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BCB president says it was his decision to drop Mahmudullah


Nazmul Hassan: 'I have said it repeatedly that I take every decision' © BCB

BCB president Nazmul Hassan has revealed the significant influence he has over Bangladesh's selection process at present, saying that it was his call to drop allrounder Mahmudullah from the ongoing Test against Sri Lanka.

Hassan also said another high-profile player might have suffered the axe had the designated wicketkeeper Liton Das not been ruled out of the second Test through injury. Indications are that the player he was referring to was the captain Mushfiqur Rahim, who had said "if I get to play" more than once ahead of the game.

"I take all the decisions," Hassan said in Colombo on the first day of Bangladesh's 100th Test. "I have said it repeatedly that I take every decision. The decision that [Mahmudullah] won't play the Test also has to come from me. And no one told me that he won't be in the ODI squad. Until I take the decision, what others say doesn't count. Chandika [Hathurusingha, the coach] doesn't send me anything, it is the selectors who send me the list of players.

"Mahmudullah got left out because this is an important Test for us. Just because we like Mahmudullah, Shakib [Al Hasan], Tamim [Iqbal] and Mushfiqur, doesn't mean we will sit around while they keep playing with poor form. It will make the team unstable.

"There would have been a bigger change had Liton Das not got injured. Anyone can be dropped. I don't need a player in the squad who effects a team after being dropped. This message has to be clear. Whoever is replacing a senior player, you have to encourage him, impart intelligence to him. It is a team game after all."

Hassan's comments, however, appeared to be at odds with the mandate he had set out for the revamped selection committee in June 2016, when the selection of the Bangladesh team became a three-step process.

The committee was expanded by the inclusion of the coach Chandika Hathurusingha, the team manager Khaled Mahmud, and BCB's cricket operations committee chairman Akram Khan. Hassan said at the time that his role in the selection process would be diminished because of Mahmud's inclusion in the panel.

Then the chief selector Faruque Ahmed had quit as a result, saying the new composition would curb the independence of the appointed selectors. Former Bangladesh batsman Minhajul Abedin was given Faruque's position.

Over the last nine months, however, Hassan made public comments about selection on at least three occasions. During the home series against Afghanistan in September 2016 - right after the selection committee was revamped - Hassan said left-arm spinner Mosharraf Hossain should be picked for the ODIs against England. The 34-year-old was left out of the second and third ODIs after a poor first game.

During the Bangladesh Premier League, Hassan had said the selectors should consider performers from the T20 tournament for the training camp for the New Zealand tour. Mehedi Maruf, one of the players Hassan had mentioned, was included in the camp in Sydney as a "development player", and also travelled to train with the squad in New Zealand.

Hassan's latest comments about Mahmudullah are likely to put more pressure on the current selectors, particularly the chief selector Minhajul, who is a respected figure in Bangladesh cricket, having been the country's best batsman in the 1980s and 1990s.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent. @isam84

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  • DTheater on March 19, 2017, 20:17 GMT

    The authority BCB President is practicing is unprecedented in the history of cricket. Someone, who never played cricket in his entire life or never been associated any form of sport. What a trajedy!

  • cricfan37328733 on March 18, 2017, 19:53 GMT

    Mominul haque shouldn't have been dropped. ...because he just had 2 bad games. ...and he has consistently scored for Bangladesh. Whenever Mominul had scored team has done well. ..avg 46+ still remains best for Bangladeshi batsman. ...BT mahmudullah was never a batsman first of all. ...He had done well in wc but in test batting @4 u need to face pace bowling well. ..which is his problem.He gets bowled out most of the times. ...liton das, mossadek are far better than him and fan should stop being emotional.If Bangladesh wants to compete. ..They need player who could score big hundreds@4 with better defence& tempermant which mahmudullah lacked.....I have watched cricket from childhood I can tell u mossadek hossain, liton das are better player. ..its not on basis of 1 game mossadek played. ..It is because of approach calmness he built his innings and looked at ease at crease. ....mahmudullah should play t20/odi in middle test is beyond him esp now when bd have better batsmen.

