India tour of Sri Lanka, 1st Test: Sri Lanka v India at Galle, Jul 18-22, 2010
Sri Lanka won by 10 wickets
18,19,20,21,22 July 2010 (5-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100
  • Overs 101-150

Sharma to Paranavitana, FOUR, full on off stump, gets forward and looks to defend but gets a thick outside edge through the cordon. No third man in place and it is four to start off

Sri Lanka 4/0   NT Paranavitana 4* (1b 1x4)   I Sharma 0.1-0-4-0

Sharma to Paranavitana, FOUR, and again! Full outside off, again dug out off the front foot and a healthy outside edge goes to the right of gully and it is away for four more.

Sri Lanka 8/0   NT Paranavitana 8* (3b 2x4)   I Sharma 0.3-0-8-0

Sharma to Paranavitana, FOUR, overpitched on off stump, and very nice timing from Paranavitana, driving it textbook style to the left of mid off. Ishant needs to shorten the length a bit

Sri Lanka 14/0   NT Paranavitana 14* (10b 3x4)   I Sharma 1.1-0-13-0

Sharma to Paranavitana, FOUR, what a response! Ishant puts in effort this time, 138.9 kph on a length outside off, but no movement this time. Paranavitana did everything right, leaning forward and driving beautifully through the covers

Sri Lanka 18/0   NT Paranavitana 18* (14b 4x4)   I Sharma 1.5-0-17-0

Mithun to Dilshan, FOUR, over-pitched well outside off and Dilshan has seen enough of Mithun to lay into this one. Typical Dilshan style square drive, leaning forward and thrashing it away for his first four

Sri Lanka 23/0   TM Dilshan 4* (4b 1x4)   A Mithun 1.1-0-5-0

Sharma to Dilshan, FOUR, Straighter ball outside off, and Dilshan squeezes it partly off the outside edge through gully where Sehwag dives over it. Four more to the third man region. This is a flier for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 35/0   TM Dilshan 9* (14b 2x4)   I Sharma 3.3-0-25-0

Sharma to Dilshan, FOUR, Ojha makes a mess of it at square leg. Very good bouncer from Ishant, hurries Ishant into a completely out of control pull, it flies in the air and lands safe. Ojha runs across fine from square leg and then over-runs it

Sri Lanka 39/0   TM Dilshan 13* (16b 3x4)   I Sharma 3.5-0-29-0

Sharma to Dilshan, FOUR, short outside off, not much width but that's a good shot from Dilshan. That trademark whiplash cut and it flies behind square for four. Cracked away.

Sri Lanka 43/0   TM Dilshan 17* (19b 4x4)   I Sharma 4.2-0-33-0

Sharma to Dilshan, FOUR, Wallop! That's the length he loves, driving length just outside off, it is perfect for Dilshan's footwork this ball, he gets in the perfect position with his half push forward and drills it on the up through the covers. Ishant has been a letdown so far

Sri Lanka 47/0   TM Dilshan 21* (22b 5x4)   I Sharma 4.5-0-37-0

Sharma to Dilshan, FOUR, That was not a buffet ball, but Dilshan is tucking in greedily now. Back of a length just outside off and Dilshan goes for it without having the room or the length, and the timing is a little awry. Still carries to the outfield, where Mithun puts it a lot of effort to tag it, but can't save the boundary

Sri Lanka 51/0   TM Dilshan 25* (23b 6x4)   I Sharma 5-0-41-0

Harbhajan Singh to Paranavitana, FOUR, another short and wide ball outside off and this time Paranavitana obliges with a neat little cut in front of point

Sri Lanka 55/0   NT Paranavitana 24* (36b 5x4)   Harbhajan Singh 0.3-0-4-0

Mithun to Paranavitana, FOUR, excellent shot, that was not very wide outside off but Paranavitana spotted the length very early and cut it despite the lack of room with good timing behind square

Sri Lanka 64/1   NT Paranavitana 29* (42b 6x4)   A Mithun 5.1-1-13-1

Mithun to Sangakkara, FOUR, that was short of a length and driven uppishly through the covers, not too far from Yuvraj at short cover, but it went safely through for four

Sri Lanka 69/1   KC Sangakkara 8* (12b 1x4)   A Mithun 5.5-1-18-1

Mithun to Sangakkara, FOUR, full and wide outside off, Sanga goes for a loose upper cut and thankfully for him it flies well over the heads of the waiting slip cordon. Four to third man

Sri Lanka 75/1   KC Sangakkara 13* (19b 2x4)   A Mithun 6.1-1-22-1

Ojha to Sangakkara, FOUR, Welcome to the crease Mr. Ojha! Short on leg stump from round the wickets and asking to be hit. Sanga rocked back and pounced on it and sent it high over midwicket

