Sri Lanka v India, 1st Test, Galle, 4th day

Murali delivers on a big occasion, again

It is only natural to feel some nerves going into your final Test, ending 18 years of as many ups as downs. But Murali remained unfazed and did what he does best

Sidharth Monga in Galle

July 21, 2010

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Muttiah Muralitharan acknowledges his five-wicket haul, Sri Lanka v India, 1st Test, Galle, 4th day, July 21, 2010
Muttiah Muralitharan is a big-occasion player, and he made sure he left his mark on his final Test as well © Associated Press

A man who averages 24.48 in 34 ODI tournament finals, conceding runs at 4.1 an over, cannot be accused of not having a sense of occasion. And his farewell Test has been some occasion. You can't escape the farewell Test. The road from the team hotel to the ground, some 40km along the coast, is full of Murali posters. The Galle International Stadium is full of Murali: banners, cut-outs, messages, an electronic countdown to 800 wickets, the works. The Galle Fort overlooking the stadium has two giant Murali cut-outs. Every cricketer who has spoken in public has been asked to pay tribute to Murali. There have been guards of honour, 21-gun salutes, his family has been on the TV camera most of the time.

It is only natural to feel some nerves going into your final Test, ending 18 years of as many ups as downs. Memories must have flown, he must have thought of his future. In between, there was a Test match to be won. There were fears if the farewell would distract the team. Would he himself be able to concentrate and bring his best for one last time, especially given his recent lean form? This man, however, has left worse distractions, worse pressures, behind when walking on to the field to represent Sri Lanka. "Boss, when I go out, I don't think about these things," he says. "My job is to get batsmen out, I think about that only."

And get batsman out he did on his penultimate day of Test cricket. Also on display was the big offbreak that seems to have gradually become smaller ever since he began bowling the doosra. The way he got MS Dhoni's wicket is any offspinner's dream. Dhoni had not just come in - he had his eye in, having scored 33. The ball drifted away from him, dipped too, Dhoni's feet played the original line, the bat went chasing the ball, and then it spun, spun big, through the gate, kissing the inside edge, not enough to alter its track, and found the stumps.

Inexplicably Murali had been kept away from action for 17 overs in the morning. Even after Virender Sehwag and VVS Laxman were had, Kumar Sangakkara let Yuvraj Singh and Dhoni settle. Even Tillakaratne Dilshan was used before Murali. It was as if he was being set a challenge - do it from here, with India just 105 short of saving the follow-on. He didn't start off too well, bowling two long hops in his first over, which were duly dispatched by Dhoni.

Soon, though, came that magic ball. With the sight of tail in, Murali squeezed into the door left ajar. We were right up Murali's alley, with runs on board, no hope of a win for the opposition, the batsmen uncertain. Of all the times in the world, you don't want to face Murali at such a time. Yuvraj, who had played well for his 52, was drawn out, he wasn't sure which way the ball would turn, had to play at it, and Mahela Jayawardene hardly ever drops those edges off Murali.

The tail was easy for Murali. Pragyan Ojha wasn't the first batsman poking at one outside off, fearing the doosra, edging it away. For Abhimanyu Mithun he produced the sharp offbreak again, finishing his 67th five-for. "You have to ask him if felt any nerves," Trevor Bayliss, Sri Lanka's coach, said. "But this is the first time I've seen Murali showing a bit of emotion after taking those five wickets. Throwing his arms in the air... I'm sure he's happy with the way he's gone so far in the match."

In the second innings, perhaps the age showed. The trajectory got flatter, more doosras were bowled than the big offbreaks. Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, although for not enough time from India's point of view, batted expertly, denying Murali for long. The ball, though, doesn't know how old you are. Murali stayed at the batsmen for 18 long overs. Whatever might have happened earlier in the day, there was no way that in dying light, anybody else was going to bowl the last over of the day.

In the 13th over of that spell, Murali got Yuvraj in similar fashion as in the morning. This one was pitched middle and off, he had to play at it, it spun away sharply, Jayawardene was there again, with his fingers under the dying ball. Murali is having some drink for the road.

