Sri Lanka v India, 2nd Test, SSC, 2nd day July 27, 2010

Jayawardene backs new-look attack


Mahela Jayawardene has said that Sri Lanka's bowlers will attack the Indian batsmen on the third day at the SSC. "We've got the runs on the board so we will attack," Jayawardene said. "We know that they have some quality batsmen who can bat for a long time.

"Today being a short session, we bowled to an attacking field and Viru [Virender Sehwag] got out of it a bit. We'll try and frustrate as much as we can. We need to put a lot of effort. The wicket is still good and we need to be smart about it."

Sri Lanka have four changes to the bowling line-up that won them the first Test in Galle but Jayawardene was confident the new-look attack could do the job. "The two fast bowlers with the old ball will reverse quite a bit. That's why we are playing them. They've got pace as well. Suraj [Randiv] I think was a bit nervous today playing his first Test. He's very dangerous especially if he gets bounce on this wicket. I know [Ajantha] Mendis is very eager to do well here."

Jayawardene said the difference between past SSC wickets and the present one was it was hard and had more bounce. "The ball seems to come on much better and obviously at SSC the first two-three days is pretty good for batting. Later on it will probably spin more and hopefully the bounce will remain the same."

Jayawardene with his captain Kumar Sangakkara created a new Sri Lanka record for the highest number of century partnerships in Tests. Their stand of 193 for the third wicket was the 12th instance they have put together over a hundred runs. It beat the previous record of eleven by Aravinda de Silva and Arjuna Ranatunga.

"We complement each other. Being right and left-handers we get more opportunities. Bowlers can't get into a rhythm. Both of us are more attacking as well. Earlier in our careers we were a lot (more) defensive. Now we attack and put pressure on the bowlers," Jayawardene said. "Kumar batted well. He took a lot of pressure off me early in the morning. After his hundred he was aggressive. I had an opportunity because of that to play my way."

Jayawardene also reached another milestone in his illustrious career when he surpassed Don Bradman's record of nine Test hundreds at one venue (Melbourne). Jayawardene's knock of 174 was his tenth century at the SSC. "He's played what, ten Tests at the MCG. That's Sir Don for you. I needed 23 Tests. That caps it off, I am pleased that I have got the record but I don't think we can compare what he has achieved with what we are doing right now. He's a legend.

"It's a moment for me to remember. I love playing on my home ground. I grew up playing here. It's always fun to play in front of club members and all the fans. You have to be very humble when you break something like Sir Don's record."

Jayawardene said that missing out on a double hundred did not worry him too much. "We knew that 600 would be our benchmark to declare. We knew we needed more time to get India out. I was too tired. With the field MS (Dhoni) set, it was difficult for me to get runs quickly. We had a chat at the tea break and decided to try to get to where we had planned. In a team cause, you can't have regrets like that. I guess I will get my opportunities."

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  • Tharindu on August 2, 2010, 15:33 GMT

    @ vamos_rafa - He, he...! Yeah, finally that's what all you can say...Thanx for entertaining all of us during last couple of weeks ! Cheers....!

  • Kasun on August 2, 2010, 10:35 GMT

    @vamos_rafa-Now you want to say that Murali is a chucker.Thats typical of u people wants to hang onto something to prove that you are right.He is the best ever in the world.Indian players gave him the due credit because they are good cricketers and clever people.And world has to have people like u also.Otherwise nothing to argue.Sach had more exposure in tough foreign conditions than Sanga or Mahela you cannot compare 20 years of numbers with a player who hasn't even played 100 tests.Only thing you can compare is the average.And sanga has done way better than sachin.You talked about the tail of India.You are so proud of Ojha and Ishant as two batters.Just answer this one simple question.Why did India's so called great batters failed twice in Galle,like a school side on a decent pitch?Are you suggesting that Ishant and Ojha should open eh???You said "SL without Murali can't dismiss the tail", but India with Bhaji, can't even get to the tail.Truly the No.1 side in the

  • Sagar on August 2, 2010, 5:00 GMT

    @SL Fan : hehe....thrs no point arguing with u sir...if u want to bring humanity into the discussion then thr's no point arguing...and u cnt cmmnt on me w/o knwing me....u be hppy with ur whining and false idealogies and i wud rather knw the corrct and relevant stats.....