Sri Lanka 89/1   KC Sangakkara 24* (36b 3x4)   PP Ojha 0.1-0-4-0

Sharma to Sangakkara, FOUR, elegance from Sanga, not a bad ball, on a good length outside off and he offers the full face and a defensive push is enough to beat the bowler and mid-off

Sri Lanka 101/1   KC Sangakkara 34* (57b 4x4)   I Sharma 7.4-1-48-0

Sharma to Paranavitana, FOUR, not the most convincing of shots, the ball rose up a bit and he opened the face and the ball is edged past the slips, lose to catchable height

Sri Lanka 109/1   NT Paranavitana 40* (70b 7x4)   I Sharma 7.5-1-56-0

Sharma to Sangakkara, FOUR, terrific shot, Ishant gives him a bit of width outside off, he bends his knee slightly and flays it wide of cover, the ball races away

Sri Lanka 116/1   KC Sangakkara 44* (64b 5x4)   I Sharma 8.1-1-60-0

Sehwag to Sangakkara, FOUR, now Sanga gets to his fifty with a flourish, bad bad ball, short and wide outside off, he fetches it from outside off and bashes it on the backfoot and clears midwicket

Sri Lanka 135/1   KC Sangakkara 53* (79b 6x4)   V Sehwag 0.2-0-5-0

Ojha to Sangakkara, FOUR, exploits a big gap on the off side, makes room, rocks back and cuts hard past backward point

Sri Lanka 148/1   KC Sangakkara 62* (89b 7x4)   PP Ojha 5.3-1-23-0

Mithun to Paranavitana, FOUR, good shot, he overpitches outside off and he leans forward and caresses it past the covers

Sri Lanka 157/1   NT Paranavitana 60* (123b 8x4)   A Mithun 9.5-2-35-1

Ojha to Sangakkara, FOUR, drifts down the leg side and Sanga gets across and sweeps firmly past Ishant at long leg

Sri Lanka 163/1   KC Sangakkara 71* (107b 8x4)   PP Ojha 6.2-1-28-0

Ojha to Sangakkara, FOUR, Sanga toys with Ojha by sashaying down the track and scooping it over wide mid-on, consecutive boundaries

Sri Lanka 167/1   KC Sangakkara 75* (108b 9x4)   PP Ojha 6.3-1-32-0

Mithun to Paranavitana, FOUR, Mithun errs by drifting on the pads and the batsman gently tucks it along its way past the keeper and really fine of fine leg

Sri Lanka 173/1   NT Paranavitana 65* (135b 9x4)   A Mithun 11.1-2-40-1

Ojha to Paranavitana, FOUR, uses his feet now and forces it away past the bowler and mid-on, Ojha not having the best of days here

Sri Lanka 178/1   NT Paranavitana 69* (144b 10x4)   PP Ojha 7.5-1-39-0

Harbhajan Singh to Sangakkara, FOUR, drops it short and Wide, Sanga rocks back and slaps it wide of extra cover, not the length to bowl on this pitch

Sri Lanka 192/1   KC Sangakkara 85* (117b 10x4)   Harbhajan Singh 13.3-3-26-0

Harbhajan Singh to Sangakkara, FOUR, tossed up outside off, he plays it late and dabs it wide of the keeper and beats short third man

Sri Lanka 204/1   KC Sangakkara 91* (123b 11x4)   Harbhajan Singh 14.4-3-32-0

Harbhajan Singh to Sangakkara, FOUR, Sanga lashes at it while staying rooted to the crease, the ball takes the outside edge and drops short of Dravid and runs away for four

Sri Lanka 210/1   KC Sangakkara 96* (127b 12x4)   Harbhajan Singh 15.1-3-36-0

Sharma to Paranavitana, FOUR, cut away in the air and perilously close to Laxman at gully who is clearly late on it as it flies over his head

Sri Lanka 224/1   NT Paranavitana 91* (183b 11x4)   I Sharma 9.3-1-69-0

Ojha to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, perfect contrast to the ball he bowled earlier in the over. A gift of really generous proportions, short and outside leg, Mahela could have hit that anywhere on the leg side and decided to pull it fine

Sri Lanka 244/2   DPMD Jayawardene 7* (9b 1x4)   PP Ojha 15-1-62-0

Sharma to Paranavitana, FOUR, this time he gives more width than he's been offering in this spell so far and Paranavitana cuts it easily behind square to break the shackles

Sri Lanka 248/2   NT Paranavitana 105* (213b 12x4)   I Sharma 13.3-3-78-0

Mithun to Mathews, FOUR, attempted yorker ends up as an easy fulltoss on the pads and Mathews obliges by on-driving it. Harbhajan at mid on should have cut it off, but he's not doing too well and that tired lunge and fall to his left said the story

Sri Lanka 264/4   AD Mathews 4* (1b 1x4)   A Mithun 14.5-2-49-2

Mithun to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, shot of the morning so far. Mithun attempts another bouncer just outside off, Mahela saw it coming, rode the bounce expertly and then upper cut it without much room, but timed it beautifully and safely above the heads of the slip cordon

Sri Lanka 269/4   DPMD Jayawardene 16* (23b 2x4)   A Mithun 15.2-2-53-2

Sharma to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, timing all the way! Back of a length nowhere near driving length, but Mahela caresses it through the line, fluently down the pitch, straight off the meat and not much of a follow through either. Shot!