Sidharth Monga is a staff writer at Cricinfo

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Posted by   on (July 23, 2010, 7:29 GMT)

Murali you are a legend! So Modest and skilled. You deserve it. Well Done.

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 15:20 GMT)

Murali, u are a great champion. We will miss u for sure

Posted by Jaggadaaku on (July 22, 2010, 11:58 GMT)

Muralitharan chose this match will be his last despite he needed 8 wickets to reach 800, and he was struggling to take wickets from last some matches. But he knows the opponent team is India who always be helpful to the players what they need. Once upon a time, Andrew Flower had respected average (Mid 40) in Tests, India gave him a chance to cross the average above 50+ in single series. When Ponting also had a respected average in ODIs until 2003 World Cup final, after Ponting made century in that match and became the successful and master all the way until now. Moreover, when Misbah Ul Haq was struggling to stay in Pakistan cricket averaged under 30, one single series against India in 2007, made him hero and saved couple of Test matches by blasting couple of notout centuries. Two months ago, the Zimbabwe cricket was struggling to keep their International status in cricket, India defeated twice against them in Triangular Series and gave them a moral support - "DON'T WORRY WE R WITH U"

Posted by Nimeshaya on (July 22, 2010, 11:13 GMT)

We will miss u...Murali....sure no one can ever fill ur leave... Great lagand ... atlast he got da 800 but he only what a person.. Hats off........Murali...

Posted by Uchistha on (July 22, 2010, 10:51 GMT)

Me Being an INDIAN and A cricket MANIAC bow my head and salute TO THE LEGEND ...Thanks Murali for all you have given to the world cricket .....God less U Man...TC

Posted by shaantanu on (July 22, 2010, 10:50 GMT)

i luv to eat humble pie:)......srilankans made us indians eat that today......but must say i m really happy for murali.well done.nobody can emulate ur achievements........btw u suggested harbhajan can achieve tht forgive me but did u leave ur brains at home when u made tht statement.......btw pragyan ojah will be rememberd for being ur 800th victim if nothing else:)........have a gr8 life ahead

Posted by ian_ghose on (July 22, 2010, 10:29 GMT)

So...the 'ordinary' team gets beaten..ho..hum..

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 10:25 GMT)

Congrats Murli disappointed abt ur retirement.... U far better dan other offies

Posted by AAAL on (July 22, 2010, 9:54 GMT)

Thanks being who you are.... a great cricketer and an amazing person..... All the very best for the future.

Posted by cricket_fan_1980 on (July 22, 2010, 9:34 GMT)

Well done Murali. You have been an absolute pleasure to what over the last decade and a half. I'm 30 years old, so during my entire cricket watching phase, there have been some phenomenal names that I've seen from virtually the beginnings of their careers right into their prime. Lara, Tendulkar, Murali, Warne, Wasim, Waqar & they have been absolutely sensational to watch. Murali is right up there and I think I would rate him the greatest spinner of all time, unparalleled. Warne is a close second, but Murali is the real deal. A true fighter, rises to the occasion, and 800 test wickets is just mind blowing. We bow to you Murali!

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 9:28 GMT)

a great legend of cricket, must b given award of Sir, undoubtedly greatest spinner ever, sure sri lankan cricket will miss him desperately after his exit from tests. salut to gr8 bowler

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 9:26 GMT)

Murali has been the greatest off spinner to grace the game of cricket.... No matter what John Howard,D Hair and Ross Emerson say about him, he has proven them wrong and they are now history.......All the best for the future ,Murali

Posted by LALITHKURUWITA on (July 22, 2010, 9:20 GMT)

Hi Navin84, He willget exactly 8 wickets to make 800. It is the city of Galle that I was born. That is why he decided to retire.

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 9:12 GMT)

THE BEST THERE WAS THE BEST THERE IS AND THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE….. Congratulation Muttiah Muralitharan for taking 800 Test Wickets… What a fantastic career it was…….