  • Tharindu on July 30, 2010, 15:06 GMT

    @ vamos_rafa - It's a proud for us, if you think that all Sanga fans are like Sanga...Who don't want to be like Sanga ??(who is not only a great cricketer, but also a well educated person with a great character....!).Definitely I want to be like him !!... But you proved that all Sachin fans are not like Sachin himself, because Sachin himself is a superb gentleman who can appreciate other cricketers as well !...About the (so called) inability to dismiss the tail...Even with Murali, it was very hard for us to dismiss your tailenders in Galle..That's because those 2 (Ishant & Ohja) played really well. Unlike you, I never hesitate 2 give credit for those 2...But, still we won the match, ryt ? Then, think about what caused you to lose the Galle Test..It's simply because of the 2 innings of Malinga & Herath (2 of our low order batsmen) !! Finally that cost the match for Indians !...LOL.

  • Sagar on July 30, 2010, 7:23 GMT

    an out of to the other topic...match winnign kncks...sir sach played thru the 90's with no definite teams his 100s wud be used up in avoiding he follow ons...chk any inning of his...right frm the strt..the 100 in perth,114 in sa in 92..169 in cape twn..119 inmachester..116 in melbourne..and generally wen he made those 100s he wud be with no. 7 & 8..nw hw do u xpcet it to be mtch winng one's? with no player to spport..agreed dravid has xelled at tht..but just name 1 test whch he wn fr us single hnddly? adelaide laxman scred 150+,rawalpindi i think laxman or ganguly scored 100..leeds..sach scored 193 & dada scred 100..and sanga and jaya aunty always had the spprt of chuckers to tke wckts in SL..and sach had kumble 2 toil & 2 an exten srinathin 90's..and we strtd wining after 2000 more so coz of team..& we failing in SL? we have wn tests in last 2 trips & SL has always been pawned in india.& india's attcck well sans zaheer is hpelss.but hw abt SL w/o murali?cnt dismss the tail

  • Sagar on July 30, 2010, 7:08 GMT

    @zidane...u wnt facts and's a cmplt write up of sanga's prfmmnce in engl : scores of 10,6,16,1,40,32,21,65,25,18,,36,66 in 6 test mtches...this is after 2000 ...and cmpare this with sah in the same period..then i cn recll scores of 99,193,54,72 and 81 sach leads we go to africa..since 200 he avgs 39 with NO 100's while sachin's avg is 44 with a highest score of i knw u wud say its close...but lemme remind u tht in 2006 wen we toured there thr wr no centurians frm india and the test tht we wn tht(4 all u SL fans yes we wn thr) had ganguly top scorin with 50 and next ws sachin...and the no. of tests being comparable...and sanga's avg in aus is comparable to sach's..but in aus the no. of tests are less so its no guarantee tht it wud remain up with no. of tests the avg tends to come dwn...and just for records sach has highest no of 150+ scores..and 5 200's while sanga has y d whinig?maybe all sanga fans r like him ;-)

  • Dummy4 on July 29, 2010, 12:00 GMT

    @vamos_rafa...i said technically better....there is no doubt that sachin is better than jayawerdane 100times....if they have been the the most over rated players...then y r they 2nd and 3rd position in ICC batsmen at pesent....yeah no need to tell this but i am die hard fan of sachin...dont get me wrong...!!!!

  • Kasun on July 29, 2010, 8:33 GMT

    @vamos_rafa-I am so sad that u don't have an explanatin for sachin's one double even after playing in subcontinental pitches more and played lot more matches than Sanga.Just saying that u cannot compare sachin is rubbish.Come up with facts.And check how many matches Sanga n Mahela has won for SL after scoring those big centuries and how many sachin has won for his country.Dravid has done way better than him in that aspect for India.It is not SL's fault that they don't get many opportunities as India.My point is even after getting so many opportunities they have failed overseas even in SL.(where only after 11 years sachin scored a century in this series and dravid,Laxman are yet to do it).Sanga has only played one or two test series in AUS and has scored a classy 190.How about that?Imagine how he will do if he gets more chances.U r so worried about overrated teams.Tell me why India is No.1 with such a bowling line up that is worst than a domestic bowling lineup in SL?

  • RadhaKrishna on July 29, 2010, 8:21 GMT

    mr harikeshan, EVEN these lankan overrated flat track bullies are also paid in IPL..and dont u remember that last year they CANCELLED their ENGLISH TRIP just for IPL...anwyas, they would lost there in the seaming tracks...thats why they thought that better to play in these flat track instead of getting beaten in english seaming don't blame indian players that they play for money

  • Tharindu on July 28, 2010, 16:22 GMT

    @ zidane617 - It's nice to see that balanced minded people like you are commenting from India. Please continue to do so mate, so that it will cause to erase the bad image some people are giving about Indians....People can have many fantacies in their mind, but posting it here will only damage the image of their country as well as themselves......Cheers again, for showing that there are some Indians who can appreciate others as well.

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