Sri Lanka 274/4   DPMD Jayawardene 20* (31b 3x4)   I Sharma 16.5-4-85-1

Sharma to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, ooh, Mahela gets forward and gets an outside edge to the outswinger, but manages to keep it down through the slips and its away for four

Sri Lanka 278/4   DPMD Jayawardene 24* (33b 4x4)   I Sharma 17.1-4-89-1

Sharma to Mathews, FOUR, drilled. That was very short outside off, and not near fast enough to trouble Mathews. He picked the length early and pulled it authoritatively in front of square for four. Fully well controlled and all along the ground

Sri Lanka 283/4   AD Mathews 9* (16b 2x4)   I Sharma 17.5-4-94-1

Ojha to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, Mahela makes a statement of intent. India have dominated the day so far, but Mahela is not going to let them gain the upper hand. He sashays down the pitch, gets close to the length and lofts it straight down the ground.

Sri Lanka 290/4   DPMD Jayawardene 30* (39b 5x4)   PP Ojha 17.3-1-71-0

Sharma to Mathews, FOUR, another jaffa! Superb leg cutter, and Mathews is beaten all ends up, opened up by the movement as he offers a straight bat in hope rather than with conviction. It takes the outside edge and runs through the slips and gully.

Sri Lanka 313/4   AD Mathews 21* (38b 3x4)   I Sharma 19.4-5-98-1

Sharma to DPMD Jayawardene, FOUR, Ishant is bowling a beautiful spell here without much luck. Another leg cutter, opens up the batsman like a can of beans, but the outside edge goes to ground and runs away through the cordon for four more

Sri Lanka 318/4   DPMD Jayawardene 46* (72b 6x4)   I Sharma 20-5-103-1

Mithun to Mathews, FOUR, short, but not enough venom in that ouncer. Mathews is starting a foot outside the crease, and was around 3-4 feet down when he pulled that without any problem over midwicket. Good shot.

Sri Lanka 326/5   AD Mathews 28* (45b 4x4)   A Mithun 19.1-3-62-2

Sharma to Mathews, (no ball) FOUR, did we speak too early. That was in the driving length, Mathews got forward and creamed it on the up through the covers. Worse, it was a no-ball, but Mathews would have hit it anyways

Sri Lanka 334/5   AD Mathews 32* (47b 5x4)   I Sharma 21-5-109-2

Sharma to Mathews, FOUR, Mathews is counter-attacking well here! Pitched up marginally again, and Mathews pounces on it and shows the full face of his blade as he lofts the off drive high over the infield. Authority all over that.

Sri Lanka 338/5   AD Mathews 36* (50b 6x4)   I Sharma 21.3-5-113-2

Harbhajan Singh to HAPW Jayawardene, FOUR, this one is flighted on middle and Prasanna sweeps it away with disdain, he's not playing for lunch is he? Through to the midwicket boundary quickly

Sri Lanka 348/6   HAPW Jayawardene 7* (14b 1x4)   Harbhajan Singh 21.2-3-53-0

Harbhajan Singh to HAPW Jayawardene, FOUR, ooh, outside edge from round the wickets, that straightened outside off and ran away quickly to the third man fence. You wouldn't believe that this field has taken so much of rain recently, that just flew away

Sri Lanka 352/6   HAPW Jayawardene 11* (15b 2x4)   Harbhajan Singh 21.3-3-57-0

Mithun to Herath, FOUR, shortish ball, sits up for Herath who swings it to the fine leg boundary for four

Sri Lanka 368/6   HMRKB Herath 4* (4b 1x4)   A Mithun 22-3-72-2

Harbhajan Singh to Herath, FOUR, more runs for Herath, confident shot this, swept powerfully against the spin, gets him a boundary to midwicket

Sri Lanka 375/6   HMRKB Herath 10* (6b 2x4)   Harbhajan Singh 22.3-3-73-0

Harbhajan Singh to Herath, FOUR, short ball just outside off, cuts firmly by Herath, Mithun gives chase and in typical fast-bowler fashion attempts to stop it with his boot, he can't and that's four more to Herath

Sri Lanka 385/6   HMRKB Herath 17* (18b 3x4)   Harbhajan Singh 24-3-82-0

Mithun to Herath, FOUR, full and wide, Herath throws his bat at that, gets a top edge that flies over the slip cordon, doesn't bother moving anywhere towards the ball as he plays that shot, just plants his foot down the ground and swings, it's working so far for him

Sri Lanka 398/7   HMRKB Herath 29* (25b 4x4 1x6)   A Mithun 24.2-3-85-3

Sharma to Malinga, FOUR, Tonked! Shortish delivery and Malinga pulls it over midwicket. He had pre-determined that hit.