Posted by SyedArbabAhmed on (July 22, 2010, 9:08 GMT)

Thankfully we have seen the greatest leg and off spinner in our lifetime Shane Warne and Murali, thanks for memories but i think he should have played in all the remaining test matches but that's his choice.

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 9:08 GMT)

THE BEST THERE WAS THE BEST THERE IS AND THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE….. Congratulation Muttiah Muralitharan for taking 800 Test Wickets… What a fantastic career it was…….

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 9:07 GMT)

Hats of to Murali, I am very proud, India is losing and I am not bothered.

I am extremely happy about Murali's 800 !! And yes we gonna miss him a lot ! I wish he continue playing for Chennai Super Kings !! :)

Posted by ahmedjawwad4u on (July 22, 2010, 9:02 GMT)

Huh, India's test ranking. Just give a stat on how many tests india have played in top 3 hostile countries in last three years i.e South Africa, Australia, England and also How much cricket they have played against Pakistan : a team they don't perform well against , historically. Barring 4 best teams, whats left?! Cricket on dead docile pitches of india and have a no loss (draw and) formula of spin plus high scores. The number 1 test team has to have a depth in bowling and batting at any surface like windies of 80s and Aussies of last decade. India is far from that

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 9:02 GMT)

wat a man he is.... really happy to see a person has picked 8 wickets in his last match at the age of 38.....we miss you...

Posted by thaiyoob on (July 22, 2010, 9:00 GMT)

sri lanka Win the match or Murali win this match no more argue murali is rock..........

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 8:56 GMT)

sir gavasker your required to join to coach the indian team in such terrible sitiuations where we have seeen in past how you used to control the time during ur stay on pitch and how bowlers used to get tired of bowling in such situations --please please join the coaching or else take a mind set teaching for the team.

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 8:52 GMT)

good bye murali tharaan , one of the greatest ever entertainer of cricket ___audience will miss u ever . . . .

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 8:49 GMT)

Wel done murali . You deserve it.

Posted by moscowman on (July 22, 2010, 8:47 GMT)


Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 8:45 GMT)

yes murali we miss u from now onwards, and its a big setback to cricket ,we wish u all the best for ur dosra life and i congratulate u for the land mark 800 wickets ,and the awsome performer inthe crickting world ,now all the batsmens are feeling relax as they heard u will not come back again to the arena. good luck.and enjoy ur life

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 8:12 GMT)

What a champ, for anyone to beat Murli's record he has to be fit, 17 years old and be alive to beat his record. No seamer can ever beat his record, it will only be a spinner. Anyways I do not expect Murli's record to be broken for atleast 20 years. It would a pity that he has to leave in tests, considering how he broke down the Indian batting lineup I expect the Lankan board to have him reinstated atleast for tests if not ODIs.

From Pakistan

Posted by muabdulla on (July 22, 2010, 7:18 GMT)

You're the best Murali, You are the magic man who brought Sri Lanka to this status, WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

Posted by muabdulla on (July 22, 2010, 7:15 GMT)

Murali, Don't worry about the decision you made, You did more than a player want to do for his team. You did more than you can for Sri Lanka, ALL THE BEST IN THE FUTURE.

Posted by Lancan on (July 22, 2010, 4:18 GMT)

Have 2 agree with DASITH 200%. Some comments are so over blown from all parties. I am a SL but I have to say all of PAK, IND & SL cricket have similar issues. Firstly all 3 Boards are either corrupt, filled with politicians or people with no cricket brains. We all can win @ home & some r better over seas, but not by much. We have stars & we worship them like gods! As fans we have very short memories. Put our players on top when we win, criticize the opponents with no shame. But when we lose we blame everyone else, the umps, the Aussies & ICC. Take a hard look guys, this is us! IND #1 ranking was earned so let's respect it. I remember SL had a chance to go past AUS, but we didn't win. Had he won, by now others would be calling our ranking a "joke". Ranking, statistics are what they are, Numbers! Unless U r playing book cricket, the real game is played on the field, & it changes all the time. The mighty falls sometimes, & underdog shines! BTW SL still hasn't won, so let's not jump ahead!

