a very good cricket team in the world. If Bangladesh can win a single game in the series I think that will be a very good result for us. And Shakib is also a great miss but nothing can stop without Shakib. Bangladeshi player gives their best in the field without Shakib & proved their quality.

Posted by fire_dragon on (February 23, 2013, 16:35 GMT)

@suve Look Shakib is one of the player of BD team. But he is leading all-rounder of ICC ranking so everyone is talking about him . and for your comments you can't judge anyone who played a few match against SA , ENG . If you do that then compare your SL team performance against AUS with him .

Posted by asiacricket1234 on (February 23, 2013, 16:26 GMT)

I think its good that Shakib not gonna play. Bangladesh showed that they can win ODI without him and in last test series Shakib didn't do much either so I think it'll be a good opportunity for the BD young player to make their name. I don't think they have any chance in test cricket but ODI i believe BD has a chance to win the series, Anyway all the best :D

Posted by fire_dragon on (February 23, 2013, 16:19 GMT)

@Perera32 I think you don't understand my comment. I said that now BD is the bottom team in test so Shakib make his records against stronger team than BD.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 16:06 GMT)

place of SHAKIB i think enamiul haque gonna play as a bowler and as a batsman shamsur gonna play

Posted by suve on (February 23, 2013, 16:00 GMT)

fire_dragon: Shakib is a good allrounder but not world class by any means. He is still young but his record outside Bangladesh is nothing to be proud of. His batting average in ENG:13, in SA:11, in SL:12. However has a good bowling average in the sub continent though. However I hope his injury is a blessing in disguise and his replacement can perform well, just like with Sangakkara's injury and Kusual Perera for Sri lanka.

Posted by Sarfin on (February 23, 2013, 15:45 GMT)

Some comments from Bangladeshi fans make me really sorry. They are creating hatred towards our team. I hate some specific team for the arrogance of the team and fans. But it is really pity that some of my fellow BD fans are doing the same.

Posted by Karnain on (February 23, 2013, 15:39 GMT)

TT Samaraweera retired hurt 118. Are we going to miss out another senior player?

Posted by Perera32 on (February 23, 2013, 15:37 GMT)

@fire_dragon: You said Bangladesh have played against weak teams because they are lower ranked in the rankings and Shakib can't make a good record because of that. That makes no sense. If he's played against weaker teams, then shouldn't his record be good? Regardless of the ICC rankings, a batting average of 35 and a bowling average of 32 being a spinner in a sub continent is not a great record at all, especially if he's played most his matches vs weaker teams at home (suiting spinners).

Posted by klusenar2k13 on (February 23, 2013, 15:35 GMT)

Sri lanka will lose the ODI series ...mark my words

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 15:33 GMT)

is SL fans are forgot that how badly they lose against AUSTERLIA just few weeks ago . they should know that there is not much defference SL and BD .

Posted by burnt_cow on (February 23, 2013, 15:32 GMT)

@Mark_Srilanka don't you remember what happened in last asia cup ? I think Sri Lanka lost all 3 games (even with Bangladesh !!!). And Shakib can't be matched with Mathews , perrera or Mendis .you are right dude. Mathews played 90 ODIs with no 100s , and look at his bowling avg in test & ODI. How can you call him good allrounder even. Performing in 1 or 2 match doesn't make a player allrounder. Shakib is consistently playing well against all the teams. This guy has got 9 times 5 wickets in test match and none against Zimbabwe. So if you don't know about anyone just search in the internet. Don't make people laugh.

Posted by Legend_of_All_Times on (February 23, 2013, 15:30 GMT)

Be aware BD fans, here are some masked Pak fans crying against BD cricket in guise of 'Sri Lankan Fans'. Please, Don't involve in argument with them, just let them bark themselves. Those people are doing nothing but making themselves 'Extremely Laughable' by comparing everything of BD cricket with Current Top Test sides who are obtaining now 80-150 Years Experiences and Potentialities. Espncricinfo, Please Publish this....

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 15:12 GMT)

BCB should more carefull about players injury , its not matter of SHAKIB its for all bangladeshi players . shakib was injured about 3 months ago if BCB send him in AUSTRELIA for treatment on that time he should fine now , so please take care our TIGERS properly.

Posted by SL_rockz on (February 23, 2013, 15:09 GMT)

Fact is BD don't deserve to play Test Cricket BD don't even have bowlers that can take 10 test wickets let alone 20 on a regular bases. Still not 1 Bangladesh batsman averages over 40 with the bat and not 1 bowler below 30 says it all...the truth -the villan- ........ BD should accept that they are just marginally holding the right to play test cricket..So dont talk as South africa or england coming to SL ,Jut accept your stage of test cricket and work on building ,exaggerating a team will never make them progress...Accepting the true standards will make you better one day.At least these so high five BD fans should look at your rating :O ..Ratings are not randomly given mate ..they depict the quality and standard of test playing in a country. SL is not very well dong with comparing to SA or AUS or ENG ..never close..But we accept that we are not playing at our fullest capabilities at present.We accept and we progress without exaggerating our team..Respect SL fans for that.