Sri Lanka 413/7   SL Malinga 5* (17b 1x4)   I Sharma 23.1-5-121-3

Sharma to Malinga, FOUR, Whack! Fuller delivery this time and Malinga has a crack at it: he backed away a touch and swung it to the on side. He ended up dragging it to the square-leg boundary

Sri Lanka 419/7   SL Malinga 10* (21b 2x4)   I Sharma 24-5-127-3

Harbhajan Singh to Herath, FOUR, bottom-edged four as Herath looks to swat the ball to midwicket, the bottom edge sends the ball between Dhoni's legs and it trickles away for four

Sri Lanka 429/7   HMRKB Herath 47* (48b 5x4 1x6)   Harbhajan Singh 29.1-4-94-0

Harbhajan Singh to Herath, FOUR, that's his fifty, and a nice shot to bring it up, well outside off, he cracks that behind point for four, Herath reducing Sangakkara'a concerns about a long tail

Sri Lanka 433/7   HMRKB Herath 51* (53b 6x4 1x6)   Harbhajan Singh 30-4-98-0

Sharma to Malinga, FOUR, there are two Malinga's out there, one is all caution and the other is all action, this ball it's the action figure who flat bats a shortish delivery back past Ishant for four

Sri Lanka 440/7   SL Malinga 17* (44b 3x4)   I Sharma 24.4-5-133-3

Ojha to Malinga, FOUR, flighted again, Malinga skips down the track and crunches the ball past a diving Mithun at mid-off to bring up Sri Lanka's highest eighth wicket stand for Sri Lanka against India

Sri Lanka 445/7   SL Malinga 22* (48b 4x4)   PP Ojha 23.3-1-88-0

Ojha to Malinga, FOUR, Malinga again jumps down the track and looks to smash it to long-on, gets an inside edge which sends the ball to the midwicket bounbdary

Sri Lanka 449/7   SL Malinga 26* (50b 5x4)   PP Ojha 23.5-1-92-0

Ojha to Malinga, FOUR, three boundaries in the over for Malinga, the 450 comes up, this one was a carve through cover for four

Sri Lanka 453/7   SL Malinga 30* (51b 6x4)   PP Ojha 24-1-96-0

Sharma to Malinga, FOUR, not very pretty from Malinga, but very effective, well outside off, Malinga clubs it with a flat bat, a bit of an edge but gets enough on it to take it over mid-off and then it races for four

Sri Lanka 460/7   SL Malinga 34* (53b 7x4)   I Sharma 26-5-141-3

Sehwag to Malinga, FOUR, what a hit form Malinga to end the over, more used to seeing Sehwag play those, jumps down the track and clobbers it to the right of the bowler for four, that was powerfully hit, Herath had to get out of the way fast

Sri Lanka 470/7   SL Malinga 42* (60b 8x4)   V Sehwag 8-0-31-1

Sehwag to Herath, FOUR, loopy delivery outside off, Herath sashays down the track to get to the pitch of the ball and crunches it through cove for four, wonderful hit from Herath

Sri Lanka 475/7   HMRKB Herath 62* (71b 7x4 1x6)   V Sehwag 8.4-0-35-1

Sehwag to Malinga, FOUR, all too easy for Malinga, short and wide, hammered past point for four, Malinga moves to 49

Sri Lanka 482/7   SL Malinga 49* (66b 9x4)   V Sehwag 9.1-0-39-1

Sehwag to Herath, FOUR, lovely timing from Herath, rocks back and stabs a short ball past point for four more, this has been a frustrating hour for India, the Sri Lankan fans are having a blast though

Sri Lanka 489/7   HMRKB Herath 68* (81b 8x4 1x6)   V Sehwag 10-0-46-1

Mithun to Herath, FOUR, Herath gets to his highest first-class score with a shot that he wouldn't want to see again, an outside edge that splits the keeper and first slip, Herath has a big grin on his face though

Sri Lanka 507/7   HMRKB Herath 72* (84b 9x4 1x6)   A Mithun 26.3-3-96-3

Mithun to Herath, FOUR, lovely stroke from Herath, short of length ball outside off is driven confidently to through extra cover for four, he moves to 80

Sri Lanka 517/8   HMRKB Herath 80* (92b 10x4 1x6)   A Mithun 28-3-105-4
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Hours of play (local time) 10am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00

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