Posted by Navin84 on (July 22, 2010, 4:16 GMT)

Can some plz tell me why Murli choose this match to be his last seeing that there are still 2 more matches in the series. Good luck to him, hope he gets to 800, this would be an unbeatable record looking at the future for test, where it is expected to be less.

Posted by Chrishan on (July 22, 2010, 4:09 GMT)

If I had to put money on a bowler who would predict that he can get not 1 but 8 wickets (or more) in his final test match, it would have to be on Murali. This performance shows the sheer class of the maestro. If he gets 10 wickets and SL does go on to win the match, it would be an awesome way in which to retire. Respect Murali, and I still remember when you showed the Poms that Sri Lanka is a force to reckon with in the test arena in 1998. His retirement is indeed a great blow to Sri Lanka, but the rate at which we produce "freakish" bowlers, I'm sure we can find another great one. But of course there will always be only one Murali.

Posted by ushakiran on (July 22, 2010, 4:01 GMT)

hats off murali.u are the legend.

Posted by anandby on (July 22, 2010, 2:44 GMT)

Well done Murali. A win from this stage is the only tribute to him. Unless weather intervenes. Indian batsmen other than Dravid and Lakshman doesn't have temperment to play long innings without scoring runs. When SL made 520 and two and half days gone there was no way India could have thought of winning this match, so then they should have concentrated on playing long innings. 30 - 40 runs at 70 - 80 strike rate is useless compared to 20-30 runs and consuming 100-150 balls. Sewag and Tendulkar can stay at the crease when they are scoring run but cannot play without scoring runs which is required in this type of situation. All said and done SL deserve to win this match and give a rightly fitting farewell to Murali the great.

Posted by saiparames on (July 22, 2010, 2:06 GMT)

we miss murali.all the best for your future.....

Posted by AsrafHakh on (July 22, 2010, 1:04 GMT)


Posted by sarith01 on (July 22, 2010, 0:58 GMT)

"they r lucky.. they have test status" is it about sri lanka?

*lankans won 60 test in less than 30 years compared to indians 104 in more than 75 years. *lankans won 60 out of 193(31.08%) where as indians won 104 out of 438(23.75%) *in last five ODI world cups lankans indians champions once - runners up once once semi finalist once once first round twice 3 times

can anyone tell me who has better record than lankans in last five world cups except Aussies??????????

Posted by   on (July 22, 2010, 0:53 GMT)

good luck murali, hope you get to 800 you deserve it!

Posted by amilacp on (July 22, 2010, 0:33 GMT)

Good Bye Murali! You did it for the last time as well. Thank you very much. Whoever needs to compare Murali and Warne, compare what they have done against India who believes the best batting line-up against the spin if not against all the bawling. You went at the correct time as people ask Why rather than Why not! Sign of a true legend. Thank you for the service for the mother land and try to be in touch with the team as the young spinners need you guidance. Thanks again and wish you all the very best for the future!!!

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 23:57 GMT)

@Simon Smith...Spot on.. I agree with you...Lets see how India fares after the big 3 retire...and Srilankan fans..Give some credit to ur team's bowling... Realize that if ur team has beaten Bangladesh or Zimbawbe, even u wudn't care... The fact that ur team has beaten the present number 1 test team is a credit on to itself..

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 23:54 GMT)

Murali, you are the best. I wish you get the 2 wickets (to 800) for Srilanka and help your team win your farewell test and prove that till the end you are the match-winner that made Srilanka a formidable unit in world cricket.

Posted by bigbang07 on (July 21, 2010, 23:47 GMT)

To all the Indians complaining about the decisions which havent gone their way-I believe they are the ones who decided not to use UDRS for this series so they have to deal with umpiring errors in the same manner as Sri Lanka.