Posted by fire_dragon on (February 23, 2013, 15:03 GMT)

@Janith Pasindu Nanayakkara I think now BD is the bottom test team . So how Shakib make his records . Please say something after knowing about it . Don't tell anything which is not true .

Posted by fire_dragon on (February 23, 2013, 14:56 GMT)

@Mark_Srilanka So your team have player like Dale Styen and Clarke !!!!! I really did't know anything about it . And for Shakib rankings tells his ability . But we are saying that without Shakib it may be tough for BD but the result is not gonna change. If BD can win with Shakib they can also win without Shakib .

Posted by Baundele on (February 23, 2013, 14:51 GMT)

Shakib is a valuable member of the Bangladesh team. However, we won the ODI series against WI without Shakib, and whitewashed NZ without Tamim. Sri Lanka is a better side; but Bangladesh has nothing to be intimidated without Shakib. We can win against them as well.

Posted by dulabari on (February 23, 2013, 14:41 GMT)

osted by Janith Pasindu Nanayakkara on (February 23, 2013, 13:50 GMT) "------------------------ as villian said i just checked the stats of him, almost all the records came under the teams which ranked below-----"

He is #1 Test all rounder. How many Test teams are ranked below BD? He has to play against teams ranked above, as BD is in the bottom.

Posted by SL_rockz on (February 23, 2013, 14:32 GMT)

hey third gear , we dont need the saying lucky Sri lanka ok.... with or without sakib we wll win mate.....definitely ...can you match mathews ,T perera , J mendis with dis guy :P shame !! SL will get lucky witout sakib posh !!! looks like sachin or dale steyn or clarke is missing from their team :P BD always talk so high before every series but just go off without nothing even for their high five talks ....... SL is SL ok..not zimbabwe...BD can win even a ODI ??? they talk on winning tests :P even look at Wi tour do they look like beating SL >>??? :P

Posted by CrICkeeet on (February 23, 2013, 14:21 GMT)

No matter! BAN beat WI by 3-2 widout SHAKIB......

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 14:19 GMT)

Tamim, Shakib need to be dropped because they take their places for granted.

Enough said. Give the younger ones chance.

Posted by Energetic. on (February 23, 2013, 14:19 GMT)

You can't rely on someone like Tamim to cover for him by scoring those extra runs because he's kind of the same, doesn't care whether he does well or not just wants to take his place for granted and he is as well to be honest. One of the selectors of Bangladesh is the uncle of Tamim and even if he performs bad, still keeps his place. Bangladesh need to act strict for once on these 11 team spots. I'm so unhappy about this injury because he had 3 months and the whole of the West Indies ODI series to have that surgery done but left it.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 14:16 GMT)

Without Sakib we play good as we got so many new comers. we got back up talent cricketer. Such as Shamsur Rahman & Sabbir Rahman, Marshal Iyub. So we are no worried. Pacer Taskin Ahmed bowling with Sahadad in test. After include taskin in ODI. Do not include Rubel Hussain. Good luck BD XI

Posted by Energetic. on (February 23, 2013, 14:13 GMT)

I saw the BPL final but it was the presentation that caught my interest because Shakib won man of series but he won it last year so it would've been ideal to give someone else this award but no they didn't. But as he won that award, everyone in Bangladesh was making him feel that's he's the greatest all-rounder ever or something yes in Bangladesh but definitely not in the world. A player that plays for domestic clubs over country and wanting to make easy money is not worth best all-rounder tag. He had months to have a surgery but for some reason didn't and took a gamble which in the end cost the national team. Our team is weak not world class we cry for so much test Cricket but when we do get them, our players cannot play because of little injuries. Fact is we don't deserve to play Test Cricket we don't even have bowlers that can take 10 test wickets let alone 20 on a regular bases. Still not 1 Bangladesh batsman averages over 40 with the bat and not 1 bowler below 30 says it all.

Posted by Karnain on (February 23, 2013, 14:12 GMT)

This is a shame that Bangladesh misses Shakib as we were looking for a competitive Test series & looking forward to see how our youngsters play against a fully strengthen Bangladesh 11. No point in comparing Shakib's miss with Mahela & even with Sanga's (if he also misses out the 1st test) bcos I think he is the only Bangladeshi player who can influence a Test match (perhaps Mushfiqur Rahim too). Lions do feel sorry for you Tigers, Come on!!

Posted by Albert_cambell on (February 23, 2013, 14:09 GMT)

You all have to blame BCB for this. How can they allow him to play BPL when he is half fit. They should know that they have an important series coming up with SL. By the time he finishes his surgery he will be fit enough to play the IPL. BCB should know that Bangladesh + Shakib= Minnows. Bangladesh - Shakib= Associates.