  • golam.rabbi on March 18, 2017, 18:04 GMT

    I am against this policy of BCB chief. If he should interfere the selection decision, then why there is a selection team? Is it really necessary? Does BCB chief knows anything about cricket?

  •   Maung Sein on March 17, 2017, 19:35 GMT

    @SS1980 I fully understand your point and it is a valid one. I just did not want to get into that discussion. I am just focusing on what I feel is Mahmudullah-bashing. I am not advocating his selection, nor am I against his dropping. I am just defending his record and his service to BD cricket. I do want to point out another thing about "current form" though. How does one define what "current" is? Is that one match? five? or some other time span? So now many here are saying Mosaddek is a find, he is the future etc. He may well be. But he has just played one innings! Remember when Mominul was hitting 12 50s at a trot? Now people want him dropped. Whatever happened to "form is temporary but class is permanent"? BTW, is there another major sport where there are "selection panels"? In football, the manager of the national team - at least in major teams - is the boss and decides who plays and who doesn't. So is the case in all major US sports, at club or national levels.

  • CricLook on March 17, 2017, 16:45 GMT

    It seems BCB is become a replica of PCB. Another would be laughing stock on cricket governance. First, Mr Hasan took away powers from selection committee now he himself become only selector. I understand he had MBA degree from top business school of the country, but it seems he seldom practice his managerial skills, at least in case of BCB. If Mahmudullah is not performing, then it's up to the selectors to make that call. If they don't , either they should held accountable and replaced or they are not empowered enough. In corporate governance, it's not the job of BCB President to decide who will be in the team and who's position is under threat. It will definitely make the whole team and management unstable. We already have an example of Nasir Hossain. Result is BD cricket will suffer and will go backward. Please play your role as it should be as BCB President, can mentor the management and team. One person decision only brings no good. history proved it time and again.

  • MasumKhan on March 17, 2017, 15:41 GMT

    The decision to drop Mominul and Mahmudullah was a prudent one. All three batsmen added for this test side Imrul , Sabbir and Mosaddek have played exceedingly well and has put BD on the driving seat. The presence of Mominul and Mahmudullah in recent times gave fragility to the batting order due to their off form. With the solidity now found , these two now have to prove a lot to return to the team. Mosaddek has shown he is a talented and gifted batsman and he looks like a potential number three in the batting order. Current form , not name , should be the prime criteria in selecting the team.

  • SS1980 on March 17, 2017, 15:28 GMT

    @MAUNG SEIN: Fair enough. But You are also missing my point. The board has right to select the selection panel. After that its the selection panel who should decide who to select and which player to drop. If by doing that the selection panel still fails to get the desired results then Board president has the right to replace the selection committee. But how come he do such micro management as to selecting playing eleven? If he has to do that why not save some money and not have any selection panel at all??

  •   Maung Sein on March 17, 2017, 13:20 GMT

    @SS1980: These are two issues, although they became intertwined in this thread. I have my opinion about a Board president's role, but I do not want to discuss that. I am just tired of people bashing Mahmudullah without looking at the facts. He is not a star, but has been a solid contributor as an average player (yes, an all rounder) to an average team. I am also not advocating whether he should have been selected or not. If he is not contributing, by all means drop him. As A. Rahman pointed out, his replacement, Mosaddek, has done well in this test and he is definitely part of the future. I have no problems with that at all. I am simply saying, praise others, but do not bash Mahmudullah without evidence. Don't learn from Trump. BTW, I can site stats from recent games - and even from games going back a few years that will debunk this allegation "Mahmudullah has been totally inconsistent". There was a period where he was inconsistent and he was axed from the team. Check the facts.

  • Keithnkin on March 17, 2017, 13:14 GMT

    Politics as usual. A lot of us are not happy with this system. Just like the person in the picture sitting next to Nazmul Hassan.

  • SS1980 on March 17, 2017, 11:40 GMT

    The people here who are debating whether Mehmudullah is good player or not are missing the whole point here.

    The point here is that whether a board president should take each and every decision regarding playing eleven? As he said he decide everything, would it be ok if he decide the batting order etc. as well? No matter if you agree with his decisions or not but why have a selection committee and a captain if one man has to decide everything?

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