Second, stop complaining about the pitches in Sri Lanka/India, no1 test ranking, India's bowling attack etc. None of these topics are relevant to the article. Direct your comments on the great finish the champion offspinner has been able to produce against an awesome batting lineup (Remember, he got Sachin, Dhoni and Yuvraj out twice in a day). Hats off to Murali! Now get two more and make history one more time!!

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 23:41 GMT)

here we go again the Indian and SL fans going at each other about their overseas record. If there ever was a case for the pot calling the kettle black this is it. India have been strong at home with their flat tracks which suits their batting, same can be said about SL but our pitches are more RESULT ORIENTED. But neither of these teams can say they have good overseas records. SL over the past 5 years have done very well in england, new zealand and lost in australia 1-0. I think they won 7 and lost 6 if i'm not incorrect. India have done well too. But the reality is that both teams don't have the bowling firepower to win in bouncy pitches. Look at pakistan, they have the bowling but not the batting. Besides if we win 2-0 in the series then we become number one in rankings. I think it's as much a joke for us to be number one as much it is india. I don't see any team having a clear advantage overseas, atleast over the past 5 years.

Posted by montys_muse on (July 21, 2010, 23:33 GMT)

Murali is a great player and person. He deserves all the admiration and love from his fans across the world. But somehow it rankles me (and may be few more of his admirers) that his action wasnt clean always, and the ICC had to bend a rule or two for just his sake!! He could have probably remodeled his action, but dont know if that is possible on the stage that he was playing on...But somehow that stigma will always remain attached to him...Sad but true! Anyway, I wish Murali all the good luck in his quest for no.800!

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 23:20 GMT)

can indians stop posting their opinions about the indian team, this article is clearly about the sri lankan legend...

Posted by DesiFanTutti on (July 21, 2010, 22:22 GMT)

Time Magazine salutes Murali:,8599,2005498,00.html

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 22:18 GMT)

Alright since some cant seem to handle the bitter truth, let me put things in to perspective in a more gentle manner. For those who say that SL doesn't have an international standard bowling line up, how hilarious is it that the supposed best batting out fit in the world is on the verge a massive defeat. So lets say "The number one team" had a bad game. I guess they had a bad game against the second string Sri Lanka president's XI too. In that game there was no Mahela or Sanga to help SL build a score, in fact it was Thiramanne, Kandamby and Tharanga who did the scoring. Also for those who says that Sri Lankas days are over after Murali, Mendis took six wickets in that practice game. Didn't someone call Sri Lanka mediocre? Then isn't it below mediocre to falter against a mediocre team? Finally, Sri Lanka's win percentage in the last five years has been 77% with only two losses. We had tours in England and NewZealand. I rest my case. Now stop crying like little girls :)

Posted by a.s.r on (July 21, 2010, 21:55 GMT)

Bad for India ... No rain on day 5...

Posted by hmia1001 on (July 21, 2010, 20:55 GMT)

Regardless of the match result itself, I want Murli to complere 800 test wickets. He deserves this milestone!!!

Posted by pradeep_dealwis on (July 21, 2010, 19:48 GMT)

@ Kunal Kaveesh Joshi SSC, P Sara Kandy are far better wickets than Baroda and Kolkata and dust bowls in India, you should try making decent wickets in India , maybe then you'll be able to produce some decent fast bowlers

Posted by way_too_cool on (July 21, 2010, 19:38 GMT)

Well Indians are always slow starters, and pick up things later, but I am concerned about this team. There are hardly any good bowlers. Bhajji should be fit in the next game, and other than him and Ishant I don't see any other good bowler. And of course Lankans are tigers at home (and helpless lambs when they play on foreign pitches). I think India will be lucky to escape with a draw during this test series with so many key players injured.

And oh well done to Murali. He does not spin the ball so much any more, but is still a very good bowler and a very decent guy.

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 19:21 GMT)

@Kunal, Umpire's decision is final and its accepted. Dont cry for such things. i thought geethike is a kid in her views, and u seem from the same school as geethike

Posted by _NEUTRAL_Fan_ on (July 21, 2010, 19:13 GMT)

Fitting finale for Murali. He shows that despite aging, he is still a class bowler. Special mention to the Sri Lankan FIELDING (that thing people like to ignore), it was as good as I've seen from them and special mention to Malinga as well, I said yesterday he was looking good, turns out he was too good for Ind. The match was looking like a sure draw but I am glad that my predictions were wrong.