Posted by shihan12 on (February 23, 2013, 13:59 GMT)

I dont know why Shakib played BPL in first place. He should planning for the SL tour. BD always complaining for the limited test matches when they get some their players not ready. Shakib should think its about country or just franchise cricket.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 13:50 GMT)

Sad for BD fans. @VIllian.. you talked to the point.

Here in SL people don't know much about Shakiba Al Husan. i heard that he was the prime thing in BD media and among the fans. i always wonder how could a player like him become the top all rounder when there are quite a number of them around in the top teams. as villian said i just checked the stats of him, almost all the records came under the teams which ranked below

however cricket is a team game. not an individual one. so it's up to others to stand to the occasion. with or without Shakiba al Husan it's a no matter at all for SL, just another BD player for us.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 13:41 GMT)

really bad news for tigers in this situation. sakib should have taken this decision earlier. good luck to sakib though

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 13:31 GMT)

No Sin if you think so. as I think Sachin,Mahela,Sangakara and Sayeed Ajmal was over rated always.

Posted by lukecannon on (February 23, 2013, 13:30 GMT)

An all rounder with an average of 35 is going to be missed? Kulasekara can do this guy's job in the SL team. ( and i haven't even started with Mathews , T perera and J mendis)

Posted by Third_Gear on (February 23, 2013, 13:28 GMT)

Very bad news for BD indeed. Lucky Srilankans.

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (February 23, 2013, 13:22 GMT)

Tamim, Shakib need to be dropped because they take their places for granted. Shakib played in IPL, Champions League, BPL and now because of that, misses International assignments club over country. I agree with few here that he had so much time to get a surgery done but for some reason chose to 'rest' it instead. That's not the attitude to have and now a thrashing from Sri Lanka looks on the cards and we deserve it.

Posted by mithunsaha on (February 23, 2013, 13:16 GMT)

Shakib is selfish. He was out of WI tour in the name of injury but played BPL happily. And now he goona be out of SL tour but confirming his IPL.

Posted by Energetic. on (February 23, 2013, 13:14 GMT)

Shakib is an overrated player anyway and I'm a Bangladesh fan saying that. I mean its not like he has has won a lot of games for Bangladesh for his all-round skills. He's a good player but definitely not the best all-rounder in the world, just look at his batting record played over a 150 International games but only 7 100s with half of them against teams like Canada and Zimbabwe. I agree with someone that its a good chance for Bangladesh youngsters or newcomers to take that opportunity because places in the Bangladesh team are becoming competitive now.

Posted by FiGhtCluB_99 on (February 23, 2013, 13:07 GMT)

B'desh should keep in mind that SL will be without Jayawardena for this series. So stop complaining about Al Hasan's absence. Not comparing Al Hasan to the class of MJ but just hoping B'desh don't lose both games by an innings or something similar.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2013, 12:53 GMT)

Don't worry tigers........we have proven that we can win series without fans will remember the historic series win agains the T20 world of luck tigersssssss

Posted by fire_dragon on (February 23, 2013, 12:45 GMT)

It is not like that .If Shakib wasn't born in Bangladesh then what happened? If he wasn't born in BD then someone else took his place. So don't worry . Nothing will stop for him . He is the most important player of the team but it doesn't mean BD can't do anything without him .

Posted by class9ryan on (February 23, 2013, 12:41 GMT)

Bangladesh Premier League is just too long for players. They should reduce the league as we have seen teams playing 2 matches in every 3 days. This is so intimidating. My view is to stop this league as players have shorter leagues like PSL and SLPL to participate in. The more quality players are sure to get a place in BBL and IPL and I dont think stoping BPL would affect players income a lot.

Posted by SyedAreYouDumb on (February 23, 2013, 12:39 GMT)

Sri Lanka fans hope your happy. Lets see if Bangladesh are not a one man team. Shakib does the job a batsman and a bowler (basically 2-in-1 player), same as Kallis. Now we will either be a batsman or a bowler short.

Posted by Kingzzzz on (February 23, 2013, 12:35 GMT)

I thought his injury was his shin? anyway you want players who care and want to play for the national team, not a lazy one who had so much time to have a surgery and still hasn't. It will be very tough against Sri Lanka and very very unlikely with the bowling attack we have to even come close to matching them. But its a good opportunity for some other players to make a statement and that no player in Bangladesh is guaranteed their spots. Not performing then you're out simple as that.

Posted by Fareen on (February 23, 2013, 12:32 GMT)

Fair enough. Shakib shouldn't play if he's injured, we need him fully fit. I hope selectors will give enamul haque junior his much-deserved chance now, rather than elias sunny or razzak.

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (February 23, 2013, 12:27 GMT)

Very disappointed! he had 3 months after the West Indies series to have that operation and was happy enough to play in BPL, just shows how poor planners Bangladesh management are. Now we have no chance against Sri Lanka minnows as always.

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