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 18:56 GMT)

There is no doubt about that CRICKET WILL MISS MURALI for decades. I miss Warne and I am going to miss Murali too! Two icons of Leg & Off Spin!

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 18:53 GMT)

india are no.1 but when dravid retires they will not be.

Posted by amilag on (July 21, 2010, 18:06 GMT)

India is harvesting on making batting pitches in Indian soil & the IPL! Not to insult our neighbours, but India is far away for being the best test team in the world. They have to prove that they are capable of wining the matches away from India.

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 18:00 GMT)

Murali! I have no words to thank you for the service you did to this small island. Thank you so much!! U are the best and you will be the best forever!

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 17:48 GMT)

so much for the no1 test team....

Posted by Born_Smart on (July 21, 2010, 17:34 GMT)

I was certain of one thing on day 1 of this test match. That's about Murali breaking/reaching 800 wickets. I had told my friends that if India gets to bat in both the innings then Murali would end up with at least 794 wickets (I gave Yuvraj's wicket straight away to Murali) and rest will be a bonus. I wonder how Yuvraj has faired against Murali in ODIs and tests.

Posted by SOLUTE on (July 21, 2010, 17:30 GMT)


Posted by Charindra on (July 21, 2010, 17:27 GMT)

Oh god, what a bowler, what a cricketer, what a personality!! In a few decades we will be able to tell our kids, I've seen Muttiah Muralitharan bowl live. Thank you for the magic Murali.

Posted by WHOisNEXT on (July 21, 2010, 17:22 GMT)

@ geethika dinith desilva although i am not big supporter of indian team.. but whtever u r saying, is not fair.. india is nowhere compair to 80's westindies team and 2000 aus team.. but the simple fact is that india is better thn other right now..n tht why they r number 1, cause no other team right now undisputed deserving number 1.. n for yur lankan team.. i dnt think aprt from lanka..they even cnt win single test anywhere else.. they r lucky.. they have test status.. n u wana knw.. wht is biggest joke of cricket.. allow a chucker spinner murli to participate in cricket and with tht chucking bowling getting 800 wickets.. anyone in the world can take 800 wicket with chucking.. so enjy time..

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 17:20 GMT)

De Silva India's test ranking isn't a joke. They have been the most consitant team for the last two years in tests, there's no debate about that. However that's only right now. However when we think to England back in the 50's, West Indies in the 70's and 80's and Australia in the 90's the one thing we think of is a prolonged period of being number one. No one could argue that these teams in their day were the best and they were the best because they did it day in day out for years. I honestly think India are going to struggle to match that. The new dawn of Indian dominance just seems so hollow to me, always has. There fast bowling cupboards are bare. Zaheer Khan is a quality bowler but they're struggling elsewhere. There great batsman aren't going to be around much longer and the new ones seem to be spoilt and have grown up on too much One Day Cricket. Maybe I'm wrong but it's going to be tough for India.

Posted by manasvi_lingam on (July 21, 2010, 16:45 GMT)

Well, I was sure it was heading for an innings defeat but now, we need to see. It's a pity Tendulkar contributed those 84 runs, I'd been hoping that he'd get out sooner since this is a very ordinary lineup.

Posted by rushy on (July 21, 2010, 16:37 GMT)

A man takes 8 (or more) wickets in one match and wants to retire????? Come on Murali, please play for another 5 years or so.

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 16:24 GMT)

Going to Galle tomorrow to witness history!!!! :)

Posted by natmastak_so-called on (July 21, 2010, 16:21 GMT)

@ those who constantly rant abt IND 's rank ..... Those standing below,can only see the sole.

Posted by krysh on (July 21, 2010, 16:18 GMT)

I am an Indian and I've never felt sad when an opponent player retired though i miss them. But when Murali retired I was totally sad and felt for the champion who has been insulted every now and then for his action. Though there are many stats comparing murali and warne, one area the warne cant murali is, Murali is a gentleman cricketer, unlike warne who sledges and speaks his mind in public about his bunny batsman. Murali has never done anything of that sort and remains to be a true champion. Hats off to you Murali. You are a champ and a role model for millions of ppl. Have a great future....

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 16:14 GMT)

we are the number one team and shall remain to do so u should know by the pasting your ateam got in australia that u are only paper lions who can do well at tailored pitches like ssc,premadasa and galle whereas we have won at headingly ,perth,napier,west indies,karachi,lahore so no way are u even a thumbnail of indian team which had one bad day and poor umpiring on day 1 when parivartana was out on 4 but given not out by umpire

Posted by usmankhan001 on (July 21, 2010, 16:06 GMT)

@ de silve you are right and soon that joke will be finished :P i dont see any indians here ? and where is kartik ???????? i think now only rain or a miracle can save india from this defeat

Posted by natmastak_so-called on (July 21, 2010, 15:58 GMT)

I alwys knew that IND wil snatch a defeat from the jaws of a draw.coz historically (& with a strong line up) IND is never good at batting out draws,napier the modern exception. In last 5 yrs u can find at least 5 tests in which IND could hav EASILY forced a draw but they lost.hope MS & VVS can still put up some show.

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 15:50 GMT)

I agree India's number one is a big joke... But that coming from you is another big joke as your team can win only in your backyard mostly has been doing that only becos of Murali. With him retiring, your team will continue to enjoy the mediocre rank its been having for a while now. Only Malinga is of any international standard in the bowling dept ( Otherwise its as bad as India's bowling). SL has very good batting batting stars but has always been a very average team in IMHO ( especially true when they play overseas)

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 15:49 GMT)

Geethike - SL can only test matches if Sanga, Mahela plays a very long innings and with the Magic of Murali. Now, this is the last test for Murali, let us see how SL will perform. Fact of the matter is SL does not have match-winners apart from the above three, whereas for India write from Sehwag to Dhoni batting order is strong, bowling it one bad (first day) day in the office, though it is home condition for SL, their middle order could not handle the seam bowling. India had shown consistency whereas SL is yet to find and that is why India is at No.1 even look today Aussies were all out for just 80 odd runs, it happens in the game.

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 15:43 GMT)

Hatz off murali....I couldnt imagine a test match without u murali...........u r ever young gr8 star and legend of us..

Posted by Sidath346 on (July 21, 2010, 15:42 GMT)

You are the greatest bowler the game of cricket has ever produced. Only 2 more wickets to your great milestone and you can do it...!

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 15:32 GMT)

I disagree on the statement saying india number 1 rank is a joke.. but i do understand where your coming from in the sense there current bowling squad isnt one that suits a team ranked one!!! number one rank is something thats earned and india have earned it, it is upto us and other countries to try and take it from them!!

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 14:47 GMT)

Hats off to this living legend and one of the greatest servant of this great game of Cricket. You are the greatest off spinner of the game Murali, go for 800.

Posted by   on (July 21, 2010, 14:45 GMT)

I hope people still don't think this would be a boring match with no result and the only thing we can look forward to is Sehwag's batting. :)

It was hilarious to read comments from previous days and watch the match yesterday.I said it once and I say it again, India's number one rank is a joke :)

Posted by Shafi79 on (July 21, 2010, 14:44 GMT)

What magic from M&M although i thought sanga's captaincy today was very strange, the pure skill of Malinga & Murali has put us on top. Looks like the perfect set up from a lankan point of view, the prospect of Murali getting to 800 and a SL victory is looking and i just wish i were back home to drive down to Galle and be a part of the party that follows ....

Posted by shihan12 on (July 21, 2010, 14:34 GMT)

MURALI ,, you did it again (5 wikets)..thanks for everything Murali we are defently gona miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN & AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a great future...

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